27 November 2018

Melt Cosmetics Smoke Sessions Palette thoughts + live swatches

OMG am I impressed at this palette. It is definitely one of the best palettes I've gotten in a long time. I don't think I can recommend this palette anymore then I ...

hi guys and welcome back to my channel

today I'm gonna be talking about the smoke session palette by milk cosmetics so if you want to stick around see what I gotta say to see what colors I used on my eyes and sealife swatches well you know what to do otherwise I'll see you in my next video hey alright so I didn't get this during the presale bitch was broke you know I had to wait till payday so I got this when it released on Black Friday I think it was like 2 o'clock in the morning here and thankfully I'm an insomniac so I was right on the website I got it right away no problems no issues no glitches and it just arrived today it's Monday ordered it on Friday which is so fast good job melt cosmetics I wish more companies were like you yes love the shipping I ordered this and I ordered the lovesick melt stack thingy but I'm not here to talk about that I'm here type of this and it is absolutely incredible look at these colors I don't even use Browns or golds like that I'm a high but I cannot wait to date my fingers in these first of all let me say as a weed smoker I smoke a lot of weed I actually have lead tattooing right here I have a lady on my leg smoking a bomb

for my dad he would've loved it I love this the whole aesthetics of this palette they they could've did a better color or a better job on the color story yes but I get it like I get the theme they did a really good job at keeping with a theme here's the back there is no ingredients list on the palette or on the box it actually came with a little slip with the ingredients so just be aware of that if you are allergic to anything just look at the little paper slip that came in the box now these colors are absolutely amazing this is the actual box let me hold it like this oh this is the first thing I've ever tried for milk cosmetics and just dug my finger in there and I will say I am impressed how easy it blends out how easy it is buildable I used solely just these greens all four of these greens on my eye today and I used this dark brown right under here and I kind of smoked it out to give me like a real grungy dark look and I was impressed I really was I you know ordering from a new company you don't know what to expect and I am kicking myself for not ordering from

them sooner because this right here is amazing girl even if you don't like weed even if you don't smoke weed this at least try melt seriously for these colors right here I'm thinking about getting that Jim and I palette just to go with this because it would pair beautifully I can make some really smoky green yellow mustard II oh my god I have it all planned out my hand a bitch just needs to get paid again anyways I'm gonna do some light swatches for you see nothing on my hand nothing on my fingers we're gonna start off with blue dream sweet tooth Maine green and space Queen right there alright so this one's blue dream can't really see you doing camera it's buildable it's almost buildable shimmers but it's absolutely beautiful this one is sweet tooth makeup under my nails that is so pretty I love that color I really do all right this one is Mina green that swatch kind of stuck but let me do it one more time yes this one is space Queen look at that I should swatch me and green one more time for you guys because that's watch honestly sucks balls so here we go look at those those pair beautifully together even if you did like

green on the outside and gold on the inside oh god it will be so pretty I can't wait to create more looks with this so just gonna rub this off it I like I don't even know what to say I am impressed with this palette I just thought you know I'm just gonna buy it for the packaging because it's weed themed and my boyfriend really kicked out of it and you know I'll just keep it for you know a little display piece no bitch I I plan on using this alright Sour Diesel Black Widow granddaddy and gravity og alright this one is Sour Diesel it's a little patchy but you can work it out this one is Black Widow an amazing dark gold color this one is granddaddy beautiful this one is space okie yes this palette is definitely worth it it is a little less than the Gemini palettes I think the Gemini palettes for my wet spot um fifty six dollars and this one was like forty nine so it's not that bad I mean it is still kind of expensive yes but it's not that bad it's really not I expected it should be way more I expect to be actually smaller than it is so overall I love this palette I definitely recommend people picking up this palette

especially if you're into the greens right now or even if you're into neutrals and want to just step into color get this palette right here I love it so much I'm looking forward to playing with this more and letting you guys know in like an update video eventually whatever I feel like it I'll let y'all know you know my future thoughts my future opinions about this but I don't see my opinion changing about this because it's absolutely beautiful blends like a dream it's buttery yes that Brown is a little patchy but it works itself out am i mad no could have been better I don't think I really don't the color stories they kind of threw a couple Purple's in there a couple Reds you know leave comes in different colors but I get it I do I love it if you guys got this palette you want this palette let me know down below otherwise I'll see you in my next video