18 May 2019

Me Now Lip Liners Review And Swatches ||15 Rs. Matte Lip Liners.

Hello everyone!! In this video I am sharing with you the review and Swatches of Me Now Super Matte Lip Liner Pencils. so, if you find this video helpful then don't ...

hello everyone welcome back to my

channel my covered with shiny so asked if you do makeup locust ash everybody who gave me no lip liner key review and swatches tui apically questa so yeah to tell you guys I did knocker tell you let's get started so here apply nurse Flipkart Amazon local market submission available help to up quiz who drew Nikki Lee Solomon a clinic and apparently many lip liners bouquet that the Flipkart say for one eighty rupees so mask it direct link manager description box with Eddie Lee 12 lip liners up qu IC card box we package in Dominica she live - tea coffee sorry variant available help oye super met her Jessica big sexy Hui a carboxy packaging may have white color key and this may opcode only planners the pictures I will have a princess to fish a ski a month before 99 rupees her but I don't think he is kiss really Murphy his side my manufacturer and excited we mention her so yeah domain she's with a high kicks but I did boy we have a mention a torch is chief key his arrhythmia so you have to either his key outer packaging and Julie planners have photo of the him a cookie cake color-coordinated packaging

head to her lip line Yankee Joe color hey boo simpler key packaging head so he cut about like you're gonna propel market me crit Najah go to up Joe color hair bow up bakery he up crates of tuhoe occupatus Washburn economy leg aha it's this a baja say is your color cells with a cupcakes at they go so these little liners are not so smooth not so dry somewhat in between a message data hi except a joke Alana this is number 67 367 joke color head yay tourists I Rose satin finish data her lake in Bakke kazoo looking back at 11 lipliner say yet build cool matte finish take a soft matte fish take up bill quilty lips me drive me let the hair healthy bump if in ah ba ba ba lipliner scope like Ortega lips mate oh if deal will be let's go dry out mihika riga was a soft hair comfortable hell it's made this one is kiss gives you coverage high low to medium coverage red so girl a penile implants cool lipstick eternal agony shot a photo girl keiko hot is the pigmented lip set to belly up clips go consider seconds you can america silver usually planners high gay africa sake who neato yay achilles musnier she's a pop up me okay

look you can actually make a plan and hello graffiti lipstick eternal agony sake talk with her sometime later play for ellipse of finger Nikoli cuqui up the kiss of pure body theme shape help Dora Kibo Hut is a thin lips head though a cool project ago tiger latina girl came in attractively millionaire Jo lower lip hair but receptacle trisko fuel economy throws a time-lapse ahead so this one is clearly planner sucka lips me proper and evenly spread out Nevada head so merely the theme color hair color 58 65 and 68 yet three colors lips me you know property kissy evenly spread out the Utah across Apache left I'm le dijo 65 colored hair pink color is boho what is the pattern of the helots now 20 lasting power achieve me had to grab Cushman ekata go through you have to lips me maximum to our stop tick tock raga and c12 ski body fairness rules I got you up for a sub yoga or laconically to go to hear Phillips I instantly removal jogger and sieve jockey Lipsky line hairdos like me here Agra as a lipliner licking this wrote the lips say yay milk will wipe out hojjat ahead so the next and the last point is the

shade range is okey time for me cue keys make up go mostly rapes and pimps mr. Harrow up with me three new color Baliga pinkish and brownie nudes licking a mostly fair skin tone Kelly a had an itch of course if egg Brown should me lega and rest of the eight shapes are beings and red dough collaboration bahadin a hair purple a have a lightning and his message Oh both in red shade have almost similar dicta heads that's why the shade range is okay time for me to up gives opinion hebijo sucked ahead so yeah guys a Joey Lipton Huskies oh you know pros and cons I and Joey no points hair Bujji lived runners who use connect a bag Musa Phil you are a woman you broke is a chef Kieth Australia a be a lipliner skeeters wash yourself down to the corral a dragon it's constantly no I don't baby shower how's the pain it says me free [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I'm shaking now does he say those things [Music] [Music] [Music]

[Applause] [Music] kanna's bill could be smash proof your kiss proof Leahey coffees are the transfer what ahem mostly so dark colors healthy adult colors beau hotties of the transfer photography school as if stick a PC is gonna shot a rolled-up good for an American bucket club Judy Kagura spoons a category accompany uptight PTO oh yeah could be a girl finger City Cafe go to appear singles makeups may spoon me yay almost transfer hot yoga me a transfer notice so guys usually planners head to a leap in high school may as a lipliner he use connector some pierogi kooky as a lipstick for me a hotel she succumbed Nakata though a key to opinion him a fish ii would say a lock be ho sakta hai looking for me as a dude's ticket EHS a communicative joke raise a bakery ho those keys absolutely planaria bhavati Elsa has a lipstick so yeah let me know Kyoko saw a video Castle a guy or a girl across the video person ahead and don't forget to give it a big thumbs up and share this video with your family and everyone and also don't forget to subscribe to my channel and press the

bell I can thank you jump in any of you drop your car walk or jog this notification music so guys thank you so much for watching in my next video till then love you three thousand bye