06 July 2018

MERMAID VIBES WITH GOLD FLAKES | Summer Makeup Tutorial | Pink , Teal , Purple Eyeshadow


alright guys so before I talk about why

I haven't been here I just want to like get started on the eyes because it is kind of like a process so I'm gonna prime with the Tarte shake tape literally nothing has changed I still use this and I freaking love it so I'm just gonna play a little bit I really need to get a new concealer because as you can see this one is really bright I've been really wanting to try the color pop one cuz I've heard really good things about it but for now we're just gonna use the Tarte shape tape and for my eyes or like my transition I'm gonna take the morphe 35o palette this beautiful palette right here and I'm gonna take this color right here on a transition brush so I'm just gonna take my favorite blending brush for this I look I kind of want it going like outward kind of like what do you call it like a wing so I'm gonna drag it a little bit more outward okay so the 35b doesn't have like the the pinks I want so I'm gonna take the BH Cosmetics take me back to Brazil palette and I'm gonna tap into this shade right here it's like a more darker pink and I'm gonna put this on my crease so I'm just packing it and I'm gonna go straight

into the eye all right so now I'm going to take a different brush and I'm gonna take hold up mmm this one right here it's more like a neon pink and this one is gonna go like on our transition not so much our crease I'm just gonna pack it first and then I'm going to blend it and then I'm gonna take my like smaller blending brush and I'm just gonna blend out like the edges okay so now I'm gonna take this like small little pencil fluffy brush and I'm gonna take the darkest one of them off so this one this like pink right here and I'm gonna apply this color well you guys will see I'm gonna first pack it like the other ones and then I'm gonna apply it like right here the crease and then just keep packing it and then I know this shade looks really similar to the one we just put but this one is like a little bit darker so I'm gonna use this shade from the morphe 35o palette and if you want you don't have to do this but I just feel like it's darker and it's gonna add like more depth to the like crease so yeah this part is optional alright so for the transition part I already have it done so I'm just gonna take my concealer again and a small like flat

brush this one and you can use whichever one if you guys want like a drugstore one I like using the small eyeshadow brush by OneWorld it's really good it's like $1 and I'm gonna take a little bit and cut my crease okay so I am back I just finished doing this i off-camera and i got a little bit carried away I forgot that I wasn't filming so I kind of have this one done too but the only thing I did was I took the Declan Hill palette and the shade pool party and it's just like a really pretty light teal white shimmer I guess it's really pretty so this is my first time using it and honestly like I loved it so I'm just gonna go ahead and take my small eyeshadow brush and I'm just really gonna pack this shape onto the lid so I'm just gonna make sure to focus it kind of work like I cut the crease and then it really helps if you pack on the color and then after you're done I'm gonna take the NYX candy glitter I'm not too sure if they still have this but because it's so old but basically it's just like a like a silver glitter liner I know urban decay has some and they're really good but I'm just gonna take some

and I'm gonna outline kind of like where I cut the crease so like on this side and you want to be really careful because I messed up on the other one so now I'm gonna take the morphe 35c palette again and I'm gonna take this color that we used earlier on a small brush and I'm just gonna pack this color on the outer corner and you guys will see that it turns purple I'm gonna go in with the with the purple like the dark purple from the palette I'm gonna take this one and I'm gonna use it to also like put it on top of the color that we just put because I mean it's purple so okay so now for my favorite part I'm gonna take this like gold flake little bottle that I buy online I don't remember where but you can get them like anywhere literally and then I'm gonna take my next glitter primer and this is just like glitter glue and I'm gonna go ahead and take like my smaller flat brush and I'm gonna apply some of the glue and then I'm just gonna apply like glue on the outer corner where I want the flakes to go try to have fun with it I think I'm just gonna tell you guys which one I'm using I'm using the dodo lashes in deep 3/16 they look like this

really pretty I always use them for a reason they're awesome so I'm already putting my foundation this is the Maybelline fit me and I know that I don't know if it looks too dark on camera but um basically this is not my right like undertone and I am aware but it's the only like drugstore foundation that I like and also let's just say that drugstore foundations don't have my exact like color or like my shade um because my skin color is so hard to like fine I have olive undertones and most of the time companies or like drugstore companies just come out with like super yellow foundations or super like paint and they just us over the ones with olive under and it just sucks for concealer I literally I don't think I'm gonna include my face products or anything like that I'll just tell you I'm using the Tarte shape tape for concealer the physician's butter bronzer it's just like the regular bronzer bronzer and and then for blush I'll show you guys so let me just do this real quick and I'll be right back I'm gonna finish up the eyes and then I will finish up the face I feel like that makes sense so I'm gonna

take the morphe palette again and I'm gonna take a fluffy brush okay so I'm gonna take a brush and then I am gonna dip into this shade right here and then um so that shade and then like a purple yeah so I'm gonna dip into this and again I'm just like packing that on my lower lash line so since I need the pinks as well I'm gonna take the take me back to Brazil palette and I'm gonna dip into these two this one and this one right here so just pack on the color for the lower lash line I am bringing it kind of like way down so that way when I felt like my mascara under it like my lower lash lines my lower lash line my lower lashes that way you can still see like the color on the lower lash line so that's what I'm doing and now I'm going to take the the 35b palette and I'm going to use this color and then I'm gonna sweep it onto the last point and then after that I'm gonna use this purple and we're done and then for the gold flakes you guys know the drill so you can add as much gold flakes as you want like in the inner corner that's even if you want to but I'm not gonna show that clip I'm gonna keep going

so for blush I'm gonna take the elf light blush palette and I'm gonna take the most like pinky blush out of all of them I think it would be this one I feel like it's really bright and I just feel like going for a bright pink today now for a highlight I'm gonna take a highlight that's in the Carli bybel deluxe edition palette and it's just like this pinky highlight um honestly I always use gold ones and I'm like taking some chances so I'm gonna go ahead and try it okay so I'm just trying to blend it because I put way too much alright guys so I cannot find any other lip liners my mom has um I always get hers because honestly I don't have any but I guess I'm just gonna apply some gloss and no lip liner but if you have lip liner go ahead and do it because it looks way better and I'm gonna use this buxom gloss and Brooke and I picked this out because it's like a pinky glut gloss gloss with like some shimmer to it so I think it would look really pretty with this look alright guys that is it for today's video that is all I really hope that you guys enjoyed I didn't get to speak on why I've been gone for three months I just

kind of wanted to save it for like the end of the video just in case like any of you guys cared and but basically life you know life kind of well I mean the bad time specifically they just come at you like at random and you just like don't expect it so that's what happened to me and I was just really really down and I didn't have any like motivation to film but it wasn't only that it was also because I was dealing through things and I lost a couple people also death was involved someone died in my family and um also just school it's just been stressing me so much but yeah I'm finally on summer vacation and I I feel like I can take this time to be myself and you know like gain myself back and that also involves doing youtube so starting next week I am gonna be uploading twice a week so you shouldn't miss that so go ahead and subscribe and also click that notification bell so you get notified and I will see you guys in my next video [Music]