27 November 2018

Morphe x James Charles eyeshadow palette

Hey guys today is a look with the morphe x James Charles palette.it turned out to be really good, I did a green look because it is close to Christmas and I never ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel

today's video is using the morphe James Charles palettes so there's some of the shades swatch these aren't that dear so if you want to see this oh look it's really Christmassy really great box if I were to Dunn who ran right here oh my gosh so Christmassy well it's really inspired by mailing this handsome matter cuz it's goldish green you know jack so keep watching if you want to see how to do this look okay so I used sticky dots to put this up here so I could lightly look and see what the names are so I've already gonna look with this and it was on my Instagram and it was like a rate of fiery well but I want to do something green because I never do green looks always do like blue red or brown so yeah I want to do something with that and that's what I'm gonna be doing so I'm what he said that should prime your eyelid with the primer for that I think I'm going to do concealer on one side and primer a lot or just to see how it'll be like and then if you subscribe then on my next video I'm gonna be doing a look using the Browns more of a everyday wearable sort of book going to do tart

in this sign and this slight flourish they opened like a literally just open it and then I'm going to put the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion on that time so I'm going to go ahead and blend this side out so the concealer doesn't get on this side I would normally use my finger but I like to use the brushes quicker I'm going to set both of them and I think I'm actually gonna do them say that with white so it the shadows will be a little brighter in by the way this is flashback and he said to pack it on and then blend it so I'm gonna be doing that but first I'm going to use a transition shade and I think I'm gonna use like a new dish brown so I'm gonna go in with punch me right here okay so now I'm going to go in with the m4 3/3 brush and go in with B which is the yellow that's what about me is a transition shade too cuz I'm gonna put it like you're my crease area now I'm gonna go in with Daddy the dark green and I'm gonna like put this like in the outer corner like I wanna try to pack it on then take it like a smaller brush that I can sort of pack it on yes

because I think this brush is a little big and fluffed out we take this little brush alright now I'm going to blend it out with this brush alright so this blending out really really nice the only thing I see is that this one had a little bit of fallout right here but this one didn't but let me bring this out real quick and this one the payment grabbed two more so you can see this is a lot darker than this side and this was not bullying and out as easy as this one did a little bit my brush and blend it I'm gonna take someone that smaller brush and then deepen it up like the other one I'm gonna take the lime green socialblade in the same brush and this is one of the true test to see if they blend together easy I'm just gonna put it up here and blend those two together okay yeah like in this one the one with the primer it's working out so much and better as a more smoother blend however this side it still looks okay but it is a little bit harder to blend any do work with the shows a little bit more so yeah you can sort of tell on camera I just wanna have a smoother

blend then that one okay now we're just gonna add a little bit more yellow right up here and I'm just gonna take this fluffier brush this is the m4 for one and we're just gonna sort of dust that over the edges okay there we go it's hard to get any grant wraps from this so I'm gonna do a cut crease by the way so I'm gonna cut the crease I'm gonna do it more of a half cut crease like I normally do okay so they're not perfectly even but at that time you take this brush right here and I'm going to pick up some so good which is this go shape right here so I'm gonna pick it up on my brush and then spray it with some setting spray and I'm gonna keep that same brush it's a little damp and take the green shade which is Glock and put it over that but we're not like putting polymer we're just more like patting it in place dusting it over it next I'm going to sort of blend them shades together I'm taking the same green shade those edges and for the inner corner and on the brow bone bring light which is this white pearl shade so now I'm going to do my foundation consider all of that then I'll come back

and finish off my ice alright so I just did my face except for a highlighter I'm gonna do that in just a minute did winged eyeliner and it's the Kat Von D tattoo liner and I'm gonna get like right now so I'm gonna use the one that's in James's palette which is face everybody uses it as a highlighter I'm gonna do it - I'm taking my Beauty Blender and I'm taking this back sheer on your skin Perfector but it's the cream cod I've been liking this recently because it just makes everything melded together but it's still blinding you know what I mean so I just take this and damn it right there and then I'm gonna take the one that's called the face on this brush okay now for a lower lashline first I'm going to take the dark green put it as close to the lash line as possible I'm gonna take the longer chain socialblade B I'm gonna do lashes and I've already cut them and just put them in here these are the our deal with specie you know 113 I'm good mascara on the lower lash line chill my lashes are drying I'm just gonna talk about this

palette so you just really have to learn the way the shadows work for you and your techniques because the first time I used it I tried to stick to what James said to do pack it on blend it out and I was using the smaller brushes because I wanted it to be like faded out to different colors and I didn't work for me you know my techniques I like to put it on blend it out oh yeah Neverland other shades you know and it didn't work like it did work the way he said I was strictly doing what he said to do and so it didn't work and so when I used my techniques in the way I like doing it but still sort of doing what he said to do it worked better for me and yeah I would say this palettes pretty good for anybody I like to play with color and Jim Brown everyday looks or whatever and it's probably gonna be a palette that you see all the time on my channel because you can do a million different looks with this palette because there's so many different shades so the first thing I want to do we want to put this to lace the lip injection on then I'm going to take this mix water and and I'm just gonna lightly line don't push too hard just little lightly

like like that then this is the I got the Kylie lip kit from Ulta I've never had one a real one at least and so I was super excited and just the way I drove my lips makes it looks so good it might Phillips look plunked so I'm taking the old lip liner and by the way this is in exposed and I'm just gonna fill in my lips like that and then I'm taking the lipstick well I am that and then let this dry and we'll put some gloss on top this is the Anasazi lip gloss in butterscotch all right guys that's everything for this video I hoped you guys liked it because I love this look and I do recommend this palette like it's really good you can get it alter morphe if you want to see more look especially on my next row I'm gonna be doing a brown everyday wearable look Hey Ya subscribe to my channel if you want to see some other looks with this palette see this video thumbs up if you liked it and comment down below if you got this palette thanks for watching