07 December 2018

Mermaid "Perfume" - Box Opening - Bésame Cosmetics - Disney

Waterfall Mist Fragrance - Mermaid Collection Bésame Cosmetics - Disney Collaboration The WATERFALL MIST FRAGRANCE arrived today!! So beautiful and ...

okay so I used a box cutter and I opened

up the package so let's see what we have inside it says get ready to be as mired okay included the bugle I was wondering if they were gonna add this but this is the newspaper or like looks cute so cute so I'll read this later or if you order this you can read it yourself but it's it looks like it's just like their newsletter there for their company when you know your product comes out so this is what I got was a mermaid lagoon waterfall mist fragrance and a so cute crossword puzzle and inside so if you guys want you should so these were the other mermaid products that they have I really wanted to get this one and I might get it after this and this looks pretty cute but I really wanted this so I got this before they sold out and I'm so excited to open it but yeah this looks like their company newsletter in the form of a newspaper so it's beautiful I love it so far I'm so excited and then you have this get ready to be admired that's a postcard thanking me for my purchase yeah and I got a mermaid sticker oh it's so pretty I love it and then I'll put that I'll stay while you

got in here so this is the mermaid perfume I will put it down right here oh this is the extra gift that they gave you for being for the shipping it's nicely popcorn in here Oh face powder oh oh my gosh I am such a big fan of this right now I am oh my god I'm you just go ahead and cook it the powder so this is a french vanilla face powder I did not order this they gave it to me as part of you know the rest of the package I'm so excited no I can't like to use this French sorry I'm using my phone camera so this may be a little that is so cool yay I can't wait to use this thank you and then this - oh this looks like a snow white makeup bags like popcorn in here I think it's this this thing it smells like popcorn like the literal popcorn let me go ahead and kiss this up with one hand maybe I should it's pretty cute pretty cute put that there this one here and this here yeah I'll open up the bugle later so it smells like popcorn and then I see so let me go ahead and pause this for ya

so I had a positive cuz it is getting kind of ridiculous everything awesome socks but oh it's so pretty so this is some mermaid lagoon Waterfall mist perfume oh my goodness it's gorgeous I'm oh my gosh I'm so glad I got this it's so cute like oh my gosh I am excited to open this so I'll probably let me go ahead and pause this and open it so it's not so crazy looking when I do it but so far oh my gosh it looks so cute I love these mermaids I love mermaids okay alright I'll stop I'll stop really okay hang on a sec oh wait while I open this and instead of one-handed okay so I took the cellophane wrapper off and the packaging so okay here we go we're gonna see what she looks like and she isn't here there's an any extra padding that I can smell it smells really good oh it is so pretty oh so cute and then I was reading that um you're supposed to remove it from the base not from the head so it wouldn't break but it is so cute it's um it feels like I don't know like a little bit like rubber or the base or years glass let's

see what it says underneath yes so I can smell the perfume already it smells good um I like it it's a clean smell like vanilla the whole box description and I don't know I don't know it just smells really clean like a clean and smelling smell I can't wait to try it so you remove it from the base so this is how it comes off so don't pull her from the head pulling from the base and then you can lay her down or sit her down over here humming I'm on top of this I guess you could put her on like your desk or something like that but anyways so let's see No so I'm gonna put some on my wrist and smell it let's see okay I I'm smelling it and it smells wonderful it reminds me of something that my mom may have had before like when I was younger I can't pinpoint what it is but it smells citrusy and oh I wanted to show you this part right here it says Besame right here like they really took the time to make a quality product so um yes it is I think it's worth every penny I paid 50 bucks for it I I'm loving it so far the smell it's very citrusy very like a little I don't know like like a white flower on orange

trees I think a little bit a little vanilla ish it smells very clean and that's the kind of smells that I enjoy so I wouldn't mind wearing this out um I would use it for everyday not just like going out being fancy but just because it smells really good I could use it for everyday so yeah I'm so happy that I got to pick this out and get this I am going to try their other product the the face powder and see if it's really good I think that was what they wanted to give you for the product should be shipping out so late it was Wonder Emily didn't I get my order but anyways so excuse the noise outside but she looks so wonderful so cute and it smells great I can't pinpoint the smell I've smelled the smell before when I was younger and one of my mom's other perfumes and I can't describe what it is but other than it smells very citrusy clean and beautiful they this product is really well made like they even put like a little store fish in her Hey and she's got a shadow really cute I shadow and oh my gosh I love the fins it looks so cool like I love this product I'd proudly put this like on my vanity

like oh my god I love it so much and I can't wait to try this thank you so much for sending me this face powder I love love love the smell of this perfume so thank you for making it I am going to put everything here so it's a little bit easier to see what I got in my package today I don't know if I should take the face powder out yet but if this is this is a pretty cool deal I got here so yeah thank you so much Besame I love your products I can't wait to try your face powder and to open up the the the box and everything I don't think I'm gonna do that now but because this video is running kind of a little long but yes I love love love how you guys made this product like it's really well made I love the smell of the perfume I just love everything so yeah thanks so much for making this stuff and I will see you all later thank you bye