23 September 2018

Maybelline The Burgundy Bar Eyeshadow Palette | Review, Swatches & Tutorial

Today I'm sharing my thoughts on the very Autumnal Maybelline The Burgundy Bar eyeshadow palette, complete with swatches and a tutorial. Subscribe for new ...

hey everyone me again today I'm here to

have a chat about this palette this is the Maybelline Burgundy bar palettes you can get this from usual places like boots and Superdrug I actually got mine from beauty outlets it was very heavily discounted so have a look around there if there's one near you and I thought that I chat about this today because the colors are very very on trend for this autumn winter there's lots of berry tones in there there's a deep gun red there's some beautiful gold and bronze shimmery shades it just all looks very your terminal and very festive and I think a lot of people are going to be looking at this at this time of year I wanted to film this as a dedicated review instead of doing the two looks on palette videos partly because if I'm being honest it's just easier for me to film this way and partly because a lot of the looks that you can create with this palette are going to look very similar so let's talk about the price like I said I got mine very heavily discounted I think this was about 4 pounds or so when I bought this from Beauty outlet that the RRP is actually 1199 I'm just gonna say it I feel like that is a little bit pricey even though

the formula is absolutely wonderful gets that later I do feel like drugstore products should be 10 pounds maximum especially seeing as it doesn't come from mirror the packaging is like pretty basic to be honest like if you bought a palette with this packaging from brand like makeup revolution you'd probably pay about 4 pounds for it so 12 pounds does feel a little bit steep but hopefully after I finished chatting a bit about the product you can decide for yourselves whether or not you would pay 12 pounds for this packaging aside I do really like how they've laid out the colors in this palette I think the selection is really really pretty so it's designed so that you can use the duo's next to each other or the trios work well together just in the rows are free and also the quads work quite well together as well and I do really like that I do like that they've laid it out with beginners in mind and there's even little pictures on the back of the packaging as well just showing you some ideas of how you can apply the looks however I kind of look at this palette and I feel like it would have really benefitted from a few more matte shades

so there are only two matte shades palate it's that kind of taupey color at the end and then that's really dark chocolate brown right here now these are really nice shades I personally use this shade here for contouring and it worked really well and I can also line my eyes with the chocolate shade as well so I was kind of surprised that there are only two to choose from and I also find that sometimes I will be reaching for other eyeshadow palettes to kind of mix with this because I feel like it's just missing a few shades whatever I use this on an everyday basis I do you kind of find myself reaching for this single eyeshadow from obsession to wear with it this is like a really light pink kind of color very very basic but I feel like this works really well the burgundy bar and I can't really understand why they didn't decide to put something like that in here just because it does complement the color so well or even just like a really warm orange much shade that would have worked absolutely beautifully in this palette I don't think this would suit the kind of modern way of wearing eyeshadow which you see a lot on like

YouTube and Instagram you know where everything is very precise and very structured and there's a cut crease and blah blah blah I don't think this suits that at all I think this is just for one wash of color all over the lid I think this works really well if you like to do a very soft smokey kind of eye look I have really been liking this because I'm an everyday basis I do just tend to wear one wash of color but today I did try to create something with a little bit more variety in there and just a bit more going on for the purpose of this tutorial and I will admit that some people might struggle in that department because everything once you've kind of blended it out a lot of the colors will kind of mesh together which I personally quite like and I think beginners will really like that but maybe people who are a lot better I make up than me people who like to do a lot more adventurous eyeshadow than I do I don't think they'll like that for that particular reason anyway I'll show you what I did on my eyes right now so as always I primed my eyes using the Maybelline Color tattoo in creme de nude and I set everything into place with the

Primark rice powder I started out with the shimmery shade and just put that on my brow bone and then I went in with a fluffy brush and took the lightest matte topee shade and I just put that everywhere as kind of a face color then I went in with the beautiful cranberry red kind of shade and I put that on the outer corners of my eye and then I put that off into the crease as well and then I began to blend it in very softly and I was really smoking everything together I think that is the best way to create a look with this palette after that I took the gold shade and I just chucked that all over my lid I was really softly blending it in with the red that was already there but just kind of putting a lot of it in the inner corners of my eye where I didn't have as much red pigment so it would really stand out this gold shade by the way is absolutely stunning it's really intense it's really buttery it's an absolute dream to apply and I also took a little bit of the glittery light gold color and I just put that in the middle of the lid and again focus that towards the inner corners of my eyes as well that looked

really really nice it definitely adds a bit of sparkle to the look for my inner corners I used a peachy champagne kind of color again this is one of my favorite shades in the palette I sometimes wear this all over my lid on a daily basis and it's so so pretty and then I used some barium eyeliner to really smoke out my lash line and I used D AO a fat lash mascara before I put on some false lashes and that's how I got this look it's very smoky it's very autumn appropriate one thing I did want to mention is that you will notice a lot of fall outs definitely even just dipping your brush in a shade you will just see a lot of color kind of coming off it is a bit messy it also had a little bit of Fulop just on my eyes so by the time I'd finished filming that tutorial I noticed a bit of the I should have kind of landed on my cheek and stuff so I had to clean that up that's not really a big issue for me but again just letting you know in case it's a deal-breaker for you so in conclusion I think this palette is really really suitable for beginners I think that's how they've designed the palette I think that was the audience that Maybelline

had in mind when they were putting it together and designing all the shades to coordinate in a quad and doers and I think that's what Maybelline had in mind with the formula as well because soft smokey below now eyes shadow is definitely a lot easier than all structured looks I do think that the price is just a little bit high I know that Maybelline are not the cheapest brand in the drugstore by any means but they're not the most expensive either and just from a consumers perspective I was never that interested in buying the palette when it was 12 pounds because I knew that I could get a palette from revolution for between 4 pounds and about 8 or 9 pounds the reason I bought this in the first place was because it was so discounted so for the price that I paid for it it is definitely worth the money but whether it's worth the full price I'm just going to leave that up to you and let you guys decide that for yourselves based on what I've told you because affordability is subjective after all anyway I hope you found this video helpful give it a thumbs up if you did let me know in the comments if you've got this palette or if you're

thinking of picking it up and make sure you subscribe if you're new around here lots of videos on drugstore makeup I upload every Wednesday at 6 p.m. and every Sunday at 9 a.m. and I'll see you guys very soon [Music]