04 June 2019

Michael Jackson Makeup Transformation / Indian Beauty Blogger || Beautynature2026

Michael Jackson Makeup Transformation / Indian Beauty Blogger || Beautynature2026 Hi my beautyfam how r u all doing? Let me know in my comments.

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channel and support me first I am going to use lasting Rimmel finish 24 hours breathable foundation it is in the shadow of form for this look I am applying heavy foundation to get that exact look on me Here I am using foundation spreading bridge and these are new brushes and the name of preciouses crystal makeup brushes they are so comfortable to use and the brushes structure is super soft if you like to buy check out my description box I am going to link up there well here aren't spreading all the foundation now I am using foundation blending brush I'm going to blend the foundation for one more time Here I am using marble instead stinking liquid lip color concealer I'm going to apply to my eyelid now I am using styling brush I'm going to blend up the concealer Here I am using la colors pressed powder and pressing to my complete face and neck to be my foundation long-lasting for my day [Music] and you guys know well this is my favorite creapure me black eye pencil with this pencil I am going to draw on fill my eyebrows if you see Michael

Jackson is having a very broad i bro so I am also going to do that broad look of my eyebrows blending well my eyebrows with this beautiful cross blending brush this brush CONICET i brazilian position here again I am using stay stay in concealer on making sure that our brows are in shape or not for that I am shaping and erasing that extra part if I am having anywhere [Music] now I want a single press powder for that concealer here here to sift up the concealer without spreading anywhere now I want using this beautiful palette contour palette and in this palette I use one shade all black shade fourth but at a time by using this marking press now I am warming up my eyelid with this contour using same black pencil and filled in with my eyeliner area I'm not doing a small loop I am doing a broad eyeline loop like what Michael Jackson is having here I am using white pencil and filling up my water area [Music] now I am using black pencil and filling up underwater eye area to get my eyes more broad now I am using same contour palette with the shade of warm on black

both a table and shaping my face like exactly Michael Jackson is having Michael Jackson face is filling with contour and he is having a very good shape cut I am getting the shape cut to my face I am trying hard to get that lobe guys once again I am saying this is just a trial of Michael Jackson loop I am trying hard to make this look on me blending blending blending to get the shape of Jackson look [Music] [Music] [Applause] now I hope using stage 10 concealer aren't spreading up to the rest of the area by avoiding the contouring part and you can see how the shape is coming here oh and I'm going to blend this concealer with my makeup brush and yeah [Music] [Music] after canceling I am spreading here some first order to give my concealing part long-lasting [Music] here are abusing new perfect highlighter on pressing to my left over ski except the contour part

Here I am using a tinted pink blushing and blooming to my cheekbones well [Music] again I am using your same highlighter are lending to my cheekbones to get that perfect look here I am using David lip pencil in the shade of CREB color on lining my lips Michael Jackson is having a good lip shape now I want using wet and wild red lipstick and blending to my lips and then here you go with a look of Michael Jackson [Music] hi guys so yes this is my complete makeup look of Michael Jackson I hope you love it and let me know guys your words in my comment but because your words really mean a lot to me because when I am doing this kind of such makeups you know comments that really makes me that really helps me to do something special on my videos and then that really makes me support boost up energy to my makeup skills so please let me know in my comment bar and if you like this video please hit on that like button and it's really really really mean a lot to me guys your likes and comments they're just energy for me so make sure to LIKE

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