27 November 2018


Hey Beauties! Today it's finally here!! The NEW Feral Eyeshadow palette! Lot's of info in this video so there's Time Stamps below with more info and products I ...


hey guys and welcome back to the channel I hope you guys are staying warm it's currently snowing outside and I just I'm in the Christmas spirit I'm ready to put up my tree and sing la la la la la so today I'm doing a review swatches and tutorial as with most of my palette reviews on the brand new Menagerie Cosmetics feral eyeshadow palette so the guys remembered the company makeup monsters cosmetics they did a rebrand so now they're called menagerie cosmetics I'll be sure to link their info below in the description box but you guys know I already love their liquid lipsticks and I have a few shades here I'm actually wearing the shade Sedona today cuz I mean reviewing the palette I might as well wear one of their liquid lipsticks so as far as I know this is the first item that has come out from the new company the new rebranding so not only did they change their packaging and their name and rebrand but they're also going to be donating 10% of all their profits to the Animal Welfare Institute the charity puts money to combat animal testing and protect wildlife globally from endangerment and abuse I think that's fantastic so every time you

purchased a product from this company they donate to a really great cause and they're already cruelty free and vegan so that is fantastic so I just wanted to mention that as well so this palette retails for $39.99 you do get 12 full-sized eyeshadows and you get two grams of product per shadow which i think is phenomenal can considering you're getting twelve shades also before I forget the eyeshadows are removable they are magnetized so if you do want to pop these out of the palette or deep pot although I don't know why anyone would want to you know take the beautiful shadows out of this gorgeous packaging I have no idea but you do have the option which i think is fantastic I know a lot of companies are doing that now I will put these shipping info below cuz I don't remember off the above my head because I did the bundle pallet deal I just I had to you guys so I can't remember the exact price again I'll put info below but I did the bundle deal and you do save some money and you get free shipping as well so I got not only the ferrule pallet but the dragon child palette now I'm pretty sure that this is staying permanent even though it

does say makeup monsters cosmetics on the front here's just a quick little sneak peek inside if you guys want to see a review on this you guys know I've I already couldn't do a review and tutorial and you know all that jazz so super excited to play this palette I haven't even touched it yet because I've been using this one so the eyeshadow palette comes in just a simple sleeve it's a nice dark green color has this beautiful gold lettering and just says barrel eyeshadow and pressed pigment palette on the front and on the back you do have your ingredients listed on there I will say that this was extremely extremely hard to get out of the sleeve I cannot put it back in if you can see here it won't fit back in which is a little bit of a disappointment because I liked it you guys know I am a hoarder of packaging but I like to keep the sleeves of my eyeshadow palettes especially really beautiful ones like this it just protects them I feel and when I put them in storage with all the other eye shadow palettes I just feel like they they look nicer like the packaging doesn't get all beat up and indented so let's take a closer look at the actual palette all my

goodness you guys so the front has this gorgeous I mean this artwork is breathtaking it does have the name of the artist on the back of the palettes beautiful fairies it's like anaphoras and it's just mystical and I just want I just get lost every time I stare at the cover of this is just so flippin beautiful when you open it up you get a really nice full sized mirror which I do appreciate and does say menagerie right here the layout is beautiful the packaging gets an a-plus in my look I mean it's just flippin beautiful it also has a really nice weight to it the actual material itself is just a cardboard packaging and it does have a magnetic closure so if I mispronounce any of these words I apologize in advance so let's get into the swatches so the top roll the palette we have Harmonia wolf Ling Canis lupus and alpha alright moving on to the second row we have pack leader el Dia Mariposa and night eyes alright then the bottom row we have wisteria Fenris IV & hooch era so that was all of these swatches I just watched them on bare skin so you guys can see how beautiful and pigmented these are I

almost forgot about this this came along with the palette as well in my order and it just has three different looks which I wouldn't try to do each of these actually especially the purple one so it just gives you a little idea and it tells you how to do each little tutorial which I always love seeing something like that especially with a really bright colorful palette sometimes you don't really know what to do I try to use as many of the colors in this I look today just to show you guys that you can do something really bright really pretty and fun but you can also do something really neutral like this look at the bottom look number three look so pretty I definitely want to try to do that looks I don't even know where to start so this palette first of all the packaging again I know I've already said it but the packaging is beautiful this is honestly everything I was hoping for colors are so bright they're so vibrant they're pigmented they blend really nicely I love that these are mostly matte shades but you could also use this along with the dragon child palette I feel like both of these would be really fun to use I love that you have these

transition colors at the top and you also have these pops of color so you can do a really soft look with a couple of these shades and also alpha is a really nice shade to kind of darken the outer corner and then you could do a pop of color unlike the lower lash line there's just so much you can do with this palette it's insane they're pigmented they're smooth I love the to shimmer shades in here they're so rich and beautiful and the way they look when you put them on the lid they just have this extra little sparkle so when you turn in the light it really catches the little reflex the pinks in here are super super bright I love the purple shade I mean this orange color is just everything I want and more so I love how unique this is it's beautiful I think all of the mattes perform really nicely even the green shades and you do have to take your time when it comes to really bright colors like this but I will say these are a slightly softer formula so when you take your brush and you go into the shadow you're going to use don't be real rough and go like circular motions all you need to do is gently tap your brush and

