10 July 2018

Mud Cosmetics Foundation Review

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hey guys welcome back in today's video

I'm gonna share with you a bit of demo and my review on the mud Cosmetics liquid foundation now if you follow me on my stories then you already know that a couple of weeks back maybe like a month and a half back I went to the mud cosmetics Academy in Mumbai's we had a small workshop and I got introduced to a couple of their products and they also gave me a small Kitty bag with this foundation and eyeliner a lip liner and I think a lipstick as well this is not a sponsored video I did show a little bit of demo office on the stories and a lot of you asked me to review this and I never really came around to filming this video also this is the second time I'm filming this video the first time when I filmed it it was a disaster I think my lighting was so off that I wasn't liking the foundation on my face at all I felt like it was one tone whiter not even lighter I felt like it was definitely looking white on my face and I wasn't really liking that so whatever I was trying to convey about the foundation in the video was not really going well with what the camera was making it look like today my lighting seems pretty alright and I think my foundation is also

looking pretty okay on my skin and yeah I think I'll just get to the demo bit I'll show you guys how this works on my skin and how it is while applying it and once we are done with that I'll come back and I'll tell you guys but I think about the product so let's get started so I'm already prepped and primed my face first I started with my morning skincare routine my moisturizer my sunscreen and all of that which you guys are already aware about once I got done with that I used my makeup for ever HD primer my face is now fully primed and I'm gonna go ahead and use this liquid foundation this is in the shade m2 and at the academy they insisted that I use the shade and 3 but I felt like m2 well with my skin tone more as compared to m3 m3 was slightly darker I would say and into a slightly lighter kinda but I feel like you can always warm this up using you know a bronzer or blush and all of that hopefully I'm assuming that this will go well with my skin tone this definitely has a particular smell to it for sure it feels like you know there is that one fragrance which I'm not able to point out but it's definitely there and it's

not disturbing but it's slightly like a powdery sort of smell which I'm not really very fond of but I think it's blending really well into the skin it actually doesn't need a lot of work let's take some more it's pretty much the same consistency as my Mac Studio Fix I would say definitely not very runny it's just the right kind of consistency that I would look for in a foundation for sure I'm not sure if it's looking slightly brighter but let's see the first time I filmed it just looked a little bit white on my face but I think right now it's just looking fine I think it looks fantastic up close I'm really liking it it looks really nice and dewy and I really like that I'm gonna drag the rest on my neck a little bit on the ears as well you don't want your girls to look different and I've just taken a little bit more on the pointed end of the beauty blender and we're just gonna go ahead wait applying the same thing underneath the eye area as well you guys know that this is how I like to test our foundation I don't like to use a concealer I like to use the foundation just by itself because that is how I use foundation or makeup in my

everyday life I don't wear like a whole layer of foundation concealer pressed powder all of that I don't do so much I just use a foundation bag sell so I'm just gonna go the same way I think it looks really nice and I'm pretty much done with the entire foundation you guys I'm not gonna be doing much to my face I'm definitely gonna be going ahead and using a bit of bronzer and a little bit of eyeshadow and mascara and all of that I'm gonna finish the entire look and I'll come back and I'll tell you what I think about this foundation but overall up until now I am really liking how this looks pretty much skin light it's not looking like there's a lot of makeup on top of my skin at least here in the mirror I didn't feel like that and when I see the viewfinder as well it looks pretty much dewy and quite natural I would say moist it feels a little bit hydrating for sure but I'm not gonna give you any of my opinions before I'm done with my makeup I'm just gonna finish off my face and then I'll be back with what I think about this foundation so guys I'm done with my entire makeup and I feel like this foundation that's

pretty much I mean I definitely approve it there are a few things to say about this particular product let's first begin with the packaging where to receive it okay so this comes in a steel sort of for packaging I wouldn't really call it steamed it is plastic II but it has it looks a little bit metallic on the outside it is pretty much easy to travel with foreshore also it comes with a pump dispenser so you're not really touching the foundation you're not dipping your finger in you're not doing anything of that sort you're actually in fact is dispensing it from the pump itself so there's no bacterial infection nothing settling on to the product which I completely recommend an entirely highly the next thing that I want to say is that it definitely looks very very natural now when I see it in the mirror even after doing my makeup I feel like it looks really really natural it is pretty much at par with my Mac Studio Fix liquid foundation I love the consistency of this product I will also compare it for you guys to see how it is as compared to the constancy of the Mac Studio Fix liquid foundation and this is

