16 April 2018


Makeup tips and tricks.

hey guys welcome back to my channel a

long time no see I was having a creative slump pretty much even though I was active on my Instagram account I just never filmed a video sorry my bad but today I am doing my favorite tips and tricks doing makeup and it's not only something that I've learned myself but I've gotten from other people so if you want to know my tips and tricks please continue watching okay so this is makeup tricks and this isn't a makeup trick it's just a beauty trick that I found on different youtubers so if take like a little clip like this I don't know if you can see that but it has to be like put it right here where you put your hair tie and then clip it right above that and so goes from here to here so clip that there and then it just gives your ponytail a lot more volume well now that my hair is done I'm gonna move on to this trick for eyeliner for everyone who wears eyeliner like on daily basis it's not like a wing it's just called tide line where it's on here a lash line and your lower lash line so from Jacqueline oh she just told us to put it everywhere sloppy on the top just like this this is for a few like don't have time so if you put it on sloppy and

it's sloppy right now because we have it wiped it off yet you could shake your makeup wipe or you can wash your face like you could put the eyeliner on before you wash your face and then wash your face and that comes off or you could just use a makeup wipe so you just rub it off not all the way off but just halfway just rub your eye a little bit and then click just clean up to where it looks decent and then rub your eye on this side just a little bit so now I have like the effect that I have eyeliner on pretty much that was what that was for sure for plucking your eyebrows if you guys didn't already know you can use ice you just take some ice put it on top of your eyebrow right here and then it just like numbs your skin but not only does it on your skin it just lets you reach the eyebrow better to me maybe not to some people but it does for me it's just a lot easier to me for foundation whenever the foundation is low like all the way at the bottom and you know it's like impossible to get out it takes like a long time I saw that if you use a straw it takes scissors and cut one side all you do is cut one side like this and

then you come over here and cut the side opposite from that and then you cut this top like this little flap my gosh this is hard but you see this right here okay you would cut this off just like this so now just looks like a swoop open it up stick your straw in there and take it around a little bit and then look you have like a whole spoon Foundation to just put on your skin if you guys like don't want to wear a heavy foundation and you want to mix it like a moisturizer so it's like something light for the summer time you can just like take a little moisturizer on your hand take a little bit of foundation on your hand so it looks like these if you can see that okay it looks like this and then you could just mix it in like would your ringers and then that's just like really it just mixes in really easily okay and for powder you can take a sponge and subscribe rate a little bit and powder this is just a covergirl powder from CVS looks like this and just put your sponge in there a little bit just Pat the powder in I think this gives you more of a natural

look in it it's just really simple and it just looks like really smooth and this is in replace of like baking like I normally do from the end of your nose to the top of your brow it should like line up like that and then if you take a pencil and go from the corner of your nose to here that should line up too so I'm just gonna fill them in with my normal benefit cup or a pencil if you are anywhere and you have blush but you have lipstick and it's pink you can use your lipstick as blush just go like this on the cheeks or you can just use a lipstick as blush instead of blush if you like this trick better and a brush for this preferably or you could use a sponge either one um if you guys are have a fan brush I don't normally use a fan brush but if you prefer fan brush over these brushes um you can use two bobby pins put one on the brush like this and then put the other one on the brush on the opposite side and that spreads out like this so it went from like a bronzer brush to a fan brush and this could be used for highlight and contour use my contour right here this so it's kind of like a

baby like a little baby you little B brush and then I take my sugar glow shirt glow kit and my brush dip that in there and actually applies really nice I like it and then just I'm just gonna go on the brow bone a little bit same on the other side and of course you guys know that whenever I use do my eye shadow you can use tape like that's a I shadow trick um you could just use tape or you can you thinking powder so that will help and now I'm gonna do my eyelashes so if you use Vaseline to put on your eyelashes before your mascara just like this so I just curled my lashes and make sure to curl your lashes after you put on the Vaseline to give them like more form and I'm just using my same as since mascara that I always use I think we all know the over line lips trick but to make that more natural we can do it naturally we can do it so I'm using just an X it's like a nude a new color I don't know the name of it but just over line your lips just a little bit and I've heard that overlining your top lip more than your bottom is what everyone does now yeah

just take a sponge and just blend it in you can add some lip gloss this is also NYX in the color angel food cake but in that end on your finger for a natural look yeah well this thing on Instagram today takes setting spray my favourites and highlight and open them open that up and I hate to do this but take tweezers and I don't use this one it's great just great and out a little bit II is balancing all my tweezers right now and I'm gonna open up my spray back ah no now that I have highlight everywhere I have highlight in this bottle [Applause] oh my gosh that actually works it works oh my gosh look at that oh my gosh bye guys that's it for my video today I hope you all found these tricks helpful and I really want you guys to try them so if you enjoyed this video please give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my youtube channel and I'll see you guys next time