14 January 2019

MethVlogs01: Bonchon Mukbang, MAC, LA Cosmetics, H&M, Cagayan de Oro

Hi guys! This is my very first daily vlog. Join me on my daily activities and events and get to know me and the people around me better. I made this video with ...

people in Alabama

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manual says it's a matter of indolence Chuck a person is willing and willing to follow [Music] [Music] [Music] sangeun I think on the dope our men [Laughter] oh you're gonna [Music] [Music] I smell miss mcgoun above all miss muhabba [Music] we move in segi so now I'm gonna do challenge am parlance of a bratty gonna look impressed look I'm looking for something red and go like this [Music] [Music] my limo in machine [Music] [Music] leave Akamai everything seemed so good then for the dreams South famous at rakuyo bargain illa Oh green tea

frappuccino and this I did mac and cheese with vegetables cinnamon roll damaged really babies [Music] Shiina any comma mile-high case we just arrived here is the bridge Hotel YouTube understand if you saw us at away at the oral and now the Papa frita Jose Antonio pardon I may simply learn among service over death of a snake again I read panic new Russia but Miranda and what I like about the people here is they're very very coaches and at shaaka we have mineral dito by a liberal mineral water I do file a phenomenal idea I feel are moving in from the lever so now I'm going to show you our room so Italy Russia very simple and simply lamb but the bed is comfortable and milena jog and a flat-screen TV or is it a nominee vanilla symbol on cigars patina Hanukkah song singer semana hotel is leanest cut an avocado avocado may indica field at least toss simply long but super Nina's interior is very simple [Music] Menenius epilogue I see the beach Nina bridge Hotel young bridge hotel next artist I'd love Peter I think last

year and Gustav Kirchhoff Casillas memory Karuna Ponte Khadijah is Machado mobile human towers reception gorgeous - greetings professor Coppola and pakua copia I super recommend it semana Hanukkah Lena's individual stress at my place so it not and see you [Music]