13 October 2018

Mascara & Brow Makeup Declutter

Declutter Series Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFtIq7U3YeoJ02mxQeaY43kSKeOkljn7j Poshmark Shop Name: MelsMakeup88 ...

hey guys welcome back to another

declutter video so in this video I think I might I might split out eyeliners we'll see how long everything else takes because I have quite a bit of eyeliners so I'm gonna set my eyeliner to the side but I have eyeliners brow products and mascaras so I'm just gonna go ahead and dive in and get started I'll have my declutter playlist linked down below if you like these videos I have a ton this is actually the last one I have before lips lip products it's probably like a whole nother serie in a series in and of itself I'm just kidding kind of sorta but I've done everything else so blushes eyeshadow palettes face product I mean the whole shebang check out my playlist down below if you want to see those also just a refresher for those of you who are coming back and for brand new people who are watching I am splitting these up into three different categories the keep category the donate category and the sell category so anything that I did not receive via PR meaning I purchased it with my own money that I feel I can sell so something that's new or very very gently used I will be putting on my Poshmark my Poshmark name is Mel's makeup 88 spelt the same as it is here

so feel free to check that out if you want to purchase some of these things that I'm getting rid of but I'm gonna go ahead and hop in and get started so let's start with mascaras I have I don't really have that many mascaras and I already know that I can get rid of some of these so the thing with mascaras is like you can only use so many at once you know what I mean before before they go bad like you know you can't have too many mascaras open at one time so yeah so let me push everything else over to the side okay so here are my mascaras the one I'm currently using is roller lash so I'm going to keep that one this lash paradise is actually old probably needs to be thrown out it's pretty much dried out so getting rid of that this covergirl total tease I think is brand new yeah it's brand new so I'm gonna keep that this covergirl peacock flare I did not like so I'm gonna get rid of that one this is also one that's open so I want to keep only two open ones bad girl bang by benefit oh this one's open to Kevin a Quan this one that's kind of old I think I need to get rid of that one so I'm

getting rid of that one I'm gonna keep that so these are the two open ones I'm gonna keep these are so this benefit or no to Faced better than sex waterproof I actually did use this once on my wedding day but I feel like with mascaras as long as you're not constantly pumping air into them they'll stay good for a while I think so I'm gonna keep that as backed up okay this is a brand new better than sex yeah I'm going to probably put that give that to somebody this they're real I'm gonna give to somebody I like they're real but these little baby sizes I just I don't use very much so um this wise fellow this shocked I did use this once and I remember it smelling like flowers yes bizarre it smells like flowers I'm gonna keep this even though I did use it once I'll be able to tell when this goes bad because it won't smell like flowers anymore so actually yeah I'm gonna keep that on this buxom I used once and I didn't like it so I'm gonna get rid of it but some big T's I'm gonna give that to somebody probably one of my sisters because I used it once this YSL or no sorry Lancome no no this is called I

can't her that I can't pronounce it different it's a different language I did use this once on my lower ashes and in fact this is a really good probably more lower lash mascara still smells good it actually has like a fresh doesn't smell like flowers but it has a fresh clean scent I'm gonna keep this there's backup and I'm gonna keep this better than sex as backup so these are my backups these are my current uses so I feel I feel good about that move these over now brow products are a beast you guys so miner's eyeliner that's just my eyelash curler so let me see these are all eyeliners nope that's a brow product those are all eyeliners the rest is I just feel like I had so many lip balm so okay so here's my brow products I guess I don't have as many as I thought but um okay so let me go through this really quick this is a backup of my brow Wiz I'm definitely keeping that Anastasia brow is as my favorite these are actually this is pretty much gone yeah this was what I was currently using I probably I want to finish it up but that could go in my empties pile pump that's an eyeliner okay so these are all like skinny brow

pencils that are similar to the brow Wiz but they're drugstores so I have to covergirl one Revlon I remember not really liking the Revlon yeah I'm gonna get rid of the Revlon and I probably don't need to keep both of these covergirl just one so we have honey brown and soft blonde soft blonde is like really really light honey brown I actually think I'm gonna keep soft blonde and get rid of honey brown mm-hmm so there's that um I didn't realize I had two of these okay then am i using both of them yep that one's being used and this one's also being used oh my gosh okay so this is the benefit goof proof brow pencil I didn't realize I had two of these that I was using like currently that's kind of embarrassing I do really like that so I'm gonna keep that um this gimme brow I think I'm gonna give this away I did get this in PR so I can't sell it but I think I'm gonna put this in a giveaway I just don't use gimme brow so I'm gonna get rid of that these two covergirl ones are very similar to the benefit ones so they're like a brow pomade I actually this is in my 13 by Halloween so I want to keep this because

I am trying to actively use this and then this is just the lighter version it's the blonde version it's number one you haven't used this one yet but I'm gonna keep both of those and what get rid of the covergirl the covergirl one I just I just didn't like as much it's just a waxy this one's actually brand new so I might throw that in a giveaway this one I have used but I just it's just more waxy and harder to use in the benefit so there's that this foolproof brow powder so I have two here this one's in the color one and this one's in the color three I actually probably will only keep the color one yeah I'm gonna keep the color one and I'm going to give away the color three I've actually never used this but I did get it in PR so I'm not gonna sell it I can actually probably put this in a giveaway I don't want to put it back in this box though because know we'll see let's see what I do with that but the box is for number one so I don't want to put it in that and then this browse things I don't really use the brow Zing's I actually don't really use brow powders very much you know what I do use brow powders for is to fill in my hairline I know that

sounds weird but I use it a lot to fill in my hairline so I might actually keep both of these just for that specific purpose so keeping those these are brows setters so this one is the benefit one and then these are the Anastasia ones I actually don't really like the Anastasia they smell so strong of like nail polish remover so I'm gonna get rid of those keep the benefit and high brow I do use it occasionally I don't use it probably as much as I should but it's just a brow bone highlight so I'm gonna keep that so I think I think I am gonna do eyeliners in a different video so as far as brow products that I'm keeping so these are the two brow powders and keeping these the two brow pomade one brow setter one brow highlight can't leave them two of those it actually doesn't surprise me that I have two of them but it does surprise me that I'm using both of them at the same time I'm usually pretty good about like keeping a product in its box until I'm ready to use it but anyway so keeping those and then those are the two little skinny ones I'm keeping so that's not too bad for brow products as far as what I'm getting rid of I'm getting rid of one two three four

five six seven eight brow products so getting rid of eight keeping one two three four five six seven eight nine ten twelve twelve so I'm getting rid of almost half of my brow products so I do feel really good about that and then as far as mascara goes I'm keeping one two three four five six seven and I'm getting rid of one two three four five six so again almost half so I do feel really good about this entire declutter eyeliners I am gonna go ahead and do it a different videos because I have a ton and I don't want this video to run too long I have had some really long declutter videos but I think some of you guys like quick videos too so I'm gonna go ahead and do eyeliners in a different video so stay tuned for that and thanks for watching guys I'll talk to you next time bye