17 May 2018

Makeup Tips For Girls With Glasses

In this video I'm going to share some makeup tips to keep in mind when you wear glasses. Enjoy! Get 70% off these must try Vanity Planet Cruelty Free Makeup ...

hey guys today I want to share some

makeup this with you for all your girls who wear glasses because there are a few things to keep in mind when you're wear glasses in regards to what makeup you wear underneath so I am working with vanity planet for today's video and they recently sent me this brush set that I will be using today it is this 15 piece brush set right here and this is an amazing quality synthetic all vegan brush set and it is great because even though the bristles are synthetic they don't feel synthetic at all they're super soft just like natural bristles but they do have all the benefits of synthetic bristles you know being easy to clean now going on to bacteria as much less shedding as much as natural hairs to sand they recently brought out the really cute thing they should have everything I need for a full face of makeup so if you're interested in these brushes I will have anything can you description box see where you combine them and a code you can use to get 70% off so check below and let's get started at the video right away so first I'm gonna click my bangs outs away as always and I'm gonna take my glasses off now I have a lucky that I'm nearsighted so I

can still see what I'm doing if my mirrors close enough if you're farsighted try standing a little bit further away from the mirror when you're doing your makeup it might help with the application a little bit the first thing I do is I like to apply a little bit of a foundation primer or a face base just right here on the bridge of my nose where my glasses sit so right where I have these little bits that support the glasses on my nose that's where I like to apply a little bit of extra primer and also here on the sides because the friction of the glasses can kind of rub off your makeup I'm gonna take just a little bit of that onto my fingers and really concentrated on those pieces around my nose and then the side here now of course you could apply this everywhere on your face if you like I prefer a little bit of a lighter application of makeup so I'm just gonna stick to these parts right here so for a foundation I'm just gonna take the Bourjois healthy mix which I always use and I'm gonna use this blends baby also by vanity planet this has a silicone sponge and then the rest is just like a

Beautyblender so I like to use the silicon bit to employ my foundation kind of spread it across my skin so that the sponge doesn't soak it all up all right and then what I've kind of got it everywhere I'm gonna flip this around I have dampened this brush slightly and I'm gonna use the sponge side to blend this in all right so next up is concealer and it's that time of year again where I kind of in between colors so I use two credly these are the collection lasting perfection concealer Zin color one and two so I just use a mix of both and I am going to pay a little bit more attention to my concealer today because I've noticed that when I wear glasses it kind of emphasizes my dark circles because they're kind of framed especially with the shape of the frame that I currently have it just really brings more attention to my dark circles so make sure they are thoroughly covered up so I'm gonna use the concealer brush that comes with the brush sets to really get this into the corners and then I'm gonna just take the sponge and blend out the edges here if I just put my glasses back on here you can see what

I mean by kind of having my under eye area framed by this like there's a lot of tension on it so I feel like I really need to make sure this is nice and covered so I'm gonna go in with just one more layer especially on the inside here where I have the most darkness really kept that in all right so then it's time to powder this up and for that I'm gonna use a loose powder today I feel like that's just a little bit more heavy-duty and I am going to use this on a few strategic points to help again with the whole glass situation so I've taken a little bit of this makeup studio translucent powder I'm actually just gonna take my blending baby again pick up some of that powder and I'm gonna press it on my under eye area right there and on the sides of my nose right there and this bit so everywhere where my glasses touch my skin I'm gonna really pile on that powder just to make sure my foundation will really space so while I'm waiting for that to set I'm gonna go in with a shadow primer I'm gonna use the Urban Decay primer potion and I'm gonna use this to prime my eyelids for eyeshadow now I do want to say a few things about eyes shadow here

when you wear glasses obviously your frame is gonna be a part of your eye look and I feel like it's really easy to forget that but especially if your glasses are a certain color your frame is a certain color and it's pretty bright kind of up there color eye for example red or blue then you definitely want to consider that when you are choosing your eyeshadow color so for example these friends of mine right here are rose gold so I'm gonna want to stay stick to kind of more neutral colored eye shadows I'd say nothing that's too cool or too warm I wouldn't go for contrasting metals so I would steer away from silver or gold eyeshadow in a kind of metal frame like this like I mention if you have for example red glasses then I personally wouldn't use like all of you green eyeshadow colors you want to make sure that it all kind of goes together or a lot of colors if you're using so I think I'm gonna go with some neutrals today cuz you're always safe with Browns and beiges and kind of more natural skin Tonee colors like that so before I do that I'm gonna just wipe away this powder I'm gonna take the Kabuki brush

from the brush set and gently sweep away this powder and while I have this I'm gonna take the rest of that loose powder and just apply that on to the rest of my skin so before I actually move into the eyeshadow itself I am gonna start with my eyebrows first I would like to do that first and then we won't see our shadow pretty much with eyebrows I say you can do a lot there's a lot you can get away with I would advise you to maybe make them a little bit more defined when you are wearing glasses just because again they will be a part of this whole kind of area where a lot of attention is drawn to so I'm gonna go to crazy I'm going for a little bit of softer look today with the quiet kind of soft I'd say almost feminine lights glasses that I have today and of course I'm wearing a pink shirt as well so I am gonna go for a little bit of a softer look today so I think for my eyebrows actually I'm just gonna go for a little bit of a tinted brow gel I'm gonna use the benefit gimme brow you know what no let's use the gimme brow plus they look this one has little fibers in it and it'll help me build a little bit more eyebrow without it being too kind of

