21 December 2018


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hey guys welcome back to my channel so it's been almost three weeks neon ha pedido and Nabisco television set up well anyways coca-cola and you should shop along senior Young Buck on mascara a hadouken believe me it's not earlier than the maybelline waterproof total temptation mascara in this one retails for 394 as usual you know 219 ain't allowed this is not a first impression review get a mecca for almost one week and I would see an example of a performance in sucking lashes very similar eyeshadows in the facia holy real mascara but will it all day Canada Green Egg be the second channel which is so fresh and volumizing mascara nuts at 100 pesos no more less than 400 new sure gonna increase as a Lorena Bassam eloquently phrase 195 pesos before they show you will before and after you know happy issued and before I tell you you know how progress is having lashes I'm gonna show you freeze just a quick comparison primary detail ad I have the Maybelline lash sensational mascara in color pink I also have the Magnum Big Shot mascara let's start for instance a benefit package Shinya actually let the master document chunky

open Futuna pero mathematical down on Etsy temptation now in terms of applicator in enough for one I'll show you so we have the Magnum pattern regular mascara wand longshot and then you todo temptation if you noticed parents are nice and young Iranian mermaid same aroma haba and then we have the college into lash sensational lemon at of paranoia curve you enough for one year relax no biblical optional seals I see you homie billion on my scanner with 399 pesos and less than a dollar if the Rashad I know I've been heroine violin in Covina so so movin a mild evolution the love is a practical side Sola had no mascara from Maybelline Nabila Cosmo unseal the wondering where he is young man moon now I'll show you you in a family issue NASA English it has a point 25 ml of Prada and then the semi-smooth oh yeah melody no kosher so anything awkward boy somebody don't believe you fool fluffy lashes I think my natural lashes scone you're not even look at a light in every part of my feet I know if steadily 9 for length and sure you have the manufacturer deed which is made 2018 and

then you have the validity which is six months shi Kai India no credit MIT Tommy Mottola gonna curl your lashes in English about Sebastian boom a boxer she dream of a person we learn about boxing lashes small after like four hours make eating indifference no Marin and voila in my actual lashes a dungeon Lanza parody toe pad in England but I'm so Brown Havana lashes Cordoba and it's really waterproof promise waterproof tell Alicia well you know my name is Emma Skye has launched waterproof sha-2 my tangled and it seemed I am Indian who Mahalo additionally smudge does he meet my mascara is having waterproof frevo Boudicca it will give you that and I order kun high unit a lot of political attention especially if you have oily skin distinct eye makeup and foundation of my oil beast ever since my husband Emmanuel ashes goes so well include lemma in terms of lengthening agency something that elegant Nepali on valium lashes mocha since I had many peaceful muhabba so number one Athenian unquestioned description on product or in in our mascara when I mention lengthening or creating effect at least

mention volumizing effect if you remember you know honey review minis for the butter to dormancy and diamond dragon boom abacus and pagina grammatical since our vanilla for knock off all this is about oh hi in enum and then you might affect most of all but a hypocrite mascara from evening I would see by regular mascara don't refrain me in addition AHA krill in addition our polenta and actually putting in a garment cone and delicate if you're in a club you mean eyelashes school with a lash sensational demand number one no cusan keep a huge India has a college in Indiana column young lashes Kony see they make a clash right along later is now how every boom about such tension so I handle my haha too long in her one yeah you shipped on pitiful when young don't better that I don't mock written on my eyes lashes okay - Anthony and longshot the reason why he no likasu Magnum casino got McCoy on in guys you effect in magnums on a total temptation I would see party who in terms of lengthening in films of giving you that flick eyelashes slope Nutella Honda Hyundai none but he gonna get as high volume somehow we

began and trust is no total temptation John Cena being somehow I see he didn't show Guernica volumizing perro hype a piranha Papa happening lashes Coppola and her favorite favorite battle don't know familiar some ongoing and a solid felony no effect as nothing so if you know inspired by any funky Noah see some product long behind me Coulomb but he need like a Olympic arena is on but all the mascaras and a super honkin from England I would see that by far huh at you in a family the mascara maybelline so you 399 somehow worth it no ammonia compared to see buddy Margarito 399 determine prices only building I mean of a ceiling Sofia in applicator a near the Toraja fashioned Christmas tree shopping tape and thetaba pero na ha ha - long holidays from Hell embodying a tonsil ashes focus he the bombing on Shrek clashes Steiner parapet of Apollo libidinal to bow in Tarragona Papa labas yang I don't possess opinion you netting indivisible pero dengue invisible Dulce in a happily every night waiting a guy is super a koala so odd Casey Kuehn Eden best service a poem about something lashes go pass emissions Anoka beaker

oh no no no come in senses many Yaka página knows more Hindi sama-sama in front of Nishapur superstar let me melt down is a reasonably simple selahattin omarska osso buco and polonium about everybody you may send I knew I mean only lipstick Nilayam are creamy matte lips in the puppy I'll come vanilla are you know I Hindi don't say no sapristi I don't know I'm winning a gun on the gun on Obama I'm bonyen you might know me there am i dying I should sensational in Eden and we die if you know this really does have a do hide on a line elegant cook my purpose in your Nutella gone very visible your effect my eat Amanda my own difference and the comparable a few long days I hope you liked this video thanks so much for watching don't forget to give this a thumbs up comment and subscribe to my channel if you haven't I'll see you again in the next [Music]