01 April 2017

Makeup Tutorial: Natural Glam (Using All Products From Ulta Beauty!)

Featured Products: Mario Badescu Facial Spray ($5.25, originally $7) http://bit.ly/2mZZk22 Urban Decay Naked Skin One and Done in Medium ($34) ...

hey guys it's Kirby so if you're on

Instagram or on YouTube you know that the natural glam look is super popular right now natural glam means that your skin is super glowy you have a pouty flushed lip and then your eyes are all drawn on your brows are done you have on eyeliner you have lashes for the gods I do this look on a regular basis so I'm just going to show you how I do it and by no means am i a makeup artist I am NOT a professional but I do love to do my makeup and I hope you guys enjoyed this look so when I start with my makeup I actually start with my foundation this is Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe cucumber and green tea I'm going to spritz my Real Techniques sponge this is Urban Decay Naked skin one and done this is one of my absolute favorite tinted moisturizers it's super hydrating but it kind of perfects the skin too and I'm using a shade medium the whole point of this look is to look like you're not really wearing a ton of makeup except for a no on your eyes so I'm just going through and perfecting my skin when you want dewy skin you don't want it matte always wet your makeup sponge whether you're going to use a little frisk or you're just going to dip it in water

that's how you get the most out of these blenders and it'll leave your skin looking really nice and jewelry and airbrush all right so I am happy with my pan I think it looks good I just want a little bit more coverage to help hide some imperfections that I have so I'm taking it cosmetics confidence in a compact it's not skin tints by any means it's definitely a cream so I'm just going to put it over the areas that I kind of want to conceal a little bit more and perfect now it's time for concealer if you guys have not tried NARS radiant creamy concealer let me just tell you you're missing out on life I love this concealer it's my absolute favorite it's lightweight but it has good coverage and I just I feel like it doesn't go into the creases or lines that I have on my face so if you deal with that you're going to love these two this is custard it's a lighter shade I'm gonna put that under my eyes and then I'm just going to touch up with macadamia alright contour time I'm using hoola kwikki contour stick I think this is great I'm a big fan of hoola the powder but want to keep this kind of like fresh and

light and dewy I'm going to use this cream alright I love blush I live for blush I actually haven't tried this from Tarte it is dazzle and it looks really nice it has a little bit of a shimmer to it so I actually learned this from a lease at Too Faced she does the exo application you take your blush I always like and then exit and then oh it all right we blush it up now I want to highlight it's exposed highlight and it's the Tarte Amazonian clay collection a lot of people wet their fan brushes a little spritz before they put it in their highlighter so that it's like super glowy I applied right under my eye I also go a little bit above my eyebrow and on my temple I love the Anasazi a brow wiz I really do love a pencil just because I feel like you can be more precise and it looks more natural because you can kind of mimic hair stroke Brow's are done now I'm going to go into my eyes shadow so it doesn't need to be too crazy dramatic with the eye shadow now you can go nuts with the liner your eyebrows or faux lashes but I like to kind of keep it a little more

understated when it comes to my eye shadow i'ma start using this pink shade candied peach from the Too Faced sweet peach collection take a little bit and lightly wash it over my eyelid also I'm using pinks because I think it's a really pretty springy cake you could definitely go to more neutrals but I like to incorporate more of the peach year zones especially for this time of year next I'm going to use it's more of like a tan shade 12 puree I'm just going to buff it at the outer corner of my eye just add a little bit of dimension I'm going in with kind of like a shimmery Brown it's called caramelized and I'm just putting a little bit of the wash of it over my lash line just to kind of define not that's kinky tiny bit I think the last step for me I'm going to use this just peachy pink and put it right in the middle to kind of blend the like other peach shade this is more like a rose the rose gold using nectar I'm going to highlight my inner corner and then I do want to accentuate my bottom lash line I'm going to use cobbler this guy right here I'm just going to kind of buff it as close to my lash line as possible to give me a little bit of

