09 April 2012

Makeup Tutorial: Teal Smoky Eye (inspired by Kristen Stewart)

Hi guys! This is the makeup tutorial from my March Favourites video. The look is based loosely upon the way Kristen Stewart usually does her eye makeup.

hi guys this is Emily from Emily's

anthology I am just doing a really simple turquoise-- smoky eye for you guys today so if you want to find out how to get the look just watch on and thank you so much for watching so to start off I did my base I used my drummer kid light as our foundation I'm using the color Oh too light and I mixed in with this estee lauder and I mixed it with the Estee Lauder idealist even skin tone illuminator just to give it a bit of a do a finish and for my brows I use these sucks perfect brow kit and I just used the darker color over here so I'm gonna start off with my base for my eyes now I'm using the etude house proof 10 eye primer and I'm just gonna work it all the way across my lid and this is just to help my eyeshadows stick next what I want to do is work my main eyeshadow color all the way across my lid I'm using my Laura Mercier eyeshadow this is the sequent eye color in the color peacock the best way to do this is just to use a clean finger because otherwise you won't be able to pick up enough product and what I'm doing is I'm just gonna Pat it all over the center of my lid working it all the way across staying below the crease

now once that's done I want to work a nice warm brown color into my crease for that I'm gonna use an end piece set crease brush and my sleek face contour kit I'm using the color medium now I'm just gonna use my brush and tap it into the product and then I'm gonna run it into my crease be careful not to dilute the shadows too much when you do this stay inside the crease and work it a little bit outwards towards the outer corners of the eyes now if you find that after blending in the crease color the eye shadow on your Center lid has lost intensity all you have to do is just go back in with your clean finger and apply more eye shadow to intensify it but stay away from the middle line in between the two eye shadows now I want to throw some eyeliner into the mix for this I'm using my Clinique cream liner and this is in the color true black and of course my skin foot pencil brush now I want to run the line in between the eyelashes all the way across the lid and then depending on your eye shape you do whatever line suit to you for me I look best with a little bit of wing on my outer corners so I'm going to do that

and if any of you have droopy eyelids I suggest that you do this as well because it will lift the eye now I'm gonna run the same eyeliner across my lower eyelid and join up the bottom line with the outer upper line okay I'm putting some finishing touches to the I know I'm going to add a highlight and for this I'm going to use the Urban Decay eye shadow in vapor it's just a nice white color and I'm going to apply it in the inner corners of my eyes and you can see the cold tone of the vapor eye shadow matches perfectly with the laura mercier peacock eyeshadow and I'm also gonna take the NP set crease brush that I used earlier dip it into the eyeshadow then just run it along the arch of my eyebrow and you can see it just gives the a bar nice lift and highlight and finally I'm just gonna take the Laura Mercier eyeshadow again and of Bhoots number seven smokey eye liner brush and just run the same eyeshadow along my lower lash line to smudge out the liner at the bottom now I just want to smoke out the eyeliner on the upper lash line a little bit as well so I'm just gonna go back in with the same boots number seven eyeliner brush

I'm just run it along the upper liner line just to give it a bit more of a smoky effect now moving on to the eye lashes first I'm going to apply the Australis lash + brow extender this will just be a good base for my mascara it'll add some volume and some lengths to my eye lashes then we all know I need that and then I'm going to apply this Australis voluptuous mascara it's a new mascara that I just received and this is my first time trying it out so let's see how it goes well I love that it has a curved wand and as you can see it's picking up quickly on the eyelashes that I coated with the lash and brow extender earlier this great mascara really buildable and it picks up all the lashes on my lash line let me use it on my lower lash line as well so I just applied my false eyelashes and now I'm gonna do some concealing as you can see I have pretty bad eye bags I've been staying up late watching movies well TV series with my boyfriend we're getting really a TV show called Game of Thrones we adore it we've been watching season one so far and oh my god I'm hooked anyway I'm using the Mac select moisture

cover concealer and this is in the color and w20 and I'm just gonna blend it out with an end piece set the foundation brush now I want to contour and highlight in my look for this I'm going to be using the Tom Ford shading and illuminate palette this is an intensity one and I'm going to be using just the shade color for this using my Real Techniques contour brush I'm just going to apply it underneath my cheekbones and take it up to the temples and then down underneath the jawline I'm also going to take a bit of it on my deluxe crease brush and contour down my nose now it's best to match your contour color to the color on your crease just to create a uniform kind of look and make your contours look natural so if you don't have that home for you can always go back to the sleek palette that I used earlier for my crease now for the highlighter I'm going to be using a two-in-one type product this is the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick and the color wild rose it just looks like this and this will be released with the rose gold collection and I'm using a real

techniques tipping brush with this and I'm just gonna lightly stipple it onto the apples of my cheeks and onto the tops of my cheekbones as well and make sure again that the contour color and the blush color blend together I don't know if you can see it but the wild rose Bobby Brown shimmer brick blush just gives a really nice dewy Sheen to the skin no I want this look to stay quite dewy but I'm going to run a powder just along my t-zone and just where the concealer is for this I'm gonna be using the Australis ready-set-go finishing powder and just a fluffy eyeshadow brush I'm just swirling my brush in the powder tapping off the excess and then running it along my t-zone around the corners of my nose just above now I'm gonna be keeping that it's quite matte with this look but this is entirely up to you because it doesn't really matter but I would suggest maybe using a nude color just so the lips on the I don't compete I'm using the collection mm cream puff moisturizing lip cream and this is the color powder puff if you can't get your hands on collection mm NYX make really similar lip creams they're matte but very nice and

rising and that is my finished look I hope you guys enjoyed it thank you so much for watching and if you liked it please subscribe thank you so much bye