21 December 2018

Mally Super-Size Lift & Curl Mascara 6-Piece Collection on QVC

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Fame celebrity makeup artist and created

a mascara that I use on air almost every single day Frankie yeah nice to see you Franco's morning what a met Mally's makeup artist and that malli uses I bought this set when it launched yeah because I wanted to have six lift and curl mascaras and that's exactly what you're getting here but the offer will expire it's something we can only do for a very limited time month of December gone and then on easy pay today for nine dollars and ten cents but in terms of the value here Frankie I know you know this $20 for this mascara 20 40 60 80 one a hundred and twenty dollars of Molly's mascara that you're getting home for $54 and 58 cents so here's the way the retail breaks down please use easy pay to get it home and try it see what you think about the formula about the brush why did Malley create lift and curl okay so Malley created lifting curl for so she was inspired by celebrity hairstylist I would take really flat limp and soft hair and go in and use a teasing comb and hot rollers to give a lot of volume so that's what this brush is kind of designed after is a teasing comb and the rollers so that's why it

has this beautiful curve it has tons of little tiny bristles that are going to get in there and get between every lash the shape of the brush is going to roll your lashes back lift them up out of your eye to give you a natural curl without having to use an eyelash curler which is like you said they can damage they don't fit in a lot of people's eyes they're kind of scary they're intimidating and it's just another thing you have to use so Malley is amazing for saving us time and she's also amazing for lashes last 30 more savings free shipping and handling which I neglected to share so now we've taken even more risk out of it this is I don't wear fake lashes here on air because I felt like you know the glue and the whole thing a little bit damaging but I still want a dramatic look yes and not just here on camera I also wear this mascara in my real life and people always compliment my eyes and I look at her like my lashes are not nearly without mascara but what are we getting the payoff with her and and some of the benefits she's experiencing yes this is it's super inky jet-black Wow look at that before-and-after that is so because I

liner on because the brush and the our getting to the very base of the root of that lash it's lifting it up it's pushing it back it's giving you a more awake look a more youthful look my lashes grow straight down Mally slash lashes gauche grow straight down I have hooded lids so many women have hooded lids you have a hooded lid you're gonna want to curl your lashes up it's going to help give you a more lifted youthful look this formula gets in there super jet-black never flakes so comfortable to wear it's gonna find every single last lash you have in there and again you don't have to use a curler you don't have to stress yourself out about that and you don't have to think about mascara again until July of 2000 you believe that what am I don't even know what I'm doing tomorrow do you lie we're going to have to think about mascara because you're getting enough to last you that long and they'll stay fresh that long so don't worry about you know they're unopened they're gonna be still fine and Enki yeah up until that period of time let's talk more lashes yes definitely so 18 months worth of mascara you want to change your mascara every

three months to keep it fresh you don't want to be using dry old mascara so this is great to get for yourself if you're gifting this you're literally giving somebody a year no of this is why I know I love brunette before now I did not use a curler on her lashes no we just lived we just worked him back and lifted him up and you can see everyone's her lashes have you know a little bit of a curl to them this really gets in their digs up it almost looks like she has eyeliner on I get in at the base of the lash and kind of wiggle this and then roll it back up roll it back up so wiggle it in at the root and then roll it up and then if your lashes are a little more stubborn you can kind of hold it against your lash to push it up but the same way the hairdresser's use a round brush on you when you get you know a nice blowout at the salon yeah it's the same effect as this comb and the bristle bristles are so teensy tiny silicon molded they get in there and just really deposit the formula which is designed to help hold that curl for you what's Mally's her background with yes lashes specifically because natalie is known around the world she sought after by and works with

some of the top celebrities like major a-list celebs Vegas and she what she was known for having a laborious process yes today requires sourcing ingredients from around the world these specialty combs what was she up to almost an hour she would spend using Japanese black an Italian mascara and a Parisian cut diamond lash wand getting in there and literally building and creating these lashes because her celebrities did not want to wear false lashes so all that experience she takes and she makes amazing mascaras Mally is known for having just crazy amazing mascara she is the lash authority that's what I like to call mama Malley because you know lashes can just make you look so much younger so sexy so pretty without having maybe you don't like to wear a lot of foundation or eyeshadow or anything like that dark black lashes lifted up out of your eye they're gonna make you look like you had eight hours of sleep they're gonna make you look younger I mean look at that huge impact it has with lashes you keep you can't go out without mascara if you're wearing any makeup or you know no makeup mayor it's just you know this has to be your what

is that your desert island product right I think that is the calling card for because our eyes are and I'm wearing this mascara as well in fact over I posted it a few times if you want to scroll back through my facebook feed you'll see that I've done like one eye width and one eye without true side by side so that you can see the difference at any time people have looked at those photos like oh wow yeah amazing yeah I know that's why I wear it it's why I buy it and so the results that you see here live on QVC is precisely what you can experience at home and the reason you would come here is instead of spending $20 for one tube so let's say you would buy three now you're at $60 but here you're saving $5 and then getting three additional tubes that's the sort of beauty math we can all get behind so six lifts and CRO mascaras the if sold separately value is a hundred and twenty dollars our featured price is fifty four dollars and fifty eight cents our easy payment is $9.95 car is a great gift everybody who uses makeup uses masks it's a super great gift it's a safe gift it's just a nice little thank you and you're getting such a great deal 18

months of mascara yay right area what is this mascara I do lifts and girls exactly people three or four five point seven that offer is limited we can only do it in December so get it now a reminder about our today's special value I did not get my hair cut you might have missed it and then you