22 March 2018

Mamas Hair Care Tips + Shopping Trip | Vlog

Hey Guys! A lot of you ask about how to take care of your hair so I got my mama to answer some of your most regular questions. She has been a hairdresser for ...

morning guys so ignore the face I'm just

woke up but today I am going to get my hair done I know anyone that doesn't understand that for job you still care about the hair too we are we get so excited when we actually get our hair done like that's probably the only time they get scared for I had my dad and my stepmom around yesterday and my sister we all had dinner I did have breakfast wait more was more or less like lunch because we had about 12 o'clock you know Yemeni timing and all that they arrived so late so yeah I am gonna head to my mom salon and I will meet you there I'm probably gonna use a bit of concealer cuz I look like and I'm supposed to go to town straight after that or I might just take it with me actually but yeah so you guys in a bit guys I have arrived at my mom and fell on she just put in her hair but I'm excited to get my hair done so I've got the what's it called again tint I've got the tint in my hair waiting for my hair to lighten up because I had black in it so if you get black in your hair it's a disaster because it takes forever to take out now that I want to go Brown but I'm very indecisive so I have to mom has made me

some peppermint tea hi mom okay so you guys asked me questions all the time about hair care so I'm gonna ask mom and mom's gonna give you her advice so people that wear hijabs what's the best tips that you can give them for looking after their hair I probably say trying areas as much is because you're blocking the oxygen getting to the hair so you're not wearing the hijab say at home yeah try and use loads of hair masks treatments massage your head stimulate your hair growth but leaving conditioner and stuff yeah or even if you want to make your homemade ones you can use your olive oil your mayonnaise it's motivating any proteins always goofy I thought that was a myth you know when people used to say you can put mayonnaise in yeah so anyway to make yeah yeah homemade mcvade yeah or get some really good treatments or you only place which is really good guys this is the olaplex for everyone asking yeah this treatment is sick not gonna lie yeah it helps my it does it resets your hair so we know clears up any old damage that's in here so it's sort of resets it from the inside yeah Sophie's

conditioner or the treatments and so yes oh and and brush your hair because while your hair is under your hijab well mine's dreadlocks and so then when we see your hair falling out you think oh my god yeah him naturally falls out everyday you have some hair naturally falls out so if you haven't brushed that hair right here when you do come to brush it out or when you're in showings in terms of hair in your shower you get a funny skit I do yeah but it's not that's probably your natural hair that's come out but we just oh yeah obviously if you've got curly hair you don't brush it anyway do you push do you know with curly hair like I've always brushed my hair with the conditioner in in the shower because it's just easier to brush but then some people say it's actually worse to push your hair while it's wet I say don't even brush you use it and I wanted a wide tooth comb white it come and just like stimulate you know stimulate your fingers yeah just get Indian Head massage or Hertz the best thing ever well any any massaging on your stamp is going to stimulate hair growth so that's good cos just look after your hair eat

whether you wear a hijab or not you still look after your hair the same yeah cool that when you wearing hijab you just you know when you're looking oxygen in your hair oh no let's be real we spend 90% of our time in a hijab you want to get home oh did you forget to take it off because all you should be in it if you can take it off you should just take it off yeah it's just one of those things you need to learn - we need to start taking care of our hair because and not even that as well you know like when we wear the under scarf it like it runs on a scalp underneath hold your hair back yeah it's like tying if you tie your hair about to toe tight yet yeah so guys you heard it from the professional you have to make sure you look after you here with like hair treatment the same way you look after to light your skin you have to look after you here because people complain that their hair is getting worse getting bad falling out or whatever but then they're not taking care of the hair you have to look after it to see some sort of result I never started taking care of my hair

until afterwards yeah yeah we're not doing it even if you haven't got time you know like while you cook he puts put some treatment in your hair put a shower cap on put an Asda bag on Rick everyone so every so you see mom I like the bike rows if you punk it might do nothing that comes home but on there like ice the bag on my head hey man don't you know what to mean you could just do it while you're doing something you do and then and then wash it out later it's just the effort isn't it like you have to make sure you usually like to like doing your skip and you know you might time you do your skin routine your makeup you got to put into your hands well yeah I what about for people that like dye their hair a lot like that used to be me I said I'm a hair all the time don't do it I know I should shout at me now for dyeing my hair tight little time but I think the whole a pleasure sing that again just use use good runs you know try and use a professional hair stylist if you can yeah because a good hair stylist will you look after the condition of your hair not just the color so if you get some video saying oh I'll just get into that in one session

and they'll just blast your hair out and okay about the condition of your head yeah that's true actually that's no good so I'd rather say but I can do that for you but it might take three or four sessions and keep the condition of your hair yeah just make sure you get somebody that's recommended or a good a good hairstylist that looks after the condition of the hair to be honest if it was a woman I'm not gonna lie I think I'd be bald would but amount of colors that I've gone through I'm not even that also heat damaged okay we hear heat damage of the huger so the same again use your heat protection put your product scene that's not really heat protection included don't iron your hair don't go to Yemen a tiny hair that's our biggest to be used to do like a baby to me that I did we saw yeah well I didn't put in back in my day yeah people had to help yeah basically I'm looking about straightness so oh yeah so that's what people used to do we had curlers though like you can use that oh yeah yeah times yeah Oh Todd we don't have curly hair oh yeah you didn't use it unless he wanted to recall the hair yes but yeah let's see I think I'm just trying to think of

