01 August 2017

Melt Cosmetics Hot Box Collection - FULL REVIEW, SWATCHES + TUTORIAL

Hi again, my beautiful alien babies!!! A ton of you wanted me to review the new Melt Cosmetics Hot Box Collection, so here it is! The Collection launched today, ...


hello everyone welcome back to my channel today I have a really exciting video I am gonna be reviewing the hot box collection my-mult Cosmetics if that's not your thing that's totally fine I hundred percent expect that but you might want to click off now because there's a lot of names after we in here I think this collection is beautiful and if you think about it it's just the name you know I respect everybody's opinion if you can't afford it you can't afford it I totally get it if you ever get a chance to buy one other products do it you will absolutely love it if you guys want to know how I achieved this look just keep on watching oh and don't forget to subscribe don't be a shady lady [Music] [Music] I'm so excited this collection was sent to me I received it yesterday I don't know any other brand that has a collection like this whether or not you smoke lead if you've ever smoked weed if you used to smoke lead or if you're gonna smoke weed in the future I think the concept of this collection is really cool didn't

care what went out and did something that they were passionate about there's really nothing wrong with people smoking weed I myself know a few people who have battled cancer and who some of them were actually not able to smoke they were told to take edibles because they couldn't inhale the weed and then some were told to smoke I used to smoke a lot and the reason why I don't really smoke that much anymore it's just honestly I'm already like a procrastinator I don't do fast for some people they're able to like smoking go to work smoke and go work out smoke and just be extremely productive and I'm not that to have a person how freaking cute is this you guys it's so clever and it's something so simple but something so special especially to the melt cosmetics demographic a lot of them are cosmetics customers do smoke weed this is definitely one of the coolest PR packages I've ever received this is the inside of the box I love all the details now you can never buy the bundle for $200 which I calculated everything individually and if you buy the bundle you basically save $100 if you're gonna be getting everything let's get into

what's inside the box this is a really pretty amount cosmetics bag it's their first accessory ever it does come in two other colors I believe in maroon and pretty much the color of my nails I love the little details as the verse says melt you can use this bag to store your weed to put your vape in to put a few lipsticks as the inside just super simple now let's move on to the lipsticks they came out with two colors the first one is called a mary-jane it's an iridescent lift the second one is cherried which is an ultra matte box is matte and then the plant is glossy they have the sticker of the name but then it goes along the back with all the ingredients I love all the little details they added to this collection they completely redid their packaging but they still kept it melt oh yeah this is so beautiful you guys look at that the only two lipsticks that they have that are iridescent like this are lewd and you gasp let's go ahead and swatch this guy oh okay that's really pretty if you look close enough it has like little glitter particles in there next one is cherried this is an ultra matte

which means it's going to be more matte I think it's gonna be kind of like the retro mats from Mac versus the mattes that Mac has oh this is so pretty yeah for sure oh my god this is super pigmented I'm gonna wear this one today for sure now let's move on to the eyeshadow stack this is called the haze stack again the box has a lot of details the first one is always a mirror I know some people say they have trouble like traveling with these but I've personally never had an issue I don't know I don't know how people are breaking their I shadow is are soft but they're not just gonna break I've never had a highlight or anything break on me if you guys want to see a video on how I pack my makeup on trips just comment below and I'll totally do for you over here we have indica which is this really beautiful silver I love that they did a silver brands don't really tend to do silver as much now I know the comments on these on trend woods page was why is indica called indica if it's not green and why are there no green eye shadows in this stock to me it's not that serious you know what I'm saying it's not something for me to get upset about

and not want to get the collector I thought silver comma made sense because if you look closely at the plant there's little silver crystals on it I'm just gonna one two three what are you serious right now you guys oh my god this is unlike any eyeshadow formula that they've had before this is the finest pigment possible pressed it is so soft it's creamy are you serious right now next we have ganja which is this beautiful gold this would look so bomb if you did like a black matte liquid lip and just like kind of patted this in the center with your finger going in again one two three how is this even possible you guys if you feel this on your fingers you're gonna know what I'm talking about what is this it's almost like liquid this is absolutely insane I'm scared to see the red I'm obsessed with red eye shadow I'm nervous to see how good it's gonna be to be honest next we have Bogart it's this really pretty rose gold with a tiny hint of copper when you're watching these eyeshadows you need the lightest pressure don't press too hard because you'll put a dent in there this is so pretty

imagine this in the center of the red that I'm gonna show you guys this is such a pretty coppery shade dude now the red haze I think this is the one color that people were just drooling over yo I thought it was for lip liners for eyeliners but it's actually five eyeliners and three lip liners let's go ahead and swatch the lip liners again the packaging for these super cute glossy and matte pink is the first one i'll be swatching for you guys though fun little fact besides the retractable ones all the lip liners are made in Germany and that's just the only place where they make them I'm except for like Kylie and colour-pop they make them here in like Oxnard California only because they have like their own lab anyway here is kink this is beautiful it's actually going on super smooth so putting this lip liner on you're gonna have no tugging so you know sometimes when you have a dry pencil sometimes the Mac ones can be dry for people when you put it on it'll kind of tug and pull onto your lip this one's just gonna glide on it's almost like a lipstick and that pencil form except a

little more firm if that makes sense this one is called edible and it's a beautiful brown oh yeah there's the brown that's edible right there I love brown lip liner you spent it yeah so pretty it's that one right there the last one moving on to the eyeliner it's shall we I just want to rub this all over my lips oh not today but in a different look I want to be it I know what I'm doing because I can't see yum yum yum that's all I can say and this is also very smooth just like the lip liners eight one eight hometown or Rina this one is like house like glittering it almost this one's a little chunkier it has like glitter particles in it so if you buff this out you'll be able to see it more because the little particles are gonna spread out and it's gonna blow off the shimmer it's almost like the color of blood a little bit I feel a hair on my lip four-twenty here we go here's the green bow here's a green oh yeah this one also has a shimmer in it yes bloodshot YUM yo this in the water line though these are extremely creamy you guys they go on super easy again very

