23 September 2015

MUA + CVS - New Eyeshadow Palettes Review! | Bailey B.

Hey guys! You might remember me talking about MUA a while back with the launch of their CVS-exclusive brushes and lip products. Well, they finally have some ...

hey guys it's Bailey and welcome back to

the channel today I want to talk about two brand new products in the brand MUA or makeup Academy professional these two guys right here so if you you might have heard of this brand before anyway they used to be UK exclusive until probably about a year ago when they launched in CVS just with lip and brush lines and that is the same brand but the products that are available here in the US and CBS are totally different than those that you'll find in the UK so they have those previously available and I was in a CVS in Dallas actually not in Austin for those of you who are local to us and a wondering which one I was at it wasn't here was some in the Dallas area and I walked inside and the first thing I saw or two brand new pallets for them and an eyeshadow primer so I'll talk about the eyeshadow primer in a future video but for now I'll focus on these guys so there are two palettes that are available one is the smokey eye shadow palette and one is the metallic eye shadow palette which I'm currently wearing on my eyes today and we'll have a tutorial of coming in up in the future as sort of a fall you know eating your way into fall with a look both of these

contain ten eyes shadows a retail for $14 apiece and that's if you're looking at it like on the CVS website if you're actually in store shopping around they sometimes have those buy one get one half off or they offer extra bucks if you spend so much or you just maybe happen to have like 20 or 30% discount sent to your car that you can kind of cash in on if you were to go for these guys so for 10 shadows and the size of these shadows right off the bat I don't think that's a bad price but then to know that you can also pretty much always count on getting them on some sort of special or offer is also pretty nice as well so first I want to talk about this one the metallic eyeshadow palette but I've already said I am wearing on my eyes the first thing I noticed with both of these palettes actually but with this one in particular because it contains these rich gem tones is how amazingly pigmented they are each of these shadows is very very smooth like there is not a dud in the bunch and they're obviously really they can be built to maximum pigmentation I'm wearing the green on the inner part of my eye this maroon right next to it is a

burn kind of shade right next to it and I like both and every other shade beyond those two really can be built to maximum pigmentation for some amazing color payoff the textures also really smooth drugstore metallic or shimmery shades can be kind of hit or miss sometimes you can kind of feel a grainy texture like they're just not quite as finely milled as you would hope as maybe a higher-end shadow it would be all of these super finely milled just a really great texture for blending not only over your lid but also in with each other this palette is a little limiting in the way of lighter tones I would definitely recommend this to anyone who's wanting to spice up their everyday makeup collection and routine like their if they've a solid core of neutral products in their beauty arsenal this is really great for adding those beautiful deep rich gem tones in for fall and winter that is absolutely who I would recommend this palette to in the way of downsides I gotta be honest there aren't many of them when it comes to this palette the biggest one I would say is the lack of matte colors which you wouldn't

necessarily think it would have any given that's called a metallic palette but there are varying sort of finishes of metal in here I guess the deeper darker shades tend to have more of a high shine finish and then some of these neutrals down here tend to be more of a satin finish but there are no completely matte shades which some might not like if you're looking for that best friend blending color for your crease the thing that come with a shade that comes close is like this taupe shade up here this chocolate brown here but like I said they are pretty true satin shades and in no way Matt you said though as long as you know that going into it and you know that you're in this for the deep rich metallic gem tones I think it's an amazing palette and one that's really unique from the drugstore I think it's hard to find first of all a palette with this kind of variety when it comes to metallic shadows and one that has this kind of consistency when it comes to color payoff and quality when it comes to deep rich metallic shadows like that so overall a huge win for me from MUA the other palette I want to talk about is the smoky eye shadow palette you

see here and it's really more of a traditional smokey palette you have a pretty even breakdown of light neutrals and deep dark smoky shades the finishes here are less dramatic than those in the metallic palette you don't get anything super metallic really anything super shimmery there are some that veer a little bit more towards or closer to a strict matte but I would say the those are these two on the end this kind of matte cream and a matte light brown but I would really say they have they even still have a hint of satin in them but it makes them super duper blendable and they still really complement all of the other shadows in this palette from there you then have a few sort of more set like true satin finishes and then as you get to the deeper shades you'll find that they are more shimmery and you do have sort of a truer deep matte black up here once again same shadow quality here there isn't a dud in the bunch all of these are unbelievably smooth super pigmented very buildable and one thing our one felt that I want to compare it against because right when I saw this it kind of struck me as being super visually similar to the smokes

palette from Maybelline so I did want to talk about that here you can see what that while the smokes palette gives you a little bit more variety in the way of colors and finishes there are some pretty true matte shadows and the Maybelline smokes palette well like I said there aren't I wouldn't call them strict mattes in the MU a palette I don't think Maybelline does true match the matte shadows aren't as consistently pigmented like they're very hit-or-miss in the smokes palette so I would prefer some slightly off matte shades like satiny matte shades that work really really well and act just as functional as a matte shadow in the way that you need it in the crease or the brow bone or wherever it is you use your matte shadows then have some subpar matte shadows that kind of work half the time and come off unevenly and patchy in others that said I'm certainly not knocking the smokes palette like before I discovered the anyway this was definitely the best drugstore smoky eyeshadow palette come across but having now experienced the smoothness and creaminess that is these from the MUA palette it's

definitely the one I prefer of the two even though you do get a little bit less in the way of color variety so that's all I have to say about those palettes highly recommend both of them especially as we're moving into fall and winter the colder months we'll be looking for those deeper darker smoky or eyeshadow looks and it's especially nice knowing that they are so stinking affordable at a maximum of 14 dollars when really you know you can almost always find them under some sort of special ordeal or what have you at CVS so that's really nice as well that's all I have for you guys today thank you so much for watching I really hope you enjoyed watching this video learning more about these products let me know what you think of them if you tried them or found them let people know that are looking for these if you found them in your area that'll be super helpful in the comments below in the meantime thank you guys so much for watching please don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already and I will see you in the next video bye