pretty much the same pricing as well I can get two costing 2250 two-piece if I'm not wrong I will still insert the cost in the description box down below next thing that I really like is the shade M - pretty much blended in with my skin the first time when I used it I think my lighting was not really well done and maybe that is why my face was looking way too bright as compared to what it is looking like now I feel like now even though the viewfinder my skin on the face and the neck definitely matches it looks pretty much even and B much the same shade which I am very happy about also it is a medium to full coverage foundation so you don't really have to you know worry about covering your blemishes and all I have not used a concealer right now underneath my eyes as well I definitely don't have that concealer highlight going on underneath my eye area for sure and if you are really good at makeup you can tell that as well but in general on an everyday basis like I mentioned I don't do so many steps for my face so if I have to use just the foundation by itself even underneath my eye area and on my entire face just want caught up by itself it

pretty much does the job but if you do need a concealer or color correction definitely go ahead do that next I want to speak about is the texture the wave the feel of this foundation and let us first begin with what it feels like on my skin it actually feels a little bit moist for sure it doesn't feel dry it does not feel mad at all and as you guys know already I have dry skin so any foundation or any skin product or makeup product which is actually hydrating or moisture on nourishing for my skin works really really well so once I actually take this out Mexican will not feel try it out it will not feel you know dehydrated in fact it's gonna feel well nourished is what I'm trying to say also it doesn't feel tacky it just feels slightly moist which I think for people with dry skin they might really really like also if you do have an oily skin I think this will still be fine for you it will not be difficult to work with at all it's not gonna make you feel oily or anything but make sure that you're using a good pressed powder or a compact or really today I've not used anything of that

sort and you guys know that and maybe that is why it is feeling slightly moist so if you do use a loose powder or if you do use a compact it will seal your foundation it will add that powdery feel and it will eventually mattify 8vu next I want to speak about is the weight this is I would say not really lightweight but just a little bit over light weight you know what I'm trying to say it like it's not really very heavy on your skin it's not really gonna make you feel like you're wearing product on top of your skin but it's not exactly light weight like those runny liquid foundations it's not really like that but it's pretty much medium in weight I would say and yeah I really like how it is overall next what I don't really like about it is that they haven't really mentioned if this has an SPF in it or not and I like my makeup and my foundation to have SPF in them my Studio Fix pressed powder has SPF my Studio Fix fluid foundation has SPF there are a lot of foundations which are my favorite but they don't have SPF and that is the only reason I don't like to use certain foundations in during the daytime so I really hope that this has SPF or if they don't have it I hope that

they you know sort of make a formula which has SPF in it next I want to speak about is blending working with this foundation is super easy you don't have to work too hard I've tried using this with the brushes well the last time it's in the video but today I used it with a regular not really like this is not the actual Beautyblender but I've used it with a similar sponge and it pretty much did the job it blended in really well you guys saw how easy it was for me to work this foundation into the skin it almost looks skin like which I have already told you guys so I think working with this is really super easy also if you do use your fingers to apply a foundation it's not gonna be too difficult to apply this into your skin about the last ting of this foundation I cannot really tell right now but I'll try and sort of wear this for a couple of hours and I'll let you guys know what I think in the video down below over here or I'll let you know in the description box as well look out for my stories you guys will get to know over there for sure so that's pretty much it overall I highly recommend this foundation this video was not sponsored

at all by Matt cosmetics I don't think that they even know that I was making this video and yeah of course this was given to me by them like I mentioned earlier but this is not a paid for video at all I hope you guys enjoyed watching this please let me know if you would want more such videos on my edgy TV and I would be more than happy to film for you and have a great day and I'll see you super soon in my next one also don't forget to write below what you think about this foundation and what it looks like on my face and have a good one I