press gently and look at that I mean they're so pigmented you don't you do not need to use a lot of product I definitely would recommend tapping off your brush as well I haven't experienced any fallout which i think is really good considering how bright these colors are you do get some kick up in the pan because the formula of the shadows are really soft and it's my favorite favorite type of formula I like an eyeshadow that is soft and smooth and creamy the two shimmery shades in here are beautiful they're pigmented I've applied them with my finger and I've also applied them with the eye shadow C brush from ELF picks up really nicely on a brush or your finger one thing I wanted to mention really quickly is that these colors do stain your eyelids the pink shades in here I wore yesterday this eye this eyelid here is still stained pink so I'm sure once I take my makeup off tonight I'm gonna have a little bit of pink staining the grain will stain as well but not as bad as the pink shades in here and they do have that mentioned on their website that some standing will occur because of how pigmented and rich these are the only

thing I have to mention that I'm not too happy about I do like that the eye shadows eyeshadow pans are removable from this palette but they are really really strong like the magnet that is in here three different times and I don't know if you can tell here but I have actually nicked these two shades because I've tried popping them out of the pan just to show you guys what it looks like and every time I do it I can't get the eyeshadows out here's just an example this is a lunatic cosmetic labs another great indie brand that I love on their contour palette they have this little lip here so you can actually remove these very very easily you can take a tool and you can lift it out just like that and it makes it so easy to lift the pan out see super easy so I wish they would have added some sort of little like little cutouts where you can easily remove the eyeshadows because they are in here so snug I just don't want to risk it like I mentioned I already nicked two shadows or three shadows trying to pop one of them out and it was just I just didn't want to damage the eyeshadow because I think this palette is so beautiful and I

don't want to damage these beautiful colors but other than that I'm super happy with this palette you guys I really don't have anything else to complain about the colors are beautiful I want to do more looks with this palette so let me know what you guys want to see next leave a comment below tell me what kind of looks you want to see I really want to try one of the looks that came in this pamphlet here because wow really loved that alright let's go ahead and get into the tutorial for this really colorful eye look using the Farrell palette from Menagerie cosmetics so let's go and get into the tutorial for this look alright let's get started I already primed my eyes I'm going to start by taking the light pink matte shade at the top and I'm gonna use it I was my transition color so I'm just laying this in the crease back and forth motions and then we're gonna go in with the bright pink at the lower corner there and I'm just going to slowly build this up into the crease over top of that first shade that we laid down and this is a very very pigmented and bright once we got that blended out I'm taking the orange shade and I'm gonna pack this on

the outer corner placing the color where I want to kind of in a sort of Halfmoon shape and then taking that same brush with the pink on it whatever is left over and disciplining out the edges of the orange so I'm just going to go back and forth with the orange and the pink and just get the brightness and the color that I want and the pigmentation and as you can tell they are super super bright so now moving on to the lower lash line I'm going to take the lightest green matte shade in a place at all along the lower lash line and blend that very softly and then taking night eyes which is the beautiful bright yellow and on the tip of my brush I'm just rolling it into the color and then slowly buffing out the green just at the bottom to really smoke it out and then to darken up everything you and more I'm taking ivy on a flat liner brush and just wheeling this into my lashes so this is a really nice gradient between the dark green the light green in the middle and then the yellow at the bottom I wanted to try to utilize this palette and use as many colors as possible to show you guys you can use a lot of the colors together and

they actually work so for the lid I'm taking the purple shade put it placing that all over the lid and then taking the bright pink shimmery shade and layering it over top I definitely think the shimmery colors layer over top of the other shades in the palette very very well to highlight the inner corner I'm going to take night eyes once again and just gently Pat that on the inner corner to highlight and then I'm gonna take a nude liner and pop that in my lower waterline for liner I'm just going to do a simple winged liner and then I'm taking my black liner from real hair cosmetics and just tight lighting so there's no skin showing I'm gonna pop on some mascara and lashes you know the drill and here is the completed look I love how this turned out it was so much fun creating this look and I hope you guys enjoyed it as well alright guys so that was the tutorial for this I look I hope you guys enjoyed it I love this palette my final thoughts I think it's amazing I would recommend it if you're looking for something really colorful really different if you want to support a great indie company

that not only makes great quality products and great liquid lipsticks but also gives back so that is everything you guys I hope you found this review and tutorial helpful I definitely recommend this palette I'll be sure to link all the products that I use for this I look down below in the description box so thank you guys so much for watching and hanging out with me today if you're gonna channel make sure to hit that subscribe button I post new videos every Tuesday Friday and sometimes on Sunday every single week 10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time I would love to have you here I only review cruelty free brands and beauty products here in my channel and if you want to come and follow me and say hello on Instagram Facebook snapchat and Twitter all of my links will be on the screen and also below as well so thank you guys so much for watching I'll see you all in the next video remember smarter beauty is better beauty bye guys [Music] [Applause] you