20 December 2018

MASCARA 101 | Brett Guy Glam

Hi everyone! In most of my videos I tend to skip over mascara, so for today I decided to break down some of the basics of mascara and getting great lashes!

hi everyone and welcome back to my

channel so for today's video we're gonna be talking all about mascara I feel like this is something that a lot of people here on the YouTube the YouTube what the hell am i 90 years old I feel like this is one of the things that people here on YouTube like to just gloss over and throw on their mascara off camera or they'll throw it on really quickly but they won't really talk about why they do what they do so I didn't want to talk a little bit more about just in general mascara so if you want to learn a little bit more about what it takes to get your lashes to be long and voluminous and dramatic make sure to keep on watching and please don't forget to subscribe because I do upload three times a week and that is the best way to stay up to date on all the fun stuff I'm posting so now further ado let's get right into the video so very basic the four basic categories for mascara are going to be volume length curl and drama so a lot of them will give you multiple items some will give you all four but depending on what you're looking for you're gonna want to find at different mascaras so like my favorite for example is the benefit

roller lash I have probably repurchased this three or four times every other mascara I've used I've liked but I've never actually repurchased it what I love so much about this is I get length and I get curl which are two things that my lashes don't do naturally on their own so no matter what mascara I go in with which I'm gonna do a drop clip of what I did today I like to start by taking two coats of whatever my current mascara is this time I'm using the Sirat Beauty revelry mascara and you'll notice I wiggle the wand from root to tip on the lashes first then for the second coat I dip back into the tube and then I comb down from the top of the lashes underneath and then once again with that same wand from the bottom up and then the last thing I do for my third coat is I dip into my roller lash and I use that to just separate and fan everything out together now the reason I love going down before I go up the second time is I find that it just coats the tips a little bit better to make it look a lot like fuller because a lot of the times you'll put on mascara and you'll notice it gets really thick around the base and

then towards the tip of your lashes they basically don't exist so that's why I happen to like this one I have also in the past really liked the NARS climax which i think is really good for drama length and volume but I do find that this one doesn't really hold a curl as much and my other longtime favorite is that the Dior Forever iconic waterproof over curl I actually normally don't like waterproof mascaras however this one I don't dislike but I love the wand I mean just like roller lash I love a curved wand I find it really good to like get into the lashes and really coat every single hair plus it is very black and very transfer proof like once it goes on its that actually does bring me to another point if you're one of those people who let's make a mess so we can clean it up every time you're doing your mascara then you get a tiny bit under your eye on top of your eye wherever it goes the biggest advice I can use to tell you to get it off is let it dry if you were to go in right now and try and scratch this off it's going to smudge you're gonna get a giant black smudgy this entire area once you give it a second to

dry down you can literally grab your spoolie and pull it right off so I'm gonna go and give myself a couple of minutes while I wait for this to dry and I'll be right back normally this is when I would go in and either start finishing my eyeshadow or doing whatever I wanted to do on the lower lashline and then take care of the mess up okay so I think it has been long enough that this little smudge is dry so I like to get in close to my mirror to look at it I will grab a clean spoolie you want to make sure it's clean cuz if this is dirty you're just gonna end up wiping whatever's on it all over your eye and I do just like to very gently scratch the mascara right off and you'll notice how it's not really disrupting the foundation underneath it's just pulling that right up now if you have a little bit more there than you know what to do with another thing you can do is take a primer with a very almost lotion tea consistency so I'm gonna grab the Murad oil control mattifier just a tiny bit just because it is a lotion consistency take a little tiny bit on my spoolie and I will actually put that over because what that will do

is you'll notice that it did pull up a little bit of the foundation but not enough to really cause an issue then just take your Beautyblender and you're good to go the mascara is gone the under-eye does not look disrupted and all in all nobody knows that you mess up your mascara now for the longest time of my channel you'll notice especially in my very early videos most days I did skip mascara and the reason for that was I just didn't have lashes so I've actually been using the Grande lash serum and I've been using it since March and all of these are my natural lashes I don't have extensions I don't have falsies on these are my lash and I don't know if you can actually see on camera how long they have gotten but they have definitely gotten a whole lot longer than they used to be 1,000% because of the last serum I do love it and now I can play around with more mascaras and really see what does what if you have little stubby noting lashes try a lash serum or better yet try a two-in-one like the it cosmetics superhero mascara is also a lash serum because it's infused with biotin still got kind of the best of

both worlds as you coat your lashes you're also treating them to help them grow longer so I know this was a quick video but I did want to make sure to take the time to film it I hope you found this helpful if you did let me know down below what you found most helpful and most importantly what is your ride-or-die mascara like what can you not live without because as much as I love I think I have a lot of mascaras that I use and have used a couple times or I'm still learning to love but this will just always be my ride-or-die I don't know why so thanks again and I will see you next time bye