definition I like liner I like obviously it's not natural-looking because nobody's lash line is an inch thing but I just really like the look of having like a very heavy liner situation I'm parting it up today I actually haven't ever used this liner it depends a liner called maneater I'm going to go over my top lash line with it all right so to make my lashline looks thicker I'm going to use a black gel liner just stick in it up okay and usually I try to skip using liquid liner pen on my actual lid because I feel like the skin isn't hot enough and sometimes it can just drag and it doesn't look like the perfect line but I really do love this one from Too Faced it's the sketch marker if you like it does give me a really nice line and I don't even have to pull my eyelid which is great I'm also going for a wing and I feel like when you do a wing using either a cream or a liquid pen it's so much easier to do alright bake last time so I'm a huge fan of our Dells they're so affordable and I know that all lashes are not created equal because sometimes you get a fake lash it looks freaking gorgeous it has so many lash hairs but

what's most important is the eyelash band you'll notice that our gel has a very thin tiny band that just very carefully maneuvers the shape of your eye lid and your lash line if the lash band is super thick that thing is not going to mold it's not going to say even the flu is going to pop up and I absolutely hate that plus you want it to feel lightweight and when the bands are too thick it feels like you just have like gravity weighing your lashes now I'm going to save to demi whispies I love them but I also feel like demi whispies are like super natural and you want them to be more glam so we're going to go with the foam eight so eight eleven duo eyelash glue is the jam I like the dark colored the gray I feel like they just go hand in hand it's duo and our dowel and everybody loves these I just want to connect a few of my flashes to my foot lashes so I'm just going to go through using perversion by Urban Decay all right lip time so I'm going to teach you a little trick like to take my blush this little cutie I'm is going to put a little bit on a very fluffy shadow brush

I like instead of using a liner to accentuate my lip line I'll use some blush what this does is it kind of diffuses the line so it looks a little pouty it looks a little flushed I like to say it looks like the girl this one got her lips done alright and it just makes them look a little bit bigger the goal is that little you know light line around your lips your lip line you just want to fill it in with the blush [Music] so it's very subtle it doesn't look like I have just like pink all over my face it's great I'm now going to go in with a liner because I like to fill in my lips of the liner not to create the shape it's just to kind of add almost like a primer for my gloss or my lipstick this is stark-naked by Urban Decay it is one of my absolute favorite liners I consider this a nude shade for myself and then I'm using butter LONDON birthday suit gloss and then up in the hood all over my lips time to finish up with some powder now I don't necessarily think that you need powder for this look especially if you're not on the oily side but I get oily in my t-zone and I want to make sure that my makeup is

going to stay put so I am using this powder from lorac love lorac this is the pore section baked perfecting powder I'm just gonna lightly Pat my forehead and I checked I will say if you do go crazy with powder and you're like I'm looking really not now cool take a mint don't mind me I felt so good to love just gives you a nice little dewy flow I also can help you oh yes highlight all right guys so what do you think of my natural clam look again I am NOT a makeup artist so I just do my makeup the way I think it makes my face look best what a concept so let me know in the comment section below what you think one other thing I want to let you guys know is that every product that you see in this video that I use on my face you can pick it up at Ulta beauty if there was a slash through the price that means it's a part of the 21 days of Beauty promotion you can go into the store or go online and you can get perhaps for example this Tarte highlighter and exposed highlight for half of the retail price I know I love to save money and I know you want to save money too so go check it out let me

know in the comment section below have you tried any of these products you have a favorite I'm always looking for new products too I get a lot of products sent to me to try before it come out so I'm curious if you guys have any new product so you want me to know about that I haven't tried yet let me know in the comment section below as always subscribe because we have new videos every single week and if you want to follow me in my adventures and ask for product recommendations find me on Instagram and Twitter at Kirby Johnson also on snapchat at Kirby Johnson and Facebook at Kirby Johnson TV we'll see you next time oh that's like okay we got it