18 December 2016


HUGE ULTA BEAUTY MAKEUP/COSMETICS HAUL! Which products would you like to see in a video next?! Makeup: Tutorial coming soon!! VLOGMAS: ...

hey guys today I have a massive uLTA

Beauty hole I have two bags full of makeup if you didn't know I recently went to the US and I did quite a bit shopping so there's some stuff that we can't get over here in Australia and there's also a lot of the time the the items over there are a lot cheaper I'm eating like a lot more affordable meaning half the price but when you actually take into account the exchange rate and everything else sometimes they don't work out to be cheaper or they work out to be about the same price but anyway I just use it as an excuse to boot up my makeup collection and here's my Auto Bowl the first thing that I'm gonna show are the NYX lip blonde trays I think that there's twelve shades and I managed to get 11 number four were sold out but I recently picked it up from Priceline when it was on sale so I have 11 shades here yeah expect a lip swatch video coming your way I have not tried these so I don't know what the formula is like I don't know the lasting power I don't know anything about them but yeah expect that video soon I picked up the lorac Pro palette 3 I have the original one and to be honest it's not my favorite palette it's the colors that I

don't really like or they didn't work together that well but when I saw this one and I picked up the tester that was install I was like wow this one's so pretty so I got that one and I can't even open it I haven't opened any of this the packaging is so gorgeous as well there you go this palette is a lot more may than the original one so this is the number three I haven't got the number two this looks stunning let me know if you'd like to see a tutorial on this I don't even know how long this has been out for is it relatively new I have no idea something that I had been hanging out yet was the next contour palette so I finally got my little hands on this and I have not used it yet I've not used anything in this bag but hanging out to use it expect to see a lot of full face first impression videos where I'm gonna be using a lot of this stuff so make sure you subscribe to see all of those videos coming your way very soon I got this essence focused contouring at palette so it comes with a bronzer is that a highlight it looks kind of just like a face powder and then a blush as well I think I'll be doing

like another essence of video so yeah this one is in the color Ready Set pink and I think that there was like an orangey one as well but I picked up this one so I didn't expect this but they had makeup revolution so I picked up a few of the makeup revolution items so this is the vivid baked highlighter powder in radiant lights a lot of it drugstore stuff they didn't have any testers for which in Australia we pretty much always have festered so I couldn't see if this one was a nice one it looks a very very light this is probably suitable for like quite pale skin but yeah I picked that one a revolution makeup ultra contour I think I keep on calling it makeup revolution I don't know why I love on the back not actual size wouldn't even test like the pigmentation of anything I just kind of had to go with it I have heard pretty good things about revolution makeup that looks nice so you've got your standard contour palette but then you've got they look amazing I think this was about $15 but yeah like the packaging is really nice for drugstore products and hopefully the quality is kind of good I know we shall see NYX gotcha Covered concealer so

waterproof concealer I got light I don't even remember getting that that'll be interesting to see what it's like expect a NYX makeup tutorial coming soon as well guys and then I got the Maybelline master fix a little translucent powder I haven't actually tried any of the Maybelline translucent powders before which it comes in like a really cute little and their wife fun it's so cute better sex a little whereas some of the other ones are just like quite big this is a revolution makeup lip lacquer in more than I could give salvation intense lip lacquer I should say oh so it's a really nice pretty nude color do a swatch it and show you what it is but it's a very light nude color as well I always like when I pick I have you know 43 of these same colors at home but like I always go with the largest nude color because I feel like that will my skin turned the best I have the tad double duty Beauty contour and highlight palette I wasn't able to get my hands on any of the tart stuff that I wanted basically that just sums it up couldn't get the shape tape concealer was sold out that new eyeshadow palette that wasn't anywhere I should have got

the foundation but I kind of forgot because I was annoying for everything else for the head this is so cute it says don't be afraid to dazzle now I remember trying this in store this highlighter and I just like died I don't think it has like a name of the highlight but holy crap it was so pretty and this smells like chocolate smells like the chocolate bar like the Too Faced chocolate one I love that packaging it's so cute then we have the stealer perfect me perfect to eye and cheek palette and this is the light/medium so it kind of matches oh yes this looks so pretty in store and I think I'll be something that is quite like nice to travel with kind of thing because you've got a really nice shade range of eyeshadows and then you've got two blushes to pick from as well so not that I really needed it but I haven't bought SD love eyes shadow palette in a while because I do have the original ones like in the cardboard box the in the light palette and be in the know palette or whatever it's really a lot a lot lighter than I thought it would be okay so I got a revolution makeup this is the redemption I shadow palette yeah

maybe like a copy of The Naked palette or the NYX HD studio photogenic foundation I got the color natural 103 hopefully this matches as I said but I think that there were any testers of this there might have been a tester but like I was in a I was in a rush because Dean was like trying to make me hurry up so hopefully that matches it I'll do that a first impressions video on that one I've heard really good things about it too okay so I have the revolution makeup this is an eye shadow palette and it's called mermaids forever did I even look at this before I picked it up or is it just the blue packaging they got me and there you go there's your mermaids forever I should a palette now a lot of them are shimmery is maybe two mats three mats and then a lot of the mishima you all have the satin finish but I figured for like I want to do those bright tutorials or like inspired makeup looks and I need bright colors this will be my go-to and hopefully they're good quality as well we have the over Nicole NIDA foundation now I got the shade for I hope that that is the right shade now I have heard of this oxidizes and goes quite dark so

