27 April 2018

Morena makeup tips from Kris | Kris Aquino | The Aquinos

"Gamitin mo yan, may boyfriend ka na next week" ~Kris Whether you're fair skinned or dark skinned, Ever Bilena Cosmetics will bring out the most beautiful in ...

I'm here now in the sm store here in

thigh thigh and I'm going to help you discover because neva suppose omarama new comment sin avenue salina behind menu my favorites the makeup call for every banana bump Otis : no no no I'm going to help you most especially the girls now Mosca among gay almost more an uncouth is nomaka hana now perfect never velena just for you so let's go in and let's start beautifying ourselves [Music] I say I did not want to do this episode now I'm pretending with all of you that I would know what would fit someone with a darker skin tone because honestly Malenko since I've become go up I had an episode para ever Valena should really cater to the most people possible so the cochlea I know Maduro I see a laugh LM Kelantan uru second er Vina when you have a marina complexion don't go whiter than what you are because you will look action in other words mcgoun Oaxaca and green Tabasco pepper now bring Batman watch Elmo Mulla Mulla who's our Beauty Expert Lea Michele Mariah Oh go to a bikini muñeca first lipstick animal unbagging a lipstick for Daniel and skin tone

come us happy so reddish or sagging Yin well gossip oh I like this I like trying different kinds of college but I know that per color Mesa really shade them for my okay so let's say for example you read them I am more on the warm to dark tones of red like Looch berry yeah that would look good on me also a peanut a favorite to put a look at the toast of New York this is like a brick red college red the red okay so Anibal don't be so fine for possible Hopalong lovely morning in Africa eternal aha I haven't tried the funny yeah I know it's one of your favorites but I said I really like this one I think miss ya new message states almost eighteen boom ooh hey South in a walk walk on Universal red little let's see Casino gustavo / Barbadians afonya people might think that all red carpet welcome up with helium sure but it actually looks nice on super go make a movie and my boyfriend color next week so walk diva it's a bold red lip what's it called both do fever it's like the margin you read a lot of armor and customers love its grace which do you prefer like liquid lipstick or bullet

it'll provide the meatus is kinda more mahalo not that feelin even it et Ossa yeah I think yeah what's this other one that you said never bad guys that's also called Eva enable in bullet form yeah so they're just the same better Maggie but I'm gonna pass hopalong Toa Payoh chillin at then I must I think and I think it depends on your preference if you want it to be this proof usually liquid it's better because once it sets or dry it's completely kiss proof versus mad bullet lipsticks because their bullets form they would most likely not deep kiss proof on a Romanian corner by locking hypergolic on at the nabilla know I've questioned he lie is life see are being gamma gamma firming as have been young boy with for hoarding they don't even and 100 pieces natal honey Pisa spelling uh-oh earth brick filter on faith I I use this fella in all my shoes universal brownish on Telegraph Hill I evolution embodies afonya Alan Alan bar I think is this Chris approved super nice but what I should lashes and Nathan de ba why Chris I kept O'Farrell I couldn't eyelashes like three times yes the bottom the middle and the top

and then pagina gambit Caputo you effect nice indicia pug annoyed it's more appropriate okay wait it's waterproof its other thank God I've questioned pugna Carlton and lashes small beam up in it man I'm lower no you should not gonna take it's like a curling iron we're in SM we're I'm kind of lower I mean it Machado okay careful laughs Bahama pacify you blame it on me boom elusive I hurt and brush Chris it's the hashtag for this hashtag trust Chris see ya at the wouldn't hear it from them mascara in volume 3 I love this LP v because I don't this meal it's it's creamy when I put it I don't feel like my lips will feel so dry that was mula animal energy chap chap effect after I like the one that he showed them this is pinky thing is that this is scheana's and then at the for sexiness see sexy New Guinea anomaly this happen it's an island hey you delegate gonna do anything and so now I want to see cool it don't favorite go bow buggy say okay crash near blood let's see a film about a sign of whom are they say you know we have a

lot of people inspiring weather touch me look good now they know yes and you know why follow you I smile and a twinkle twinkle initiative ha ha ha super nice see working with our cool don't be afraid of pain and yes pink is universal and so it's red oh ah don't you feel so pretty you have to put cutting lodge sits under the guise of lodge Philippines what's your favorite blush bow from bellezza this making everything was shy imagine me shy sure this is yes Ashley so just trying it with orchid this is a very bright pic when you look at it but it's actually perfect for more and asked if anything to go worst join us on the game often instead I'm lucky but I'm look at the become a signal nothing now both of us aggregating for a home wash if it'll work [Music] Hayato she still likes it off I'm shy to get more polished shine you know to be in a hotel aha let's tackle this ax and makeup will last how long three years three a minimum for FDA but ours gonna feel a slightly longer there but I was dying lipstick very bundling sale must pink sale better

Morgan big device yeah just do it the simpler but all of them can do it nylon in condom or any shimmer I'm Shane I know Oh papa after highlight an illness where Evelyn toilet color effect even though it's super basic it's only cushy and I like that she use the peach color because a lot of workers are afraid to use peach because they take it would make a difference it did yes okay it's gonna change but bottom and a long shot what Laird is slightly smoky more a smoky Brown by the afternoon when you but after that it's the same that's what I do we never use eyeliners in alum we use eyeshadow I start I'm gonna ask em mechanical everything you used on her type it up on copper pad it is 395 plus the liquid lipstick is 180 the lipliner was 12 empty lip time is 120 okay debunk Eloi Eloi is 135 and then the under the mascara and then the eyeliner is 165 that was her foundation and the foundation is 165 and then the two products used it's 105 inch equals a thousand five hundred said imagine 1510 beneath the nappies yes in talega and a minimum of agawa for all occasions

Muhammad more and more papadum the most really more without you going into credit-card debt I'm a student parent must must ideal moving in around affordable makeup for every day yeah so it's important telega to get good value for money in making yourself feel good about yourself so makeup is not just for vanity but when you want to you know when you want to empower yourself greener foods gone and a universal then you all lose the whole yeah so you won't be receiving scripts and internship along with it so I go from residential again she actually does not like to recommend it to Marion Estes is not sure I wasn't sure yeah but now it's okay yes epilim Jana once you've tried it and you like it and it's gonna turn price point stop up on it because Pagnell was a yachtie by now or cry later selina man and use makeup also as a confidence booster so that if ever part it comes along but Alamo mug and aha Alamo with the very next day moderation palate on down Lebanon no Mon o de ba and niganda then venomous substance minimum Lagonda very minimal mama kattiline or very in

combination of Yun Kwan teal and Jana and I saw that in you the very fact that were empowering women take care of yourself take care of your assets but make sure what make sure also don't overdo it I think with make up the bottle again yes madam on imply and I'm so happy now with every bilenda what you're doing is showing people not met the level 1 the level 3 a today yes and you're doing it fella a very affordable price per agency thank you very much 11 and because s am safe I thank you so much thank you everyone I have fun as always I'll take this opportunity already just in case we don't do an ever Villanova episode in time for Mother's Day happy Mother's Day to all of us god bless you all thank you [Music] oMG thank you so much for finishing the entire video if you want to watch more volcanoes please subscribe love love love