16 April 2018


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hey it's Annie welcome back to my

channel today I'm gonna share some makeup tips with you that are um with application and just keeping makeup I feel like I have a huge hair in front of these tips on keeping your makeup on and how I apply it why I apply it that way and all that so that is what I'm gonna be talking about today if you are new here welcome to my channel I share new videos every single week girl um make sure that you subscribe to my channel just click that button below hit the subscribe or there's a watermark if you're on your desktop just click that button below share new videos every single week make sure you click on the notification valve too as well it always leave me a comment too I always answer back on all of my comments so please make sure you leave me a comment I love interacting with you you can also follow me on Instagram as well if you follow me on Instagram please leave me a comment when you see my you know posts pop-up just leave me a comment and again I love interacting with you so please please PLEASE okay when I apply my lipstick I always outline my lips now I have uneven lips because of my birth defect so I have to create lips I don't have a

normal upper lip so I have to overdraw my lips but I always make sure that I use my lip liner to fill in my lips and the reason that I do that is it keeps my lipstick on longer so I always do that so if you are having trouble keeping your lipstick on always line your lips with lip liner and you don't have to go outside your line okay just line your total lip and then fill it in with a lip liner it will keep your lipstick on I promise you now for me I'm really picky about the lip liners that I use I like the ones from Charlotte Tilbury I'm just stuck on hers right now I've tried some other ones Lancome is pretty good too I like Lancome I do have a Lancome one really like Lancome I do like Charlotte Tilbury is my favorite so this is pillow doc this is ideal iconic nude is another one from Charlotte Tilbury I really like I recently purchased one from Chanel and I didn't like it it didn't stay on really long it ended up leading so what I look for in a lip pencil I don't want something that's too stiff because I don't feel like it's like I'm putting a crayon on my lips you know what I mean so I don't want

anything that's so really stiff but it also don't wanna think too creamy because if it's too creamy then lip pencil will bleed on me okay so look for something that has a really nice consistency that's not too creamy I know it's hard it's hard to explain that's why I'm cheering the ones that I like these are the these are the ones that I really like I like the consistency in it because it goes on really good but it's not too creamy and then always fill in your lips because it will help prevent your lipstick from bleeding I don't like to always keep powdering my face it depends on the foundation that I'm wearing sometimes instead of powdering my face I like to blot on my face I don't like the blotting papers I've used those in the past they actually I'm a hair stylist they remind me of perm papers you know the little papers you roll oh that's what they write we have um but I always feel like it just takes my makeup off what I like to use to blot my face off if I feel like it's getting too shiny is I like to use my little blotter Otzi's this is from I can't see that thing with my safe you can but this is from the

Beauty Blender I love these and it comes in this cute little case here as you can see and on the backside that's like vented what it looks like it looks like a big Beauty Blender that's been cut in half and it's flat what you're supposed to do with this what I do with this is if I'm out somewhere I will take you know I will get water from a faucet or something just a little bit they say you're not supposed to do that but that's how I you seeis or you can get like this Evian spray and you can just spray your bladder Otzi what little bit of this they do sell smaller cans of this so if you have a big enough person you can just get like a little mini size of the Evian water and you just spray this then you take it and you just go like this I love these I love these you get two of them in here keep this little little plastic thing so if you use one they you you know they're not like touching each other but always make sure that after you use this to clean it to when you clean it it's gonna get here just gonna expand like a Beauty Blender would but instead of getting fed it's just gonna get really long so make

sure that you keep this clean clean it like you would a Beauty Blender and these will last you a long time I bought these several years ago and I could still use them another tip to is always set your makeup this is my hands-down favorite powder ever that I've ever ever tried and I've tried Lemire powder I've tried that new peach Too Faced that everybody likes I've tried that I haven't tried the Kodi char the years ago I hate the smell but I heard that there's one that's it does never said but honestly I don't think it's gonna it's just not going to measure up to this one but this is from Charlotte Tilbury this is the airbrush that comes in a container like this it's just a little compact its and you can see I've hit pan and see I hit pan oh my gosh this stuff is amazing I promise you I have converted so many people this is the best best powder now some people can't get past the fact that it's pressed they want that dip you know loose powder I'm telling you this is the best powder it sets your makeup beautifully and it's not heavy you're not gonna see it laying on your face you're not gonna look powdery and cakey

you won't but it will set your makeup and you can touch up with us too I love this seriously the best powder I've ever use I don't know what she did I know what she put in this stuff but I love it I love it I love and I haven't found anything as good as that I love it let's talk about mascara when you're applying your mascara make sure that you apply your lower lashes first because if you apply your upper lashes and then your lower lashes you're gonna get you can even get it a boo-boo so always always make sure that you apply your lower lashes first and wiggle your brush wiggle your brush as you're putting it on that sort of teases your lashes and builds them up and gets them thicker it takes me because I really I got really fine really fine fine lashes so I takes me at least five coats of mascara it doesn't matter what I use I just need that so but what I plan on I start from the base and then I wiggle it up with a lit up wiggle it up and I always always always curl my lashes first use a really good eyelash curler not everybody has different shaped eyes the one that works for me is the one from Tarte I love this