all the questions you guys have asked me about hair care and like tips and stuff could you guys always ask me so maintenance just be consistent with it just do as much as you can don't leave it too long so cuddle me here yeah I think that we we tend to neglect I her when when were in her job because we shove her hair in a bun for the scarf on and we're out because we're so occupied but I think we do need to start giving time to our I've noticed a difference now when I start took off to my hair I'm getting my curls back on you know investing in good products as well so I think it's definitely worth it and it's your hair like you have to look after ya I thought you pride and joy for me anyway but yeah oh and get trims if you want your hair to grow and be healthy you need to trim a community yeah regular trims you need to get all the dead ends off because your hair won't grow if you've got intense beatings yeah oh my word I think is not good yeah I've seen like when people straighten their hair and there's girls and they've got a really bad spitting I just want to cut this people you know hair growing

they don't need a cookbook in fact if you're growing your hair you need it cut even more because to keep the hair healthy yeah until they grow isn't it but yeah guys so that's Nabila talmonides tips of the day for your hair and I'm gonna get back to drinking my peppermint tea so my hair is finally done well she does need to put some highlights in so I'm probably gonna pop to moms later so I'm just picking up my cousin and we're heading into town because I need to go Primark I need socks and all essentials and all that kind of stuff and I also just haven't been into town in such a long time so I want to go in and have a look at what there is guys look what I've spotted in superdrug so this is the range that I use it's for $10.99 so just heading into new boots now guys have picked up the L'Oreal True Match concealer can't wait to try that I'm just looking for my M realist cream because I run out is it no that's 1099 that's the same oh no it's not actually guys they're in Boots as well but they're a lot more expensive so just go to superdrug [Music]

so God I'm just at the Loreal counter and I'm about to get color tested because I keep it in the wrong foundations so at the moment we're choosing between 6 n + 5 n I feel like I'm more of a 6 M book we'll see ok and we know she's so bald under her makeup well I'm just going to show you guys how I shadow because seriously it needs more recognition close your eyes guys look at her eye makeup game mashallah mashallah so we went to Primark and I like bought things that I needed things like essentials there are some really nice lashes called by the court so so lashes in Dubai and Paris they're supposed to be really good but we went there and there was none left which is typical but yeah we managed to get a few things from Primark and now we're just outside offer that wasn't hammer them now we're just outside waiting to pick up Nords kitties but yeah town's exhausting to be honest I couldn't buy the cream because they was just sold out in Boots so I'm gonna have to order them online I bumped into a lovely girl called remai sir so hi remains there thanks for

coming up to me I know it could be a bit awkward but that was really cute actually made my day so yes if any of you guys see me don't be afraid to come and speak to me I don't buy anything I'm I'm the shy one you guys don't need to be shy I'm the shy one but um yeah it was a good day in town we got managed to get everything done but everyone asking about my retainers if you guys I'm on my Instagram you know that I put my plastic retainers in in overnight after two years two years straight I did not wear retainers and my teeth moved at place so it finally that understand let's go back but they finally like shifting now they're more more or less like invisaligns so they did hurt the first few nights I've kept having like migraines and stuff from wearing it but if any of you have got braces make sure you wear your retainers afterwards because they literally do make a difference otherwise your teeth will just start moving back and updated I want to update you guys also on the cream the aloe vera cream the aloe vera range that I bought from Body Shop has basically banished my rosacea so all the redness that I was gained has actually

gone so I'm really grateful for that I've been using that for over a week now I think about two weeks and it really has helped I was getting severe redness it was almost icky so it must have been something that I was using that was aggravating my skin but the aloe vera range is definitely worth getting if you do have rosacea and give that a try because it has worked so far so definitely worth the money you are not sure ah I'm here with my sisters driving me insane I've come to have my mama's famous English dinner at 7 p.m. yeah yeah so annoying yeah so I literally left I went to see my nan and then caught up with her but I was so shot at I fell asleep while she was talking to me which is so bad but yeah I caught up with her which was nice too haven't seen her in a while haven't seen her since the day after Mother's Day and then ya come to see my mom and the girls and I'm gonna shut your mouth I'm gonna eat and feast and then go home to my husband me yum yum this is the typical dinner setting at my mom's my shot Allah Masha Allah bismillah ready to feast but remember I was telling you guys my family's worse s the tomato

ketchup plate it's a market job mom has arrived morning guys okay so off about clothes video yesterday how cool is this top it's from a company called inti bent or antipodean T bent I think I'll put her account in the description below that she puts these amazing designs on t-shirts how amazing is this this is the Sun Annie traditional dress code for I think when girls have their hair now I'm not too sure we only wear this when we have our henna I don't really know if it's just for the hint I'm not really sure but yeah I just think it's an amazing concept and you know I just I believe in supporting small businesses especially people that are doing their part in terms of giving charity towards people that need it whether it be Yemen anywhere else I just think it's an amazing cause so yes I purchased these from Primark for three pounds I think they're really pretty I've got ton loads of parties coming up weddings hennas so I thought I need some more earrings something simple I think the tassels a bit long so I might just cut that because I don't want the tassel to be reaching like my

shoulders but I think these are really pretty so I also picked these up from Primark I just absolutely love earrings like this I'm much more a gold girl than a silver I prefer gold it just suits my complexion a lot better I also purchased these trousers they look similar to the ones I got I know come to think of it you can all my toes they feel really comfy I really like the fabric as well it's quite cash it's almost like a I think it's Jersey and cotton together but yeah I just thought this is really nice on days where I just don't wanna wear jeans I'm really trying not to our jeans because when I get I get bloated so quickly we're not here I know you guys probably don't know but I really struggle in terms of when I eat I bloat like crazy so I hope you guys have liked this vlog if you have like this vlog then smash that like button subscribe if you haven't subscribed and I will see you guys in my next video bye