30 January 2019


Hello my butterflies today I am doing a makeup swap unboxing today, so exciting. Hope you guys enjoy. Lets talk in the comments. Love you guys ❤ 🦋.


hi guys welcome to another video of mine if you are a new of your welcome to the butterfly family and before you leave don't forget to subscribe if you are right or die thank you so much for coming back and watching another video of mine and don't forget to comment because I love talking to you in the comment section don't forget to like don't forget to share because sharing is what sharing is caring sharing is caring so share with those you care about I always love yourself because you are worth it alright guys today I am doing another makeup swap with forever purple we did one last year so we're doing another one this year we were supposed to do it in December but things got so hectic I don't know what I was thinking when I suggested that date I don't know what I was thinking but here we are and I got my stuff she has her stuff and I'm going to put her link in my description so you can go and see what I got her I love doing um these collabs I love doing makeup swaps but I will be trying to see what other collabs I could be doing so let's just get started first I have a card and it looks like this it says thank you

so much it says to the beautiful butterfly I hope you like the butterfly I picked out just for you so sweet okay it's this first and foremost let me start by saying I hope and pray this notation and package reaches you in the best of health physically mentally emotionally and spiritually secondly I want to thank you for doing this makeup start with me once again I really hope you enjoy these products as much as I enjoyed picking them out for you I really look forward to doing more collabs with you in the future and I talked to you guys about forever purple um how I got I found her channel but then when I found out that she was from Louisiana and I am from Louisiana I just you know felt that connection with her alright so let's get in to the unboxing okay this is not gonna go in any particular order okay so we have I first I see some le colors drama lashes and I see some Broadway eyes human hair a hundred percent lashes and you guys know I'm still practicing on applying my flesh all right and I have some wet and wild lipstick and it is in the color hot red you cannot go wrong with a red lip I love

red lipstick okay so the second thing is this is some pretty pink lipstick you guys this is probably one of my favorite colors I don't know she probably she I know she watches my videos and you can kind of tell what kind of lipsticks I gravitate to and this is in the color fuchsia and I just feel like fuchsia goes really really well with my skin tone so I'm happy she got me that okay I see the Revlon new candid photo ready natural finish anti-pollution foundation and she got me the color 510 and what happened was I did go to the store and my daughter helped me with this so I know this is going to be my color and it's I hope it looks good because I saw some reviews on it and people were talking about it and she got it for me thank you alright I have some spritz to fixed dewy makeup setting spray I've never used this so I'm excited to use that and another thing why I like doing makeup swaps is because you get things that you've never time you get things that you've never tried sometimes somebody also have a different view of what you could wear they see you wearing something else something else other than what you wear and they're

like hey I think that would look good on her let me get that for her so she can try it so I just like doing those makeup swaps like that because in my head that's what I'm thinking okay okay so the next thing I have is a Bella it is a Bella blush and it's so pretty you guys look at that I cannot wait to use this is so pretty and you know I love that I try to be careful with the blush because I can go ham on the blush because I just love blushes and misses a really really pretty one I have the 10 perfect 10 colors Nick okay New York Cali it has a lot of nice colors I see it has a yellow color in its I'm really really excited to work with that yellow I've never really tried yellow on my eyes and I really I did one time I did I think yellow and black so yellow is my favorite color so I just want to try that yellow with another color just to see how it would look on my eyes all right the second thing is the LA Colors mascara and you guys know I love mascara so thanks right I have a colorist phone tip applicator concealer it is buildable coverage and I think this is gonna be

pretty much on the money for me because I like the light the brightness under the eye so I think this is gonna be pretty cool oh wow yeah I love this this is so nice and you could tell that she was being really really thoughtful when she picked this out for me because she knows that I love butterflies and mind you my youtube channel is beauty butterfly but I really really love butterflies you guys so this was a really really thoughtful touch thanks alright so I have an LA Colors six color eye shadow all day wear eye shadow palette and it has some greens and blues in here so I definitely will be working with that in another video okay I have this Paradise enchanting L'Oreal Paris eyes shadow palette it's a really really nice pattern I have seen it in a drug in the drugstore but I just didn't pick it up but I'm really really excited to use this palette um I was really really looking at this color so I know I can look at this palette and I can tell what look that I'm going to pick so I really really appreciate her getting this eyeshadow palette for me okay so the next thing is the color match it's a color matte eyeshadow

