27 November 2018

Makeup Products I Have Changed My Mind About: Good & Bad

Hey Beauties!!! Today I am going to go through some beauty products that I have changed my mind about. XOXOXO -Mel INSTAGRAM ...

hey beauties welcome back to my channel

today we are talking about makeup products that I have changed my mind about either for the better or for the worst I just watched Emily Noelle and Risa does makeup I will leave them both down below and I needed to see that because I've been wanting to tell you guys about a product like one in particular product that I've kind of changed my mind about but I didn't know how to really incorporate it and then I was like perfect we've got this and I'm gonna start off with that product because this is something that I've changed my mind for the better so the Sonia G brushes I only have three here and my mind really hasn't changed about this one this is the Soniaji sculpt for I always thought this was a good brush I just don't really sculpt my face so I don't use it I don't use a highlight for anything it really just sits back there so that one is just the same but these two right here you can see this is dirty I took this one with me - I'm ass and I have not cleaned those brushes yet so what hasn't changed is that I have a little bit of an issue still with how thick the handles are on here because it throws me

off a little bit but I have found that when I'm not doing a look like this or like an Instagram look or a look that requires a lot of layering and blending is like that kind of look I love these so when I am going to put any kind of cream shadow on or like an all matte look and then just around the edges blending with this one I don't know if I told you that these are the worker - and the Builder - I have really been enjoying these but I don't think that they are for like the typical eye looks like I wouldn't want to do my eyelid today with these brushes I don't know if that makes sense but for the style that I'm really enjoy doing like say the Charlotte Tilbury quads like the all shimmer ones I love these for any kind of cream shadows stuff like that actually been using and again all match shot like I've been using this to death with the pillow talk I said applaud from Charlotte Tilbury but I have changed my mind on these I never thought that they were bad quality I just never used them and then I started picking them up and using them from different purposes and I find that I like these so I might actually try a

couple more and kind of feel them out but I do wish that the handles were still smaller I'm just being a picky brat though two more makeup brushes same brand and two different thoughts one for the better and one for the worst I'm gonna start out with the one for the worst yeah so I absolutely used to love the this brush like love it I used it all the time this is from Marc Jacobs and this is the bronze brush I remember when I absolutely had to have it too like I kept going back and forth like so much money for a brush and blah blah blah and really like over time I feel like this has gotten kind of stiffer kind of more funky I'm not sure why I just don't really care for it anymore I don't think it's as soft as it used to be and I have completely fallen out of love with it like I don't recommend it to anybody and it might have done it been the Tom Ford bronzer brush that did me in because after I got that it was sound like what do we do this for but yeah I don't like this brush I don't use it ever ever ever ever but it used to be one of my absolute favorites so another one that I think that I actually put in a regrets

video like I absolutely regretted purchasing this brush because I believe I did it just because I got this one and I liked it so much and then I loved the face too for foundation I got the Marc Jacobs the conceal hated it hated this brush and now I love it I use it almost every single day this can get in the corner with concealer so well I use it to prime my eyes with concealer and it's just like this perfect little shape and so it has like this angle so if you need to get right against your last line if you use like a brush to do your concealer it's so good and I think the problem is the floors I never even considered to use it for my Paint Pot or anything like that and I never used a brush under here even like to fix anything so now I love this one and don't like this one there's that Becca highlighters and these are not the only two I have I have a ton I used to be absolutely obsessed like nobody did but nobody did Becca highlighters like Becca of course they didn't nobody did highlighters like Becca and my favorite for the longest time was moonstone you can see like I did some damage here let's see you can try to see like where

the pan was I loved this but like now going back and like when I try and use them I feel like they are more powdery and I think that the thing is and this one is pearl I have opal I have the pink quartz or something like you can kind of see that these are kind of dusty and they're still pretty highlights but I never grabbed for any of I don't even grab her champagne pop really letting everybody loves that one I think I just like that gel a type formula a better because a little bit more what looking or maybe things have just been perfected more and I don't know I used to love Becca highlighters and I just I I don't really care anymore like when they come up with new ones on with me hunger this used to be my ride-or-die mascara like absolutely nothing else was gonna go on my lashes other than packaged in the playbook but oh no we have parted ways I I've gotten another one not recently but the last one I got didn't perform the same and then I just stopped using it it's this Chanel la violin de Chanel I was so hardcore ride-or-die for this mascara and I just I'm not anymore I don't I don't know what it is but I

feel like they this is a newer one you can hear that nice little I feel like it gets clumpy or something and then I don't get the length and I mean I feel like I'm used to get length volume and just like a ba-ba-boom and now that is what Lancome wants you're begged us for me and so the volume is just like no no may you rest in mascara peace the next product is one that I never understood the hype about did not like it I hated it on my skin and I reviewed it and I don't even know if that review is up anymore taken down a few videos because I'm a girl you looked a little odd but this one is from makeup forever and this is the Ultra HD you guys have seen me talk about this recently and I got a sample I think it was when the makeup forever matte velvet whatever their new foundation came out there was also the ability to get like a deluxe sample of this foundation I was like why not I'm gonna try it again and then I was like why do I like this though like I hated this foundation it just slipped off my face and I'm gonna attribute that to my skin changing but now I absolutely love