one now if you have really really really stubborn eyelashes you could do the hairdryer trick where you take a hairdryer and you hold it on your eyelash curler to heat it up not if you do that please do not hold it there long and then put it on your eye because you are gonna burn your skin off what you need to do first before you put it on your eye is you've got to test it on test it on the back of your hand and see how hot it is if it's hot don't put it on your eye let it cool off a little bit you don't want it to be hot you just want to warm it up a little bit and even after that if you go to put it by your eye and you're like ooh take it away please use common sense we need to do that but I do heat this up occasionally I will do that to curl my eyelashes they do have an eyelash curler and I don't have in front of me I shared in a video recently that that heats up the the curling that lash curler just didn't work for me I think my eye shape just didn't work for it so don't work for me but they do have heated type eyelash curlers to me the best beauty tool for putting on foundation and I've used everything but I always come back to the

same thing is a Beauty Blender now please no judgments because I just use this today so it's stained okay but I love using a Beauty Blender the reason why I love using this I've used some invitations and I have not found one that works for me that not only puts my makeup on really good but I have it found one that lasts like I have washed this so many times already and this one for eight months already it's not falling apart I use it every single day I have traveled with it it's not falling apart and I clean it every single time before I use it I clean it and you always want to use this damp not soaking wet so you you know I always wash it off first you know with soap with beautifly I actually used the Beauty Blender soap and I rinse it out really good I squeeze it then I take a towel and I squeeze it with a towel so you want it damp you don't want to bring in what but what I like about using this is I feel like the foundation really gets on my face it gets in which is gonna sound gross but it gets in my pores that's why you have to clean your makeup off really good every single night but it gets in my pores so it

really gets on my face it melts with my skin my foundation so it looks like skin whenever I use a brush and I have some nice brushes that work well but I just I feel like this works better I just feel like it really keeps my makeup on really really well and another thing that I do with my Beauty Blender is I will use because I use a different foundation on my nose I use a powder foundation of trying to find it as I am talking to you I use my Lancome double wear so I will take my and it comes with a sponge but I don't like that one so I just take this and I will put it in here and I will apply my foundation to my nose there so you can even use this to play apply powder I've seen people that have used this to set their powder you know they will put it in loose powder and they will put it on their face so I love this Beauty Blender so if you want to have a really nice flawless look to your foundation I think the Beauty Blender is better than any brush out there that's just my opinion if you want to give add a little bit of a a highlight look especially to the upper part of the cheeks this is a trick that that works for me and I

that several if you've tried this as well if you've been following me for a while you've heard me share this but I always use a highlighter right here on my upper cheeks the reason I put it there is because I put it too low on me I have a little bit of texture in my face so I need to move it up here do I have less of that number one and number two as we age for me I feel like I need to move everything up I need to move everything up on my face this one's from Too Faced it's a very subtle highlighter so what I do and I'm not gonna put on my face cuz I like the way my makeup looks today but what I will do and it's already done anyway so what I do is I will take it my brush I'll put it in there and I will play it right here on the top part of my cheek just right there then I go in with my blush and I'll put right under that what that will do is it will just give you a glow with thin look so it won't look you like you just slapped the highlighter on top of your face it actually gives you a nice glow to your face people will come up to you oh wow what did you do differently you look so different today and that's why that's the trick so if

you want to get that nice glow within put a little bit of a highlighter right here but use a really subtle highlighter I like I said I really like this one because it's very subtle so put it right there on the top part of your cheek then apply your blush and you'll get a beautiful natural glow and one more tip if you are like me and you have fine lines and wrinkles especially when I smile you see them make sure that you are applying your concealer just where you need it don't put it all over your eyes don't put it down here just put it right where you need it I've already done my makeup but that's where I put it right there because that's where I have the little discoloration this is the concealer that I love I've used many it took me a while to find one that works for me with my aging eyes and I love it use a very very very very little of this and I mean very little I have a video and if I can remember I will link it above but use very little of it just apply it right there I just use my I apply it then I take my Beauty Blender and I just blend it out and that's it I don't put it all under my eye if I put it all under my eye no matter what you

put there it's gonna accentuate your wrinkles it was hard for me to figure that out because I was so used to years and years and years putting it all under there but as we age we can't do that anymore so before I was saying that I use a Beauty Blender to apply my my dual finish I started putting a powder on my nose and I don't like I don't put foundation on my nose under more the reason that I don't is it just doesn't stay I wear reading glasses and what I wore my sunglasses it just melts off my face so what I use now is a foundation powder the one that I like us from Lancome it's the dual finish as I showed you before I just take my Beauty Blender I put it in there and apply it on my nose that is it thank you so much for joining me I really hope that you enjoyed this video I really hope that it was helpful and informative please make sure you give it a thumbs up share this video helps me so much helps my channel so much subscribe if you're not a subscriber follow me on Instagram leave me a comment that is it thank you so much and I will see you real soon