light pressure you don't want to put too much cuz you're gonna just mess up the tip RX queen yes gunmetal Oh delicious now it's time to put these babies to the test I will be putting a little bit of powder underneath my eyes because it's normal for eyeshadows to have fall out I will be using some of their look at look at my stack look how look how big it is I wanted to touch base on their shipping fees 795 is very doable it's very fair for priority shipping priority means you'll get it in like one business day a lot of times like especially look the first time I ever ever ordered from melts I ordered and I got my collection the next day the shipping is very fair considering I paid 895 for Kylie cosmetics and 895 for the Kim K highlighting contour cream sticks and I got it in like four or five days and that's first class and first class is like four dollars and fifty cents so they're actually coming up almost four dollars you guys kinda have to think about that especially for those people who complain but they buy Kylie cosmetics I'm like so I'm going to just grab my dose of colors setting powder brush and take a little bit of

translucent powder well it's just everywhere all right calm down okay so the first color I'm gonna grab as my transition is blur I'm pretty much hitting pan on this color I've already primed my eyes and set it with a little bit of translucent powder and using the number 16 brush by NYX and I'm gonna dip in and just go to town I'm just lightly blowing this color and it's such a soft color that it's not going to affect where the placement of the next eyeshadow is next color I'm going to go in with is called unseen this reminds me of saddle by Mac a little bit doesn't have to really be precise because we're going to be more precise with the darker colors you just want to get a little bit of warmth in there before we go ahead and add deeper colors to make sure everything just blends into each other seamlessly and if you go really like handed you can take it up to the brow and just diffuse it's honestly all about the amount of pressure you put onto your brush the next color I'll be taking is rust this is one of my all-time favorite

colors like ever this color works on every single skin tone it's just so freaking beautiful going on with the same rush and I'm gonna be a little more precise with this application I'm gonna literally keep this in the socket of my eyes it's the hollow part of your eye I'm gonna focus in that section again not lifting my brush just going back and forth to distribute this color evenly and then with very light pressure buffing upwards now I'm going to start adding a little bit of red I'll be using a lovesick shadow by melt this is a really beautiful red I'm just doing this to add a little bit more of a vampy look also the reason why I'm adding the red right now is because I'm gonna do the red shimmer on the lid the haze color focusing this in the socket area as well not taking it too high lightly buffing it away to kind of diffuse the color like a broom just sweeping it now I'm taking this random brush by Sophie and number 330 I have no idea where this came from I'm gonna go ahead and spray it a little bit this is the

urban decay D slick makeup setting spray alright let's see the reason I like to apply shimmers on to my lid with a little bit of fluffiness not like a blending brush because that's too long and fluffy more of a shorter denser fluffy brush is because when I get to the crease I like to stipple and it helps kind of diffuse the color into the crease area rather than me going in with a flat one and having a harsh line and then having to take another brush to buff it out and then it just removes the product I'm sure that's happened to you guys before this color is insane now I'm just lightly pressing it in right underneath the crease to diffuse it this is really intense you guys I love it I'm going to take this morphe m4 for one going back in with lovesick a little bit and buffing the crease a little bit more you want to do this very lightly though because you don't want to remove any of the shimmer because I don't have to go back in and do it again so to wipe out my fallout I'm just going to go ahead and dip into powder again and quickly just wipe it off of notice

adding powder as you wipe off the powder really really helps without the eye shadow smearing on your face it is so beautiful you girls did amazing I want to try out this color Bogart I'm gonna go ahead and apply it on the center of the lid as a spot then the number thirty brush by NYX so I'm packing it in the center and I'm just lightly tapping on the edges to help it go into the red color got very little fall out but no big deal when I leaned back my septum ring falls back and tickles my nose time for some mascara and lashes and for my lashes today I'll be using Miami by Lily lashes it's definitely dramatic but not dramatic enough to where you won't be able to see your eyeshadow underneath it I feel like I'd end up wasting so much lash glue because the lash glue ends up drying around the cap so quickly that you can't even open it after a while you I'm going to go ahead and apply my lip color and then we'll go back to doing the bottom of the eyes taking Santeria have a lip balm that one on really nicely also because I

had a lip balm on but it did go on really easily on my hand too so I know a Philip lighter is just super creamy taking cherry lipstick this is the ultra matte okay I'm gonna go back in with a little bit of highlight to just retouch on what we lost only buffed off the powder under our eyes I'll let me add some underneath my brow I'm just gonna pick up this NYX I don't know the number cuz this came in a little set anyway it's just a flat brush I'll be taking the color bloodshot for my waterline add a little bit under the lash line too colliding really easy it's like barely pulling onto my skin I'm so picky I have to get all the little gaps I'm gonna be taking their shade enigma and I'm gonna buff off the lower lash line with it the brush I'm going to use is this synthetic BH Cosmetics brush at number 895 so my brushes are dirty right now so I'm just working with what I have but as blending out super nice I was a little worried because I let this dry a little bit as I put the liner on this side but it's blending with no problem at all

and now to buff this up even more I'll be taking my morphe m5 one for with rust and just blowing it out some more my eyes look so light right now they look like legit hazel all right last but not least I'm gonna add a pop of a gold on the inner corner okay this is dry by the way the fact that this looks like this with a dry brush this is this came in a morphe set sorry I don't know what it is one more layer just because Oh what is this nuts I'm feeling so vampy but I love it everything worked really well for me I love you guys to pieces I really appreciate you and yeah