this foundation it is one of my go-to like in my top three go-to foundations and the shade I wear in case anyone is wondering is the shade why two four five I feel like this is very natural on the skin I can wear this in the summer and in the winter because I was wearing it this summer and I've worn it during this it's been cold I live in Tennessee and it's been like cold and then 60 and really really really cold and then 60 but it's really beautiful and I don't know how I hated it so much before cuz I just didn't get it and now I love it okay guys I have no idea what happened with this like this confuses me I don't understand what happened as you can see I have used quite a bit of this and this is the influencer clean long wear foundation from Sunday Riley I wore this to death I raved about it I loved it and then it's like all this and it started looking really weird on my skin I stopped using it started using it again and I just noticed like no matter what it wasn't like you know sometimes you have to give a foundation a break because your skin can change or you know a lot of different things you I like to rotate mine because sometimes

even my lemare foundation can look great one day and then the next day be like probably should have worn different foundation today but I kept thinking that that's what it was but now I can't use this I don't know what happened with this it looks so strange on my skin it falls right off that's with primer without primer I don't know what happened because I was in love with this and now we don't get along I don't I don't know we don't get along anymore so yeah that's that's all I got that's all I got if you guys have had the same experience that foundation let me know because it was months months that I was using that foundation and it's just done okay I want to start off by saying that I still think that this is a good product and I feel bad but it's Sicilies fault so the j1 jelly pack primer I used to love this it is so sticky like it'll hold on your makeup so so so so well and you get so much in here for what you get 1.69 fluid ounces and I still think that this is like a great product but I've changed my mind about it because I like this expensive bad boy so much better and I don't even know why but it makes

my skin look better it has the tackiness it's not nearly as tacky as this one but I feel like my skin and everything looks better with this one I don't think that this one gives me any more longevity than this one and I definitely like the price of the j1 jelly pack away more than did he double tents you're like I I could never reach for this over this it just wouldn't happen so now this has been sitting in my drawer ever since I purchased this Cicely like I just I don't grab her this at all this is dusty and it's gross because it has been sitting and I think this one is gonna shock you guys as well I do have more on like I changed my mind for the worst so I'm sorry about that but um do you guys know how long I have used a Clarisonic and especially the smart profile okay so what happened was I use this every single day every single night loved it swore by it and I still feel like it gave me really good results but somebody down in the comments ruined it for me I blame you because now I can't get it out on my head and I see the logic behind it like even my dermatologist as I can't her stomach so great blah blah blah what

she said that no matter what you do you're never going to get the bacteria out of here and you're just rubbing bacteria into your face and you know when you take this off you do have like there's like pink mold or something but I'm very good about like taking the heads off I boil them I take this off and I get all in there but now I can't get out of my head that form I like I'm not even a germaphobe but for my face like what if I miss something or it's not clean enough I can't get it out of my head so now I have not used this in months months you guys ever since that comment so if you know who you are they love that comment I don't I'm not mad at you because I think I'm just gonna try like one of the Florio's or something but um yeah I have not used that sense this comment because I'm able to get the idea that I'm like putting some kind of bacteria into my skin because I my skin is like my biggest issue I got I want to be as good as it can possibly be and now I'm I've got this like $300 device that's sitting in my bathroom just sitting there I have two more products and then we are done the

first one is from Marc Jacobs I thought I liked this for like a matte powder but it's not really matte it does have some radiance to it but it's weird like it's very inconsistent and sort it looks like on the inside it I don't know like I feel like it gives a little bit of a sheen almost but it's very matte so it almost makes you have some texture and I don't know what it is about it there's been a few days where I've used it oh my god I'm looking good but it may be it's just one of those days where you could use any powder and your face was going to look good but I feel like for the price and everything and like the hype behind this like oil controlling and hydrating that I just don't really suggest this powder I never reach for it anymore I I wouldn't say that I fell out of love with it cuz I don't think I was ever in love with it but I liked it so I think I felt out of like I'm not going to grab this powder because I just it's very blase and very pretty packaging and then lastly my ride-or-die concealer and we've been talking about this you guys because I have been hardcore for Charlotte Tilbury and the

Too Faced Born This Way concealer so I have talked about you know it's replaced this and it has the Too Faced one has replaced this but now I feel like the Charlotte has even replaced this for like my glam like I want to be really done up because I feel like the Charlotte is a little bit more coverage than what the Too Faced Born This Way and something about it's just a little bit more like judged up so this the thought of even putting this underneath my eyes I can't handle anymore which is insanity because I have backups of this and the good thing is I have it and I use it for my eye primer so it's totally fine I will end up using them up but I absolutely don't like this underneath my eyes anymore and I tested this out two days ago I was like let me make sure that I hate this concealer because I'm having good under-eye days I've been eating a lot of cucumbers and you know we're haven't drinking water you know I'm doing really well so I was like let me make sure that I no longer like this concealer underneath my eyes I put it under there and I hate it I hate it and it was so strange because I absolutely love this for I couldn't even tell you

how long but we have parted ways as concealer for under-eye for any purpose like it's not in any part of the routine it's not for my full coverage days it's not for my glam days it's not for anything other than my eye primer which is so strange I never thought like this was the one product that I just never thought was going to be not part of my routine and I don't even know that like once I'm done using this as my primer like I go through them all like am I going to find a new eye primer I don't know guys but anywho that is it for the products that I have changed my mind about either in a positive or negative way and I will see you guys in my next video make sure to leave me something down below that you've changed your mind about positive or negative I'll see you next time bye guys