13 May 2018


MAKEUP TIPS AND TRICKS TO MAKE YOU LOOK MUCH YOUNGER HOW TO LOOK YOUNGER No matter your age, there's always a day or two when you ...

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sweet angel welcome back hey if this is the first time you're checking my channel out I'm gonna at you here cuz girl i'ma tell you something we have some fun over here and ain't no boring everyday is the same thing we switch it up real good for you so I'm glad you're here and in order to stay in the loop just stand the no go ahead and hit the subscribe button and make sure you hit that little bell right down there beside my face so that you can be notified each and every time I upload and you know what you'll be in the know like we are so today y'all I lots of stuff in store yeah check that out check that out now that is where I'm sitting right now filming this video for you that is my beauty room my glam room my office my everything you know that's where hey that's the girls cave that's where we hang out in each and every time yes it is yes it is now I am NOT going to delay this process today I just wanted to share with you some great makeup tips and tricks to make you look much younger first of all y'all know hey you have to start with exfoliation exfoliation is the key it is absolutely wonderful

exfoliate your skin check this out when old skin cells start to pile up on the surface of the skin it can leave your skin looking dull rough and dry furthermore the buildup of dead skin cells can result in excess oils and clogged pores you don't want that and that leads to blemishes and acne and short a regular exfoliating routine will leave your skin looking fresh and healthy absolutely now y'all know I love my vanity planet glow spin brush that is what I use to exfoliate at least two to three times a week to get all the dead skin cells off I promise you my skin is looking more youthful because I had a pile of leather on my face that I just had not cleansed off in in oh god a long time okay it's 54 years of pile-up if you don't exfoliate in my case okay so I definitely swear by exfoliating and then I told my skin with some rose water and then I go into moisturizing with grape seed oil yes grape seed oil guys I'm not gonna tell you but one time grape seed oil is a great way to moisturize your skin it is full of antioxidants and high in vitamin E you need to get you some like for real if your skin is not moist

enough the makeup you getting ready to put on will magnify the wrinkles and dry patches also make sure to use makeup products with moisture rich formulas I get all under the neck area all around my face I do a great massage of that you know I just go in i go in hard cuz i don't trying to combat wrinkles yes premature wrinkles and the wrinkles that i am definitely going to get in at this age then I rub the rest of the grapeseed oil into my hair now y'all looking on hey there's a way to do that now I can swear by this make your brows bigger thicker yes because they say high full brows look youthful and vibrant you can fake the fullness by filling in the sparse areas with a brow gel or powder and then you want to prime your ideas go ahead prime your eyelids but not only that prime your face a primer gives you a perfected canvas and helps makeup perform better on your skin don't forget to prime alright now I used on this particular video I used my hard candy sheer envy and I also used my laura geller spackle because it has those great little shimmer effects in

there so I love that now as far as other primers that I love to use y'all one of the greatest ones which I think I'm going to be that's going to be my Holy Grail is this one from Juice Beauty this is the phyto pigments illuminating primer love it love it so much this one is the bomb now to give your skin that that healthy healthy glow of course the foundation should have great moisture in it but also it should have kind of a yellowish tint to it check it out by a yellowish or a little golden foundation yellow warms up the skin and warm our skin in the case a younger look remember it's just yellowish not yellow not too yellow which doesn't go with your skin tone okay also I know they're cream concealers out there but try to use a liquid concealer yes we need a little concealer to disguise bags and shadows because foundation may accentuate wrinkles and look cakey also it's recommended to use a liquid concealer definitely a liquid concealer why liquid concealers fits better with the skin and we use no lines that's it okay are y'all following these tips because it's pretty simple you don't have to overdo anything you don't have to overdo anything also I

know a lot of you all may use a brush to apply your foundation even I do most of the time but check this out use a damp sponge okay a Devin sponge will eliminate edges avoid a powdery look and a Devin sponge will create a flawless makeup look you just need to quickly wet your sponge squeeze out the water and dab your foundation mainly around those edges so that you won't have any harsh lines on the face you don't want a mask on that's not what we're doing we trying to look hey beautiful glowing no it's okay for you to know that I got no makeup but I want it to look like it's all the way blended a beautiful babes hey though we may be mature it's okay to use a little highlighter dab some highlighter on your cheekbones and will make you glow with a very subtle and youthful dimension yes and don't be afraid to over line your lips just a little bit now don't take it up to your nose and be trying to have a duck mouth and all that stuff just a simple little outline of your lips bring it closer to the edge you got lip static girl don't be scared because I know a lot of older women we do stop at a certain point on our lips and that's not

necessary but also nice pouty cute lipstick red also works for us we can rock it but you can do more neutral tones and you look just as well absolutely now when it come to eyeshadows try a color this opposite of your eyes exactly this tip will stand out the color of your eyes making them Sparkle and full of a vigor absolutely haunting now occasionally I do the blues and the greens and all that good stuff I love those you know but I try to kind of fit my attire of the day so you know it don't matter how do you want a rocket just bring in a little brightness to those eyes that's all it takes and then when it comes to powder less is more less use of powder is a great idea don't overdo it powder tends to give you a cakey look and they stay in your wrinkles which make you look older so lightly put on the powder that's right glowing skin is just fine and haunting when it comes to the eyeliner black is hide but Brown I do mostly brown most of the time because Brown has the similar impact of black but looks less jarring and more tender now curl your lashes I don't have any I

don't I don't have any lashes to curl that's a difficult thing for me to do so one thing I do I do apply me a mascara to give some fullness uh-huh and I put on some wispy lashes yes yes put on some wispy lashes honey add lashes flatten as you age if you curl them if you got some mmm it makes your eyes look bigger and brighter and also create the filling of everything going upward and wispy false eyelashes oh my god can have the same effect absolutely you know I had I was on struggle bus for many I'm trying to do lashes I got it now I got it now practice makes perfect absolutely and if you're using a mascara choose any mentioning mascara over a thickening mascara that's right give some an infant to those lashes honey yes any when you're choosing eyelashes today I have on some big fluffy ones but you know because of thickening mascara adds extra weight so does very thick eyelashes so be aware of that more wispy more thinned out lashes make you look more youthful and then honey spritz the face I love my coconut rosewater or some rose water versus a setting spray most of the setting sprays

have alcohol in them which tends to dry skin out don't go there okay now if you have oily skin you might not be affected by that but honey I don't so I use coconut water rose water something like that it's the face keep the healthy glow yes girl and then you can rock it rock it there you go there you go that's the way we do it beautiful babes I am your girl sweet angel and y'all like my top I got this like probably last year at rainbow fashion I like it a lot I don't wear it out in public because it is a crop top stops down low I don't be doing all that okay but it's really cute and the other thing this little piece kind of moves so I don't don't go for that either I don't like that too much but anyway I hope you enjoyed the video I enjoy doing it yes I did if you did please like comment share and subscribe that mom and Emma know your girl's sweet angel is here on YouTube and I am doing my very best to give you something hey give you something you can feel you can use and you can share with someone else that needs it absolutely y'all make sure you see my handles down

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