07 May 2019

Makeup shopping in Nairobi Kenya (Where To Get Original Makeup in Nairobi)

Makeup shopping in Nairobi Kenya is not as easy as one may think more so for Beginners. In this video i will show yow you where to buy original makeup ie ...


beautiful people welcome back to my channel and I'm stopping by you're most definitely welcome so into this video I'll be showing you where to buy original makeup in a row be yeah oh my baby comes there in nature so I'm crazy but you've been that there for me repost I got your feet you get to fly I can take you down for [Music] I'm sure you were to get no makeup [Music] good products days I'm telling you if you have the plane makeup you need come to this shop it's located in big it's ours yeah I love you Anthony so this is no today I want to do a review people have been asking me why did we get original products and by your foundation your primer and I said let me give you this so today we are the owner of kitchen beauty and she will tell us more about their brand and you get to know more to my followers hi my name is Harriet I'm the owner of this shop original makeup on Revlon liquid foundations on lipsticks

[Music] yeah [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I get up some is barely outside I don't want always would noise which [Music] we never trust ya I don't always with you do we Spanish you the highways don't shadow to sun rays and [Applause] I don't know this if you can notice the difference after have applied the setting powder a lot a lot of difference because already my face was was beginning to melt as you know there is a lot of Sun outside but no it's like I've done this makeup afresh [Music] [Music] melodies we haven't played go in around these walls to create a song I don't wanna miss Abby go through the wastelands through the

highways a shadow through the sunrays if you come to the shop say s no fashion sense [Music] [Music] [Music] so I want to show you please six hundred shillings my dear guys apart from the makeup bag that we have seen there is a makeup box Wow very nice it's been for how much looking for this but come at Hitchin beauty they will sort you guys for the brushes we have different types of brushes we have the small ones for the foundation we have this one Wow I'm telling you it's beauty got everything that you need and then we have this big pack going for how much 1,500 they're like okay and I can see all the Phoenicians from two are the highlights Wow gosh guys I've been asking me where I get my glue lash below this is the best thing for much so guys if you have been looking for beauty blender or beauty sponges let me call them like that you won't be disappointed they are so much right guys we have bronzer we have blush and highlight so she's doing the swatch for you you can see the color the

pigments Wow amazing that's going for how much 500 ok these are original products no counterfeits Hakuna Matata [Music] [Music] it has a matte finish I feel so fresh what do you think guys can you notice any difference hmm ya know maybe come my makeup usage we remain like that she talked to me exactly holding [Music] we got this [Music] it's good because it's how much is it outside of it what does it do okay guys we've have acne please come in crab okay how much is four how much is the eye shadow [Music] Nadia sorry sorry sleaze customer service we got a free cheese fries for you this is my pocket I know it's not related [Music] is my foxy everything if you have any question please Megan will you let me know how much we go to each Beauty to buy your products

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