14 January 2019


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I could see you by the side hi guys welcome on my channel she under here my name is guilty by chance this is a revolution you try I shut about it - so this is definition of the mission evolution products often the eyeshadow is like this she have killed at least this is all need so beautiful you can use it to create any look your life so this we are going to create out a beautiful so in this tutorial I am going to be using this foundation from this is next foundation and this is same click on Milano's mask foundation somewhere to be listen two of them together [Music] so fast a DVD already find my face so for my conceal I'm going to use this product from Kiko Milano this is eco milonov skin tone Casilla some great swap lights on my face to conceal under my eyes for my contact lens use this product from pop Phil this is popular HD console uplifting concealer so in color FB 10 some way to use it to control [Music] [Music] [Music]

[Music] so now I'll go ahead to set off my face so to set up my face I'm going to be using this product from free dumper artist hedge deep Pro finish powder so which is it sort of my face to set up my full face I'm going to be using this product from why had to apply my eyeshadow [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] that's the final look of this who face my coasters hurry I hope you guys enjoy watching this video a please don't forget subscribe to my channel check out my other videos see you guys my next video thank you [Music] [Music]