21 December 2018

Mascara Madness #4

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hey guys welcome back to my channel my

name is Jessica if you are new here welcome I'm so happy to have you I would love it if you'd hit that subscribe button and give it a thumbs up if you liked it before leaving so today's video is going to be a continuation of my mascara madness series this is video number four if you have not seen one two or three I will link it down below so you can find it easily the whole reason why I started the mascara mana series is because I tried the Loreal lash paradise that everyone seems to love and I didn't love it so so far I have found one I have not found one I should say that has topped this Maybelline total temptation so everything is competing against this for this time being so I'm going to go ahead and get started I already did all of my makeup - my eyes and so I'll link it down below what I'm wearing we're gonna use the sultry palette to do my eyes um I love that it comes with a duelin brush so you already have that in here I'm just gonna do a quick and easy um look because we're gonna focus mainly on the mascara for this video so um I know so many people love the lash paradise but the whole reason why I do not love it is

because on my eyelashes it um it's ride if flaked it got in my eye while teaching also I noticed that the tube dries up like four times quicker than any other tube of mascara I've ever owned um so it you don't really get a good usage out of at it out of it either like it doesn't last very long but I really didn't like it falling into my eyes while teaching because that was super painful trying to pull out those little specs of caked up black mascara out of your eyes while teaching not fun um this palette by the way if you have not bought it yet is so pretty and it is so easy the colors just blend together like effortlessly I will tell you that the mattes to have some fallout but the shimmer shadows they are like butter they just glide on and just kind of go together so so pretty okay so I'm going to do for my eye makeup today I'm just gonna make it super simple and easy so we can focus on mascara so I do my eyelash curler and I have my Maybelline total temptation and then I told you I bought the beauty box of mascara this is my first beauty box ever from Target and last time we did

this Neutrogena healthy glow one which is great if you're going to the pool or 'jewish so we're just gonna work right in so we did this one last time so today we're gonna do the L'Oreal voluminous original that out I love that these are full sizes too so I'm gonna go ahead and curl my lashes because that's something that I always do before applying mascara it's just a habit if you have long lashes or you don't really like curling them it's a step that you could skip but I just like how it kind of gives more volume and curl my lashes okay so on this side I'm going to put my Maybelline total temptation like I said if you do about three coats of this it will look exactly like the lash paradise I know that you use more of it but these tubes last so much longer and I don't have a problem with them flaking or falling into my eyes so that's just one coat of the Maybelline total temptation I love how it gives definition it lengthens it doesn't clump okay on this side we're gonna use the L'Oreal I'm and see how it compares and let's go ahead and compare the brushes because I've been doing that in all the videos too so on this side is

the Maybelline and the right on this side is the L'Oreal and they don't look too much different the L'Oreal looks like it the brush is more compact so you have less space in between the bristles um so let's see what that does it's pretty it definitely um it's a good black color you can see right away that's nice and stark it's doing the same thing that was all the other mascaras I don't know if you can tell on camera in person I can tell it lengthen them it separated them I don't see any clumps which is once again great it just doesn't look as much it doesn't look us full like us thick and so let's see if we can build that up but it definitely is pretty let's go ahead and put a second coat of the Maybelline all right so that's two coats of Maybelline you can just see how nice and thick and to find a look I just love it let's go ahead and put a second coat of the Lorie yeah I like that scream at this formula seems very creamy um but I'm hoping it builds up nicely let's see my lashes um in person do you look longer on the Laurie outside oh it's starting to build up and it's starting to kind of look like the Maybelline side

I'm kind of liking the way this one looks it's a little bit even longer than the Maybelline side okay let's do one more coat of each this is promising all right let's go ahead with one more of Maybelline sorry my daughter just turned three and she does not want a nap so you might hear her talking to her stuffed animals or singing during our video I apologize if you do um but it's super cute all right so that's three coats of the total temptation now let's go ahead and do the l'oreal sign I have to say now I like the Maybelline total temptation one and so far nothing is beat it but right now this side my eyelashes feel a little bit drier now granted this tube is older this one's obviously brand new but this side feels a little bit like kind of thicker and drier was the side feels very like conditioned like you put conditioner in your hair and moisturized and it's so far looks promising so let's go ahead and do one more coat okay I'm starting to get a couple of clumps putting it on three times um but it looks really pretty I am starting to get clumps with this one that I'd have

to work through which I'm not a fan of getting clumps so I have to work with this one a little bit and but look at that it really doesn't look that much different and it just it just feels like more hydrated and nourishing for my lashes I'm impressed okay so I think that I found one that is comparable finally to my Maybelline total temptation and I really like the way that it feels and it kind of glides on my lashes so I think I found a contender I'm going to continue wearing this mascara by l'oreal for a couple of weeks and we're gonna see if it makes it into my mascara madness against other ones it just might because I am really liking it it looks just like the other one but I really like the way it feels better okay so I'm going to continue wearing this and we'll see if this is my one that we're going to beat next time or not so I hope that you will tune in for my next mascara madness video and I hope you have a wonderful day bye guys