31 December 2018

Makeup tutorials

Makeup websites Faceitwithlove: Ebay WWW.faceitandglowbeauty.store.

and to let's say you should see website

you should go to check it out we leave in the description below but we're gonna tell you didn't want makeup if you want contacts just any of just make sure to check that up that website out for eBay we have a sale of just a regular website its fault you just have to put up wwww they say Anglo beauty just yeah make sure to check that out we're gonna be using a pallet one of the websites it's called open global palette and brushes are also from the website last of all we have links needs i'll bring on signs okay so first nice color [Music] if why we are not professional at all it might look bad we're gonna get glitter it'll be in a bit and rub it in with me now we're gonna get guilt it's the darkest out of all you'll see it right here and there you go next lipstick here's my dancer for lipstick I'm not being maybe because I got in this first this is not

from the red side all the makeup on here is from the website wait musics my lips it doesn't mind bad [Music] oh thank you okay if you want a natural look look do not follow me okay so that was like big-time party right like if you want to go to a party or something alright so yeah just follow me okay so I also have the same brushes and they're like like I said they're all from the website so yeah [Music] I put this little rose inside okay so um where I'm gonna get the brush and we're gonna use this yeah did she do so we're gonna use a little bit of moonshine moonshine is that one really light to be honest I actually scratched it cuz I opened it but then it fell so it doesn't come scrapped and then after at the end you can tell you should try too soon all right have to if you don't want to just make sure you try just you know to get that little look thanks okay so make sure to check out all our other videos if you have a youtube channel and you like subscribe

to our channels or on the notification about all you have to put say in the comments is done and will follow it will subscribe to your channel back if you haven't you yeah and we'll give you a shout out so if you don't have a channel ok so once you're done with that you're gonna get and eyeshadow brush and eyeshadow brush and you're gonna get I'm gonna use beam like she did you're just gonna apply it to your eyelid okay say oh she did I'll get back with you guys when I end up okay so do both of those eyes I'm just it's like a little like touch [Music] and what does finger or one of those little one of these are brushes you wanna go up and you're gonna go up and then you're gonna go like kind of like that you know it kind of looks like see their level and all that stuff so it makes it and you can just you know basic how you want to face it all right next is gonna be my lipstick is in my bag so my lipstick is tinted chapstick it's tinted chapstick you're going to a party years I don't move the little goofy but the shadow aren't any but shadows in that

it'll make the lipstick Ruffolo so it shines along remember comment in the comment who you will try also the final reveal Samantha party makeup Isabella I hope you guys enjoyed this video this is just a little thing we're cotton candy hmm so yeah we're gonna leave the makeup websites down below in the description so make sure you do this video thumbs up subscribe to our Channel everyone does gum