14 March 2018

Makeup Obsessions | Lipsticks? Foundations? Contouring? What Is the One Item You Always Purchase?

What is the one makeup product that you tend to buy over and over again? If you go into a store, what do you hit first? Foundation? Lipstick? Blush? Let's have a ...


hey guys welcome back to my channel I hope you're having a wonderful day I'm getting cozy in here in today's subject I'm and it's just gonna be a brief one we are gonna discuss your makeup obsession what item what type of makeup are you obsessed about and you tend to buy over and over and over again now I tend to and I'll disclose my my side and then I'll tell you about my mother's and then you can leave me comments below on what your obsession is okay so my obsession actually is kind of like foundations okay and and I have this love-hate with foundations I don't use a lot of them but the but I'm still looking for the Holy Grail I always I'm always testing something new that came out I usually tend to be around that you know the drugstore foundations by the way I'm not wearing any foundation today which is kind of funny ironic that I say that I love foundations but I'm not wearing anything today cuz it's the end of the night I've just put on my my photos phyto stem cell cream so I'm done for the night I've basically packed it up but I had this one topic that I wanted to turn out to you guys by anyway okay so foundation I love to go and look

at new foundations look at the type of where you if you know me by now you know that I love to do all day wear tests on some of these foundations I go through a rigorous all-day challenge I put it on first thing in the morning I go to work with it or if it's on the weekend I'll be you know cooking or cleaning the house or running around town and I'll show you little blogs about that and then I'll check in with you guys later at during and in the evening and I'll tell you guys you know how it all went and how it you know if it's good bad whatever and that's my little thing if I go into any type of store the first thing I will do is make like a beeline to some of these foundations and I'll start looking at animal starts watching them there's certain ones that I haven't bought only because the swatches on my wrist were so bad and they oxidize so badly I wanted to buy them one of them is the is it the who do who do know it's not the who do one was the Milani I know that the Milani two-in-one foundation and concealer that goes yellow yellow on me and then there was another one oh I

believe it was the the flower one the one flower foundation flower company and I was looking at their foundation the other day at I believe I went into Walmart yeah and I walk around with my buggy and I put like two different colors on my wrist and that's usually where I test to see because you know that's kind of like the lightest color and I want to see how it blends in and if it's okay with my skin tone and what I do is basically I tried the tester and I put two little tiny little swatches on my wrist and then I'll go around with a buggy for about you know 10 15 minutes shopping for other things and then I'll look at my wrist again to see gee how dark that god or are they really badly yellow toned or pink tone I'm more of a neutral I can do a little bit of a pink neutral tone but I'm certainly not yellow tone so and I was really disappointed because I couldn't buy it because they were so god-awful looking on my wrist that I just didn't want to plunk down the $10 or $11 to buy this foundation but I will always go through some of these areas and start to test some of the foundations so that's me personally you know I'm not really big

into the eye palettes I'll buy a couple of them and I have them in my drawer but I don't gravitate to them I'm not the first one flocking to the latest greatest palette out there I certainly will not be ordering the jeffree star palette for 50 plus dollars or the kaplan kaplan hill palette or lauralee palette or you know I couldn't I don't care I don't care that much to go above and beyond to get on the website to try to get it before it's sold out is also it's almost like buying concert tickets have you ever seen that it's like buying the pallet today from one of these top you know guru or when when they launch it's like freaking getting concert tickets you know when you go online and you're you're hitting the button to try to get the concert tickets because they sell out in five minutes and blah blah blah blah blah and you're trying to get it I mean that's what it brings me back to and it's kind of like kind of Wells up my anxiety so I don't want to be doing that you know so anyway foundations are my thing lipsticks are my second thing I will do you know some lipsticks I I tend to go into the nude range and the lighter

lipsticks then tend to not go too dark on my lipsticks I think they age me a little bit so I tend not to do that but certainly that's my number two pick and then way down you know the list is you know blush or highlighter or anything like that I'm not a big contour person at all I am NOT a yeah contour or what does what does the other thing bronzer person maybe I'll have one bronzer to my name it's usually the Physicians Formula butter bronzer I really do like that color and I'll tend to use that over and over and over again I don't have you know twenty bronzers and my beckon call so for my mom she was a lipstick person she loved lipsticks she was just like the shiny thing was always lipstick she only had a couple of foundations that I remember growing up she had an Elizabeth Arden foundation I remember as she was growing as I was growing up elizabeth arden and adrienne arpel i think they made another foundation that she really liked he didn't really go into the cover girls or the drugstore she was she was much more into the department store arena than than I have been and I think maybe it was because in those days drugstore

makeup was really subpar and really mediocre I mean she just did not gravitate to anything like that she would pick up a lipstick or at the at the makeup counter at one of the department stores or she'd pick up a foundation or anything like that I remember when we first when I first got into skincare seriously got into skincare it was Elizabeth Arden for skincare and then later on eronel oslo for skincare and that was big big freaking bucks let me tell you I never forget being a teenager going to there no laws low counter and she being Hungarian had heard you know obviously great things about or no Laszlo and their their skincare line they were not into makeup or they had very little maybe a lipstick or and that was about it they were like 85% of their product line was with skincare related and I remember getting of the starter kit for my little acne prone skin you know when I was 15 16 years old and it had a toner it had a some kind of god-awful tar tar type of soap or black soap toner and like a peel-off mask and some sort of drying lotion that you put on with a cotton ball at night to dry your

skin and I think it had like probably calamine lotion was basically what it was it just dried out your you know your pimples and I don't think I had more than seriously I am not joking four or five products in my little bag when I went away from the eronel oslo counter for skincare and i remember in those days and we're talking in the late 70s it was close to $400 $400 for startup for four maybe four products maybe five I think there was I think there was a skin cream and there like a day cream for you know younger skin but that was it that was it like like four or five products and it was $400 I never forget that because I was in so much of a shock so so anyway my mother loved a counter department store only got a couple of foundations but mostly it was lipstick if they had that display of lipsticks you name it you know there wasn't a lipstick counter that she did not stop at and that she could not be persuaded to buy a lipstick and it didn't matter if it was $5 $10 $15 $20 if she liked the color and she would try it on and the tester more most often than not she would go ahead and pay for that lipstick no matter what she tied it to for my dad

so my dad couldn't see the bill but yeah she would she would have a lipstick she was always known to have lipstick on her lips I don't think she ever went out of the house without having lipstick on her lips she could forego foundation she could forego you know doing her brows but she would always put lipstick on her lips before she went out she she even said to me one time as in laughs she said I put lipstick on to take the garbage out seriously I will not go out of the house without lipstick so yeah so that was that was pretty funny story that I remember from my mom so anyway just a quick putting it out there what is your you know your obsession your makeup item obsession is that I palettes it is is it eyeshadow is a bronzers you know whatever it is let me know it could be skincare too it doesn't have to be makeup if you just love night creams and you're all obsessed about having every single kind of cream there is or masking I know a lot of women love masking they'll do a mask almost every night or every other night and they'll just they can't stop you know buying masks and trying them out so just let me know what your obsession is I love you guys to

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