palette it is the garden party tally it so they have some really really nice colors in here blues and it looks like some Purple's right here and some shimmer colors so I'm gonna be using that as well I'm gonna use all the eyeshadow palettes in this makeup swap because I just feel like when somebody buy something for you you should be appreciative and you should just kind of try to use everything in the palette because they took that time to really think about you and to do the makeup start with you so you should be just appreciative and just kind of use the stuff that you got okay so have a brow precise micro pencil micro crayon and I'm so happy that she got me this cuz most of the time I don't use a pencil but I've just started using pencils on my eyebrows so I really really appreciate that I don't and think she knows that okay okay so the next thing is in came a cup perfection finishing powder it is in the color light I think this is gonna be okay because you guys know I like that brightness under their eyes so I'm sure this is definitely gonna work for me okay so the next thing is the color

matte lipstick and lip liner oh so there's a lipstick and a lip liner you guys know I'm normally don't use lip liner and I'm definitely gonna use this lip liner with this lipstick really nice lipstick I could see myself wearing that very very nice very very nice color I like it I might put like a lipstick around my eyes and put this in the middle I think that would look good so I'm definitely gonna do that and here is the yeah that's gonna go really really well together hopefully you guys can see that and that is the lip liner that goes with the lipstick oh my god one of my favorite concealers she got me the makeup revolution concealer in the color c8 and I think this is perfect for me for the brightness under my eye I just like that brightness like right here you guys can see that all right we have a lip gloss in the color pink she got me some really really nice stuff okay this is the essence fairy wings and magical things I've never used this palette I did we had a makeup swap in it wasn't a makeup stoppage of crinkle and I bought her two of these palettes but I didn't buy her dis palette and I didn't buy myself these palettes I've never

used these palettes so I'm really really excited to work with these power you look how many colors in here it's really really nice so I'm excited to use that and work with all those colors okay so we have a la colors lip duo pencil um so this is I guess this is like a lip well this is a lip liner I guess you can do I can use it as a lip stick as well so this is really really nice and I have a lip balm le colors Gio berry and bright scented lip balm definitely we'll be putting that in my purse alright I'll have another mascara a long lash mascara instant volume it is the Beauty reflection mascara and they said the gorgeous bronze go la colors bronzer I think I can use this as a highlighter I'm gonna try to use this as a highlighter cuz there's a lot of shimmer in here so I'm just gonna try to use that as a highlighter all right so this is a lip liner oh you want me to start using lip liners okay so this is another lip liner and I definitely will be putting this to use okay this is a liquid eyeliner from nicka K New York let's open this up I'm sure it's in the color black yeah yeah it's in the color black oh yeah look at that I am loving

that already alright thank you girl alright so we have the NK makeup Auto lip liner another lip liner so I definitely will be putting these lip liners to use because I was telling myself a couple of weeks ago that I was gonna try to start using some lip liner so I don't even have to buy me all right so the last and final thing is the festival by Julius place palette I'm excited to give this alright so of course you know how the Juvia splays palette work they're so pretty in so cute the packaging's are so pretty I love this orange and there you have it look at these colors and you know what I've never used this palette ever and I think we were talking and she asked me if I ever used it and I I've never used it I I really really appreciate this so excited to use this palette I'm so excited to use everything that she purchased for me thank you so much for taking your time and buying all of these products for me I really really appreciate it and for every purple I really really enjoy working with you I appreciate your professionalism I appreciate your communication I really really appreciate that so I will be

doing four one two three and four of these shrines and you guys don't forget to go to her channel cuz I'm going to put her unboxing in my description box so just click on it and go and see the products that I bought for her and we definitely will be putting up our Tryon videos sometime soon after this video thank you guys so much for watching and thank you again forever purple for giving me these wonderful products I really really appreciate it and don't forget you guys don't walk fly hi my butterflies