hopefully that's a go another new foundation this is the length home I can't say this because I do not know how to speak yeah I don't know it's ultra 24-hour wear makeup and I got the color 90 ivory and I got this because Anna recommended this one to me she specializes in fair-skinned so I wanted a few foundations that I can wear when I do have fair skin because some of them that I have like they don't match they're either too pink or too yellow and I'm quite neutral and they just look crap on my skin whereas I saw her one day when she was wearing this and I looked amazing maybe it's a different like skin maybe mine weren't the same but I picked that one up because it looked amazing on her also picked up the maybelline superstay better skin foundation in 10 porcelain that one I felt looked quite neutral so that one should be a drugstore foundation that should match me when I am fair-skinned as well I have heard Amy masa dough rave about this foundation so I have tried the like Australian European version of it and it wasn't that big of a fan but I know the formulas do differ from the u.s. to Australia Europe so maybe this

is a lot better than the one that we have oh my god you guys I was so excited when I saw this like so excited this is the essence I love color intensifying eyeshadow base and they had the other one the normal one the where is it they had this one as well that I love stage but I think I might have been called something different why do we not have this here in Australia they have it in America and I was just like over the moon about it I should have bought like 10 but anyway I bought one yeah it was really excited to see that considering how much I loved the other one you have another makeup revolution revolución make up one of those lip lacquers depravity I'm sorry oh my god this color is awesome I cannot wait you know what you toriel with this so this is like a lilac kind of hello I don't know how would you do this my got an essence lipliner in satin move because I don't know what happened to mine and it's a really nice lip liner as well like the color I did have the original formula and I feel like this formula isn't as good as the original but this color is really nice it's like

you'll insert better kind of thing love these this is the Revlon Photoready I our lilac duster I was looking at the colors and I go which one do I yeah which one do I get and I got purple so I recommended these in a Priceline recommendations to do it because they are amazing like you put on the cream shadow and then you blend it out and then you put the glitter on top and you were like your eyeshadows done they're so great oh I got the laura geller baked gelato swell illuminator in gilded honey now I know this is like been so long and I was actually watching Brianna Fox's video and she only just got this as well but I was like I saw a few other colors and I'm like oh I'm so gonna get a different color because I don't want to be like everyone else and then I swatch gilded honey anyway it looks really really gold in the packaging but I'll swatch her for you and show you what it looks like because it's beautiful it is beautiful if you know of any websites that have it listed down below let me know because I think it's a little bit hard to get your hands on if you're in Australia oh my god I

got another lip lacquer from revolution makeup I got no ordinary loves how many bees did it get they better be good this is a beautiful coral color somebody's just around the corner here you wouldn't not today because it's pissing down with rain but I thought hey let's get into the summer bandwagon and go for Brad color you know we have the altar full coverage concealer and I got fears in light warm full coverage concealer hopefully it's not too bad I don't know I haven't heard anyone rave about the altar products so hopefully I didn't waste their money L'Oreal voluminous fiber lashes false fiber lashes I really do in general love L'Oreal mascaras so you should still be amazing so I got the Maybelline Color jolt in a violet a rebel haven't seen these in Australia and I think I picked up a few other from colors yeah I just got this bright color because it's not something that I usually get maybe I could do a tutorial with this bright purple but these ones are like the the two face melted melted lipsticks is that what they're called so I think they're pretty much like a dupe for them

few things left I have the NYX bright idea illuminating stick now I got this because I was wondering if it was gonna be like benefit what's up kind of thing I have another highlighting stick that isn't as good as what's up oh I'll do a swatch and show you hmm I don't know if I'm really a fan down to the last thing oh my god I got another one of these this is in the color of am and I guess like the name suggests it is a vamp II better be good I haven't heard anything about them so it's a very deep color like okay hasn't got any kind of warmth so it looks very cool toned and might be completely different when I put it on the Becca aqua luminous perfecting concealer in fair haven't heard much about this so hopefully it's okay just looks like that lastly I got the graffiti news by Maybelline so this one has a few kind of funky colors and it's a drugstore palette so I thought why not we don't have this in Australia where we have the nudes and then blushed nudes there was another smoky nudes palette the other two are like my favorite palettes in the world kind of thing but but they're good if I want to do like a

drugstore only tutorial kind of thing okay so that is all for my massive Ulta haul I hope you guys enjoyed yeah as I said keep an eye out for first impression videos they will be coming on this channel I have bought a lot of stuff and I have a lot of new stuff to try out so definitely leave a comment down below with what you'd love to see in this tutorial and I will make sure I include it in my next one hope you're having a great day and I'll see you next time bye