11 October 2015

MUA Pro No Crease Eyeshadow Base Review + Comparions | Bailey B.

Hey guys! I'm stumbled on a new shadow base that I've been loving. Check out my experience with MUA's Pro No Crease Eyeshadow Base and see how it ...

hey guys it's Bailey and welcome back to

the channel this is going to be a quick review of a brand new eyeshadow primer to hit the drugstore shelves from the brand anyway I recently talked about this when I did a review of some brand new pallets from that same brand these are exclusive to CBS and this primer retails for ten dollars however it's I for the past two weeks the brand mua has been on sale on the CBS website which is probably a lot of people's best bet for finding this brand because it's not reliably in every CVS store so eight bucks right now in the CBS website and I was immediately drawn to it when I saw these eyeshadow palettes because it looks like a flesh toned eyeshadow base which is really harder to find in the drugstore realm Mac's painterly Paint Pot is kind of the go-to or soft ochre depending on your skin tone or kind of the go-to but there it can't be a little pricier although the do get the job done so I've kind of been in search for the perfect eyeshadow base that kind of replicates the effect of evening out the skin tone while also amplifying the shadow intensity and helping it last all day been trying to find a quality drugstore primer that will do all those

things and so I'm happy to say that and this one from mua is probably the closest I have found I think you'll be able to see from the before-and-afters it really preserves I shadow throughout the day there's really minimal fading no creasing that I experienced and all I was wearing was this and I put my eyeshadows immediately over top this was over the course of a 12-hour workday and so I certainly didn't take it easy while testing this guy so I was really happy with those results really that's the review in a nutshell it's very smooth very creamy probably more hydrating than any other similar drugstore primer that I've encountered and to give you an example of what those are I actually have them to talk about here so first I want to talk about what is maybe the most comparable at least in terms of packaging and function is Milan ease eyeshadow primer this retails for about six bucks packaging very very similar i would say milania's has a little bit more of a mousse texture and doesn't quite provide the same amount of opacity it looks like it has some pigment that it really shears out and doesn't stay quite as tacky as long

as the MUA does which I find is really helpful when you want to really make I shadows it's kind of like your eye shadows have the same effect as if you're applying them what I find when you have a tackier base and so the MUA stays a little bit tackier or for longer than the Milani does the other two bases that are comparable are from NYX the first one to talk about is very well known and both of these retail for I think six or seven dollars a piece the same price either way first one is probably most known well known it's the eyeshadow base in the shade skin tone there's also one in white I have both of them have tried both of them and I frankly I'd never put these on when I know I need my shadows to last for an extended period of time because these crease on me I know others have had great success with them but for some reason this formula and my eyelids just don't mix so naturally I will pick the anyway over the potted form of this eyeshadow base from NYX however dicks also does the HD I shadow base which I have talked about and has actually been in a favorites video and so primary difference what besides packaging this

one also includes a doe foot applicator I like to apply this directly to my eyelid and then go in and blend with a brush or a finger primary difference though I would say is that the Knicks kind of comes off as a more airy cream especially compared to the nua which is definitely more of a thicker cream it's a little bit more of a hydrating cream and I know a lot I put this in my favorites video a lot of you said that you didn't you didn't experience as the same great result I did in terms of lasting power so that anyway might be a good alternative for those of you that that happened to otherwise the other difference is that the anyway just provides a little bit extra coverage a little bit more opacity if you're really looking to even out your skin tone because of any uneven pigmentation that you don't want affecting how your eye shadow appears or if you just have veins like I personally I mean all of our eyelids are pretty thin but mine in particular are kind of as as weird and gross as that may sound pits the truth and so I tend to look for more opaque eyeshadow basis to really even that canvas and so I do think if

that's what you're after the MUA is a better bet than the knicks but like i said this has been in a favorites video and so it's definitely i'm not i'm not knocking it but i do know that a few people had issues with this so that's the case I recommend hopping on this bandwagon because for 10 most likely eight if you have a coupon if you're in store or like I said that's eight dollars right now online you can find this for a pretty good price and it will certainly be a primer I continue to reach for when I just want something quick basic that I know will keep my eyeshadow on all day won't crease won't fade and I know will intensify those colors especially as we're headed into winter and even those with combination or oily skin can start to see some dryness around the eye area which means excess fine lines things like that it can't hurt to have a more hydrating concealer but also an eyeshadow base so this might also come in handy just for the winter season alone or for those that just generally have a dry eye area so that's all I have to say on this eyeshadow base overall two thumbs up highly recommend you check it out if you

are looking for an opaque long-lasting affordable eyeshadow base this is one to keep your eye on thank you guys so much for watching really hope you enjoyed learning more about this product don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already and I will see you in my next video bye