25 July 2014

Makeup Tutorial: Turquoise - Eye Shadow Series

Hey y'all ! :D Thank you so much for watching I'm happy to finally be back with a makeup tutorial, as it has been requested! I'm trying to use the eye shadow ...


thank you so much for watching I'm finally back with another makeup tutorial and lately I've been trying to stick it out with different braid styles and you know just trying to enjoy my summer without having to worry so much about my hair and I've been looking for different makeup styles to match my hair so that's the fun part of it all so I decided to do a light smoky eye with a turquoise base turquoise kind of sound 22 me though because in French we say to class for this look i'm just literally wearing these reins and these jewelry sees this these rings are from hmm these earrings are from H&M this shirt is from H&M it realize how much hmmm i was wearing and this bracelet is a pretty sure suzy shier yeah if you want to see how i got this look then please keep watching but i've applied my eyeshadow and my face primer already and this one is Maybelline fit me 355 I had been using a different one I believe it was 340 but I found it to be a little bit too bright for my skin tone so I'm going to try this one out for a bit and see how this one works so next I'm going to take this fit me 340 this one is just a pressed powder

and it's almost done because I use this one almost every day and I really like the coverage on this one and it's a little bit i would say darker than my actual skin tone but i like it i like the bronze he looks like a kiss me i really like that after I'm finished applying my press powder and my liquid foundation I usually do my concealer next and just to blend out the concealer really well I'm going to use this beauty blending sponge and this really helps the concealer to set in removal you now with the same concealer I'm just going to be retouching it up again so I like to retouch my under eyes just because um when you do this it really covers your bags and since it is the morning this really helps if you don't have like a lot of time I really just suggest putting some foundation and then concealer under your eyes it really really makes a difference you so when I'm done using the concealer brush I'm going to take this beauty blending sponge and you should wet it but it's not really necessary and I'm

just going to use it to blend the concealer in I'm just going to blend the under of my eyelids make sure nicely all blended in on my forehead chin after I'm finished my foundation routine I like to go straight to my eyes I'm taking this eye shadow color right here the black I just use this black because i really like the pigment on it and I will be applying this black color to my crease so the next thing that I do is I take to this brush right here and I blend out my edges so that it doesn't look too rough so what I like doing is taking this concealers thicken this one is by Revlon and just drawing on the edges of my eyeshadow because i want the edges to be really clean I don't go in my eyelid but just on the outside of it so i got this palette of while ago and i have never used it as you can see it's completely unused i'll be taking the blue from this palette and applying this to my crease you now going back in there with the black eyeshadow I'll be applying the black eyeshadow just above my crease now i'm taking this blending brush and I'm just going to blend it all

next I'll be using these colors right here this is from the Mel's cosmetics and I'll be taking this gold color right here and applying this on the corner of my eyes also going in with the same gold color again I will be applying it just under my brow bone so next I'm gonna do my liquid eyeliner and I realized that this is really hard for certain people just because the eyeliner is really thin and some people have trouble applying it because they shake so much so one of my hips is literally to go bit by bit like you don't need to go all the way down your your line you know you can go just start on the corner and then take a break and then continue and then until you get and then just keep adding it a lot of people just don't realize that it's just you just need to be patient and go slow step by step I'll be applying my lashes with my tweezers and now I will be contouring my face max taking this blush palette for this look I will be doing this reddish or doing what i'll be using i'll be using this color on my cheekbones and just to finish it off here is the

lipstick that I'm using this one is the H&M lipstick and I absolutely love this one very similar to the math kandi by yum yum but this one seems to have lasted me longer so this is why I keep purchasing this one and I know it's weird some people think it's weird that I don't wear liner but my lips are already kind of lined and for this color I don't find that I have a liner that's good fitting for this one so for this one I just wear the lipstick without the liner so here it is thank you guys so much for watching please comment rate and subscribe and I will be seeing you guys in another video very soon bye guys