27 November 2018

Max Factor MASTERPIECE Nude Eyeshadow Palette REVIEW

Hi everyone! How are you today? Here's my #MaxFactorMasterpieceNudeEyeshadowPalette product review. The color that I chose is Orchid since it has a vivid ...

hi everyone welcome back on my channel

my name is Karen and I share about beauty fashion travel and other lifestyle related topics so travel and if you are new here subscribe and don't forget to click thumbs up if you like babies playing videos including this world with Capel to turn it but I'm an upcoming video school and I'm so excited for this I'll be sharing and I wanted to make sure that number one available shop is good high quality and number three well review China other bloggers or bloggers and I'm really excited because I found and this is my first impression with you [Music] [Music] [Music] masterpiece a nude eyeshadow and is and I bought these products beauty's M&L dot-com and original price Nia is one thousand one hundred fifty pesos it was on sale so the deletion [Music] and this is my first on metal maahes non-abelian eyeshadow palette so sorry for that but right now I wanted to try this product [Music]

so [Music] that'll in lecture online because namida telega physically it is a filter a new class a number of brands but this one in a beautiful because I mainly I was attracted to the color especially the mention right to camera dark colors so right now [Music] Finland [Music] [Applause] [Music] first I know [Music] problem chillin chillin [Music] and here it comes with an applicator or a bill our brush and hypnotia so at home and also open a shop because I hope this if hindi naman not fighting the meeting you sir fingers so pretty personal and it all you know real item Aaron Schock okay so I'm gonna be four hundred dollar deficit mention purple right in to finish it shimmer - Aaron - I'm gonna talk like pink machine and darkest color

yeah so let's try just watch [Music] and saline to me [Music] uh tournament traders big animal mmm nice watches okay so we will try to help to watch as about what I'm following immense value to Yonkers nice watch commercial basically after going on at the young pinochle I'd not follow solace name in nomination applying a mobile be used for indicia module it is a kind of a useful Clement [Music] okay for next we shall begin attention lights out so you have to determine [Music] so everyone s and let's go to the other Creamery a lotta conscious of coronary so it's nice and she - all night at the shop so imagine mobility luncheon we apply at s1 so Nabokov them down okay let's move on to the next one if Insulza be comfortable massager and a minimun

Mahela gopis of purple so let's check and snatch it [Music] okay so here at the import for my father so fitting and Melinda Shama Shama Shama Shama confess but what we build up to dementia anyway you need a mansion Machado for everyday use no Manchester and next is your mood let's try it wow it's so nice cutting up a car sitting in the new Colonia maybe you [Music] I wanted to change it [Music] [Applause] [Music] nothing happy nothing sir you want me shimmer shot so this is how it looks like check so now covered Anthony she ran a third way Domitian is a guy on the top of here and shadows okay so here's another medication [Music] and a large head spoiler [Music] here's tech caribbean darkest color [Music] today let's go I'm sorry colors like a very dark brown

in dishes or brown condition block so then block led to dark brown shadow play something like that haha pink admin colouring mug and a chiffon outer corner of the eye a diva and maganda the new blue next and abuse control so for 895 pesos manifestation in from Beauty transaction and included in place more for the cash and delivery so the convenient in shopping so this is so nice so this is the frame piranha and so far when about so for this Prada our kid when a precise and for price check the commercial manifestation packaging relevant identity my little man - Carrie nipple pugna to travel abroad and lastly knockin em down among of callers in a falafel this is the best eyeshadow palette and reasonable person who spoke among practice because Marin news I keep a stable yeah there's mesh way to ask you this by India and so I have to make sure that

my master for your eyeshadow okay I encourage to share your comments Chester and humanity no mean the title Agha from Xavier fashion so I hope that on your continuing support for you or whatever Camero a lavash echo and i always inspire my friends here to do the best he can do Parham again successful paramedic messiah and at the same time we can also inspired my review on mastering masterpiece nude palette and if you like this video don't forget to click thumbs up subscribe to my channel to topple to turn expectation and thank you for watching see you next time bye