23 September 2018


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welcome back everyone thank you so much

for tuning in this time as well I hope you enjoyed the first video that I made thank you so much for responding and coveting and telling me how much you liked the video and what you want to see and just thank you for helping me out and yeah it's just wonderful to see the response so today I'm going to show you my daily maid makeup routine when I wear when I wear a lot of makeup so it's foundation it's brows it's eye shadow it's everything so I think this would be really fun so if we reach 10,000 likes on this video and me and hymen is going to do something really fun we want to make an tutorial where ha one is going to do my makeup so if you have any crazy ideas to what we can do just tell me in the comments I think this is going to be really really fun don't forget to subscribe to my channel and like this video if you want me to do that tutorial with home on next week ok so let's start I will just put on this thing I got to get all the hair away from my face the first thing I start with is just some cream for my face just take a look and just on my face and then I will take some spray I feel like you spray gives me that kind of

glow I want and it doesn't seem like makeup when I have a lot of conditioner and I feel like this just give it a lot of glow so so I like to start off with my brows and I use this product that makes your brows and your lashes grow even longer so it's called neutral ashes so just apply it all over your brow and you can also use it on your lashes so I go into like a lot of the things I'm using down below especially this so if you want to grow out your lashes or your brows this will be perfect for that you also do it on your downloa lashes if you want use this at night and in the morning then you will get the best results I think okay so now we will start off with the makeup so the first thing I do is that I use this pace actually it's for men I think it's this one and the reason why I'm using this is just to get my brows in the direction I want them to go I just take a little bit on my finger and I just push it upwards I feel much more awake when I'm pushing my runs upwards and then I like to brush them with this thing so I just use this brush to brush them as you can see quite messy it's okay and then just brushing my brows the way

I want them to be like the shape and I like my brow to be quite bushy and be I feel like that's my thing and this time I feel like I want to use this sense I foundation so this foundation will actually protect your skin from the Sun so it's quite healthy to use I will say but it's still on foundation so I shouldn't say that so just add something on and as you can see I have this outbreak right now so I like a little bit of things going here this red one here and here and in my forehead as well I'm doing a lot of makeup because I'm on Dancing with the Stars so we have a lot of makeup on and then I get a little bit outbreak but I feel like it's okay and I will just spray this on and then I will go in and just dab everything in I like to take it on my eyelid as well and I use it as a base for my eyeshadow and I feel I don't like to use a primer because it gets quite sticky and everything just smudge in and I don't like it so this time I don't feel like the foundation I use gave me the kind of coverage that I wanted I'm just going to go in with this NYX foundation and you

just the one thing everybody should know is don't forget your neck because walking around at winter and have this orange neck it's not going to look good so try to like drag your foundation down or put something on there just to even out your skin tone a little so now we're finished with the foundation and we will move on to concealer I like to use the concealer under my eyes because I have I have some veins that you can see and I just like to cover that up I'm wearing makeup now don't use a lot of product first and then I will go in if I want to and do more and I also take a little just in between my brows gives me and my pimple of course for you and for you and just on my Cupid's bow take the Beautyblender and just blend it up I want to use my chanel translucent powder to just bake under my eyes and to set everything I'll take the same Beauty Blender and just dab it in the other and go all the way from my nose out to my outer corner of my eye I have this color that I always use for my brows it's a color from Mac and you can just buy it at every Mac store it's um it's a cold tone brown color I have blonde hair but it's more more of a

white and then yellow so for me I feel like this is the best color that I can use on my brows right now just take them on this Mac brush and try to define my brows the way I want them to go higher and then dry everything out I'm still working on my brows and I'm just going to take another color from this old palette that I got from my grandma use this brush as you can see it's more it's bigger than the other one I used it's much more easier to have the same or straight lines for this one okay so we are now soon finished with the brows I'm just going to take my favorite product of all time its prolong my waterproof rosette so I'm just going to take this and brush through my brows to get the more pushy feel right just brush all my brow hair upwards and bring it all the way down for now we'll just leave the brows and move on to the eyeshadow I'll just take some of the translucent that I just used on my face and just dab it all over my lid I don't want my need to be sticky because then it's just creasing and it will not look good at the end of the day so I want it to last all day long so when I do my eyeshadow I like to use

more several colors like brown and gray and sometimes I use my blush as eyeshadow base because I like the more I like the pinky feel it gives me this one from my eyeshadow first and as you can see it's just this really beautiful pink gray color and the thing I do when I put on my eyeshadow is that I don't only use it for my lid here I also take and drag it out to my brow almost I also like to take the eyeshadow and just bring it a little bit more up put it in the crease yes and but then I like to go over the crease and almost up to the eyebrow so when I do this my eyes look more open and I seem more awake so we'll just move on to the next color that I'm going to use and the star see our Beverly Hills palette and I'm going into the color called raw Sienna just a bit in see it has a lot of fallout so it's just good to bake under your eyes or do your eyeshadow before you put on any foundation because you will have things going off so we'll take this highlighter from Mac and use it in the inner corner of my eyes and to get the best effect I like to take this spray and just spray it on the brush and then I'm going to take my eyeliner

and try to line my eyes I don't bring it all the way in so I take it from the middle of my eye and then out so a liner is not the best thing for me I am terrible at doing my eyeliner so to practice now the eyes are almost done I will just put on some mascara and I'll just curl my lashes for this one and before I go on to mascara I will just brush off all my powder like this and then I use this Lancome mascara I've had it since forever and I should get a new one and now we're going to go over to the blush and I'm going to use the Too Faced blush in the color peach smells like peach as well and I like to put my blush in the cheeks and drag it up like a contour almost and then I'm going to take the other brush that I use on my eyelids at the moment I don't do a lot of contouring but I do just a little bit of shaping I would say I'm not contouring I feel like art maybe it's contrary I never go down I will never brush down you want your cheekbones to be high so always do like upwards and then I'm going to take this bigger brush to take some bronzing powder and then I like to spray okay so we have now used this milk makeup

highlighter and as you can see I'm just baking my face to make everything more magnified and to kind of contour but not contour with the darker things so just using the translucent powder - yeah shape and sharpening everything and now as well I'm just doing my liner on my lips so I've lined my lips and the next thing I do is I just put on some lip balm to make my lips not dry it because they're dry all the time now going in with a dark aligner is more pink and darker and just okay so now we are done with the lips and we'll just take everything up and see what happens this is the final look I hope you like it just tell me in the comment section or in DMS what you want to see and I will do what you want me to do so you asked for this and this is my second video so I hope you like it thank you for watching ich heisse a money issue in our islands on CD announced ich bin of boos well together obrigado for watching the video spasiba from watching the video to isn't is not our loss give up some give or take you know secondly to canola and very cleveland to snack as i take the beauty

parlor [Music] I would just take some of the translucent powder that I'll just said use this one from my ass sorry yes I want to take highlight it highlighter and highlight it highlighter comment something funny want me and her pad so just give me the thumbs up and as and then [Music]