drawn in or artificial looking so I'm gonna go for that and while I'm brushing this on I'm gonna make sure I am shaping my eyebrows at the same time so I'm gonna make sure they're all facing in the right direction now I would say that if your glasses or your frames are kind of stronger and darker then you might want to offset that little bit of a darker eyebrows well like I mentioned my frames are pretty light so I don't need that much you're gonna want to avoid your glasses overpowering your entire look unless that is the look you're going for of course oh I do want to say that about all the tips on giving they're just tips feel free to disregard them completely and just do whatever you feel like doing it's just makeup you know there are there aren't really any rules anyway so okay eyebrows are done let's move on to the eye shadow so I'm gonna use this palette today sisty sleek eye divine palette in all night long and it has some beautiful neutral cars have a rosy ish which I feel like go well with my frames so I'm just gonna play around with this a little bit try and create a nice look and I think I'm gonna start

with a highlight on my brow bone and for that I'm gonna use this color a nice matte one now if you are short-sighted nearsighted and you are a prescription glasses then if your skin feels pretty strong you may notice that your eyes look a little bit smaller behind your frames and if you are actually farsighted then your eyes might look a little bit larger so I'd say if your glasses look sorry if your eyes look smaller behind your glasses you may want to stick to more brighter colors and lighter colors and if your eyes look a little bit larger then you may want to apply a little bit of a darker eye makeup because usually whatever is bright and light pops forward and whatever start kind of sinks towards the background so that may be something to consider if that is something you struggle with let's see I'm gonna take this fluffy brush next and I think I'm just gonna go straight in with this brown color just a touch very lightly and I'm gonna apply that in my crease a little bit of definition I'm gonna put pretty neutral I'm gonna use this color right here which is a nice shimmery kind of nude

color and now of course don't be afraid to try on your glasses midway through and see where you're going I also feel like when I put all my glasses everything I've done just kind of disappears I don't like to go back and kind of put on more makeup to make it even show up that's all you can see my meme here so I do you think I'm gonna go a little bit more of that Brown alright tonight I'm gonna use a little bit of an accent color after all I'm just gonna use that on the outer corner of my eye here now for the lower eyelid like with the dark circles again I feel like it's a little bit better if there's not too much going on down there so I'm just gonna take a tiny little bit of that brown color just the tiniest amount and just smudge this underneath my lower lash line and I'm really gonna try not to make this too strong excuse the chewing sounds by the way someone just decided to have a second lunch in the cage next to me here so the very last thing I'm gonna do for my eyes is take a tiny little brush and a shimmery light spy

shadow like this one I'm just gonna pop that in the inner corner of my eye I always feel like that just brightens things up so much now again if you are wearing a heavier darker frame then you may want to go for a eyeliner a liquid or a cream gel eyeliner whatever you prefer I am going to skip eyeliner today with my lighter frames but another thing you could consider to do is to use a white or kind of light cream colored eyeliner on the lower lash line especially if your eyes are worked a lot by our glasses and they appear a lot smaller then this is a great trick to make them look a little bit bigger that's gonna be like an optical illusion so you can see the difference there it's just a little bit brighter and yeah it just looks a little bit bigger that way so I'm gonna do this even though this isn't something I usually do my glasses aren't strong enough to actually have much of a warping effect but you know just yet so you can see what's going on here so like I mentioned got a skip the black eyeliners but I am going to curl my eyelashes this is a great tip I feel like when my eyelashes are curled they don't touch my

glasses now that they usually do but with some frames my eyelashes can touch my glasses really annoying and I feel like when I curl them up they don't do that as much because they don't stick forward so I'm just gonna use an eyelash curler here curl my lashes and then apply mascara now again if your eyelashes are pro so you know touching your glasses you may want to stay away from you know the lengthening mascara and opt for volumizing instead oh and if your glasses magnify your eyes then you Mabel to go back and check from really up close and kind of check for close because they will be more noticeable if your eyes are magnified so you could just go over with a clean mascara brush from an old mascara tube or a spoolie and just go through your eyelashes lets you get rid of all the clumps why does this always happen I've never used to get this it suddenly started happening like earlier here I don't know why let me just wash this mascara off my nose I'll be right back alright now we're back so I start done now I can put my glasses back on and kind of see the results and I think it looks pretty good right now you're pretty happy with that

results so there's not that much left to do now as I am gonna move on straight to highlighter but that's because I am personally not a big blush or curl if you would like to apply a blush I feel like with that you don't have to pay too much attention to the glasses it's below them so just apply your blush you know according to your face shape like you usually would so I'm gonna skip straight to highlight and I'm gonna use the benefit dem line twinkle again it's a nice pinky tone to go with my outfit and glasses today and to apply it I'm gonna use this fan brush from the UMC Planet set I'm just gonna sweep this right across my cheek bone I love this I think it's so pretty a little bit on the tip of my nose and Cupid's bow and then the very last thing is lips and go with whatever you want neutrals are always good as long as it wasn't done right clash with your classes then you're all good so I'm gonna use this mix and YX powderpuff Philippi in the color squad goals just cuz I feel like that will go with my outfit nicely and the makeup look and here is the finished look and all the tips I wanted to give

you so I really hope you found this helpful guys don't forget to check the description box for the brush set and little sponge if you did enjoy this video don't forget to give a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for loads more beauty and lifestyle videos there's a video here that you may also enjoy I can go watch next thank you for watching and I will see you very soon in my next video bye