14 January 2019


In this video I talked about my favorite products from my collection and I also did a look using them. I hope you guys enjoy this, and if you do please make sure to ...

hello hello everyone welcome to this

week's video so today I will be showing you guys my favorite makeup product my Holy Grail product that we'll be talking about is my girl on base and let me tell you a little story I was having a very bad last winter so yeah it was just before my birthday and my skin was so dry it like literally it peeled off my face it was this dry and no makeup was sticking on my face like I had this dry skin and everything I put on it it would just peel off if you can imagine so I went to Sephora looking for a good time I entered Sephora and there was a nice lady who helped me and I told her my problem and she recommended me this of course you're recommending me this this is expensive and she was like yes but with the problem that you're having it is really going to help you she even told me that people who have like problems with restrict spots on their faces like to use this so I didn't get it I just went home and did my research and found out it was pretty good so I just thought I would give it a try because it was that so this is my second bottle actually I've been loving this ever since especially during winter days I didn't

have that problem anymore ever since I use this so yeah it also helps my makeup stick really well to the skin and it just stays in place I really really like this one because I have a mixed type okay so I'm dry but at the same time in my t-zone I'm oily so this is a mixed type of skin and this one for my skin I think it is the best because it really helped me like it covers not get dry throughout the day and often that get oily it is medium it is buildable you can get a full coverage so if you attended to that I don't recommend this to you I've been using this to every party when - - every like event major event weddings and stuff like that and I also thought I want to use it on my wedding day because I loved for so many years The Naked concealer from the Urban Decay my cosmonaut actually told me about this tree it is coverage it stays on for 12 hours on the packaging to cover the imperfections on the pack and pays on it does increase it is perfect and it's real cheap so using this like crazy this is more okay I love this because Foundation and I love it for a long time

but I don't use if I were to take a blush that I like would be the and it kind of reminds me of the North or the shade so yeah I would choose this one of my favorite so my favorite highlighter is the mary-lou manizer champagne shade it is beautiful and one of my tricks is actually to mix it with my fix plus we can also add or you know look at this this this is what I want to achieve when I apply highlighter and this helps me and this looks gorgeous and these two combine our bomb I have eyebrow kit from Too Faced for a long time hit the pan baby so we have here a wax shade for blondes I've been reaching for this a lot this stays in place really pigmented really easy to work with of course big surprise there my meet Matt needs helping you look at it it may seem you know but all these shades are really really nice for daily makeup looks for a nice looks again create smoky Brown looks with this one it can create daily looks with this one I've been loving the shade like crazy I use it after I apply my consider on my eyelid to like fix it there's so much

meditation and don't crease you just don't they during the day I don't know I chose this as my favorite palette a monster one that I have because I've been using one of the most and also you get a big mirror here that you can use and yeah it's one amazing eyeliner again surprised the shrink from the bottom so easy to use I'm not a fan of the pot ones because they dry very fast and I think they're like really hard to work with but this one just blows my mind every time I use it and I repurchase their port I don't know how many times my mascara I've been loving this ever since it came out it's the paradise ecstatic car from L'Oreal I think it's like a very good combination between the two and the wise spells of shock I don't I know that's shocker is this a cry no but one of the lipsticks I've been reaching for a lot lately has been this one the Sephora cream lip stain metal in the shade 113 I guess it is the metal nude lipstick and it looks like this let's talk about the big splash okay so I like to use this doing my makeup and after I finish my makeup but not to fix it

because I love it because it gives me that finished look and just like blends all the colors and textures on my face it makes you even a little Dewey and Louie and I just love it and I also use it to apply shimmery shades on the eyes I use it to apply highlighter like I showed you guys I it's again a multi-purpose product and I've been buying this for a long time so I applied some falsies real quick and this is the finished look you guys guys enjoy this video and if you did please make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more I will be posting videos every Monday so thank you guys for watching and see you guys next week