22 July 2016


At Ulta I bought 3 palettes by Makeup Revolution. I talk about new blush trends, eye shadow blends for mature ladies my age (61)I know you like seeing "Pops" ...

I've been waiting waiting waiting for

you waiting waiting waiting for you and I've been waiting waiting waiting for your software to land on me now be waiting waiting waiting for the future never waited waiting for another wishing wishing wishing for laughter to land on take say it's wonderful to come talk to you today I hope you're having a wonderful day and I hope you're keeping a little bit cool I heard from you last week that you were like dying in the heat and it has been hot here too so I went to alter this week and I had so much fun and I have been seeing this line of makeup the makeup revolution London and I wanted to try that line so badly I wanted to try their hot spice blush palette I wanted to try their contour palette and I wanted to try their eyeshadow palette the new trails versus neutrals and I found my friend Mary glitzy pretty do a sort of a tutorial and I look on that palette and I loved it and I saw oh what's your name don't join the plank what's your name I can't remember few months ago I saw

Emily no I'll do a hat or not a type of a video on what some of their best palettes were the revolution London two of the palettes I totally loved and the third one I'm just a little confused by but you know I'm not gonna review the palace today so much as it just could sort of give you my first impressions of how I feel about them so the palettes are so beautiful they remind me so much of the time Ford pur cosmetics kind of packaging a sort of you know like a piano a black shiny piano that's what they remind me of very high quality a little hard to get open my not too bad as you can see there are eight different shades in here and there are two that are baked which are very very pretty and you probably would use these as highlighters I actually didn't have any luck with that at all like I said this is the palette that kind of confused me the most now I do know that it's very very popular right now to over blush it's sort of putting on your contour and then putting on a couple different types of blushes to give you that just chiseled over blush look and it's very popular and actually one of my subscribers said that

actually that was so popular in the 80s and that it's come back when I first you know I tried to use each color individually on my cheeks and it didn't go on evenly and it looked patchy and it if the color didn't look good and I didn't like it and I just didn't understand it I really just did not get it and the thing is I think that you can't really review something until you've lived with it for a few weeks unless it's just really terrible but I didn't want to you know say oh well you know my experience with this palette is don't buy it you'll hate it I I don't feel that way wait what I ended up doing is just taking my brush and just lightly going over the whole entire palette and and then using it that way and that way it went on even nothing seemed phony and I got the look that I wanted and like who knows so yeah I did not find that using each individual blush worked for me I just used it actually as one and then I loved it so am i confused by that yes probably I shouldn't have even brought it up using this palette and I'm rather enjoying it the next palette that I got was the contour palette which looks the same

beautiful beautiful packaging beautiful mirror and you know I've never had a contour palette other than the $3.00 wet-and-wild and you know that goes on fast it's not real pigmented you know so you can't really you know make too bad of a mistake as you can see they're eight shades here very interesting all different ways that you can contour or strobe they are giving you a lot of different opportunities to sculpt your face in any way you want it sculpt this one down here is a very kind of neutral kind of tan which is my very favorite for contouring my cheeks and also I love that color in the crease of my eyelid too you know on those days where you you just want just you know just a little bit of maybe a highlight and in a nice warm kind of tone to your eyes so it's kind of nice there so I have a lot to learn when it comes to the contour palette but I thought it was a very high-quality and I did really enjoy it the two baked options in the palette I suppose you can use those for highlight I wouldn't personally do that there are so many other beautiful highlighters on

the market I just thought it was a little too harsh for me the way that I have been able to use these palettes is not actually looking at them as individual pans of product but actually looking at the whole palette the whole totality of the palette and then kind of catching all those different elements on my brush and it just seems the product just goes on better it goes on smoother it looks more natural and yet it gives me the kind of effect that I'm looking for but my very favorite palette that I got at Alta was the eyeshadow palette the new trails versus neutrals you know can I just say that whoever titled the palette that is probably a huge Pat smoker because I mean isn't that just like the silliest name that you never heard but if you were like really loaded or how you just go wow that's really heavy I'm name that palette I mean it's just ridiculous anyway so this was the neutral sources oh I haven't smoked a joint since 1993 so what do I know that was a good year though I went to a funeral okay well actually it was my husband before I was married to him and his

mother's mother died and I was just so completely loaded that's why I never do drugs my mother always used to say that I was born high but anyway she said that she liked me right off the bat because when she took my hand at the funeral she was so upset and she took my hand in my hand was warm and I think my hand was warm because I was loaded but anyway it made her like me and I loved her and okay so I digress and again I will show you a closer look at what this palette looks like later in the video but this is the new trails versus neutrals palette he said that it's beautiful and I have heard some ladies say that this is a very close dupe for the sweet peach palette and I am lucky enough that I do have that palette and some of the peach colors do remind me of that palette and so every time I open up this palette I want to smell it and it doesn't smell good like the sweet peach palette but it is beautiful I've had a lot of fun with it the if the colors are very pigmented you can get a thousand different looks with this palette next to the sweet peach palette this is my very favorite eyeshadow palette I love the tones of

the Browns they're so beautiful and I think you know what do you think that it's between ten and fifteen dollars and you know I can go to the drugstore and I can you know spend $19 on it on it palette oh and it's not half as nice as this one it's not you know just the packaging but it's the care that they took with it they've named all the shadows but it's not just the pigmentation it's the uniqueness of the colors and how they go with each other and how you had these beautiful shimmers and mattes and you know I'm just mesmerized by it and you know some people you don't want to get stressed out they drink or you know they gamble or whatever you know why I get stressed out I go into the bathroom and I wash my face and then I play with eyeshadow you know me you know how much I love rosehip seed oil and hey I found a mask that has rosehip seed oil in it hyaluronic acid manuka honey and argan oil is from New Zealand it is called by nature there are five sheet masks in the box and it is an amazing mask and it actually does exactly what it says it's gonna do it does firm your face and it

absolutely minimizes pores you put this sheet mask on and it is so cold and 10 to 12 minutes you keep it on take it off rub in the extra moisture from the mask keep that on for a couple of minutes you wash it off and it is amazing not too crazy about the smell but for a special occasion amazing what it looks like it is so amazing just to have mass they have rosehip seed oil in it because it's just so soothing and so healing i was so happy to find these masks i found them at Marshalls this week they were only $5.99 I have a link below to the company's website and they also sell a coconut mask along with some other products I was really really amazed I used the mask this morning and I think that that is definitely an issue you know when we get older it isn't just you know fine lines and wrinkles or even discolorations so much of it is firmness so yeah I think you'll really like it so thank you so much for spending this time with me today I was just so excited to go to Ulta and get those three pallets and so thank you for letting me talk to you about them because I mean I just had so much fun and I'm gonna have a lot more fun with them too so thank you for

letting me share that with you and my new rose hip seed oil mask so I hope you have a wonderful brand new week and I hope do a lot of wonderful things and when you're done with all those wonderful things I hope you come back and see me in Cooper okay okay another summer soon will wind down and I think about my vow last Christmas to find a love no matter what the cost but so many things got in the way perhaps sometimes I talk a little bit too long to that waitress or I talk a little bit too long to that clerk in the star I think sometimes I just need to hear the sound of my own voice the only thing I know for sure is that nothing stays the same I'm not staying the same I'm growing and I'm changing and I wouldn't miss a minute