08 April 2019

Makeup Monday | Top 5 Favourite Red Drugstore Lipsticks| Whitney Wuzor

Holaaaa! So today i've started a series called Makeup Monday which basically means that i will upload...

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hey guys what is up and welcome back to my channel if you knew how there my name is Whitney and it'd be kinda nice if you could hit that subscribe button down below and also the Bell button like so said you can get notified each and every time I upload now doesn't matter title I'm guessing you guys already know what this video is about now to me I feel red is such a beautiful bold color that anyone of any skin shade can pull up however I do have a couple of favorites now you guys will be wondering why do you have five different red lipstick shades because that's exactly why you call them shades because they're different they're not the same so even though when sort of looks the same they they are different types of red this blue tone red that's pure red that is the bright red that's the dark red now I particularly I do not lean on to the documents because I just feel like it doesn't suit me but I am gonna show you my top five favorite drugstore red lipsticks so without further ado let's jump straight into it now slight disclaimer or they are a couple of girls who are watching television outside my room so you guys might hear a lot of

background music or screaming here and there so just please bear with me because I really want to film this video for you guys and I really don't want to make any excuses as to why I cannot film so bad now I would like to begin with the lipstick that I'm wearing right now on my lips so I'm wearing Gigi Hadid lipstick shade in Austin now this is by far my favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite the lipstick to wear I don't know what it is about this formula it's just it's so buttery but at the same time you don't feel like you have anything on your lips like it doesn't feel heavy at all I like anything in the collection it's far from this and a shade called Aran but if you are looking for a perfect red lipstick under the budget of five hundred rupees this is the lipstick to go for now the second lipstick I would like to show you is yet again another Maybelline matte velvet lipstick in the shade might 11 now this does have another number it does have 72m 601 I not sure if that is another shade range but this is again the Velvet Matte now what I like about

this is first of all let me show it let me swatch it for you on my own now this has a very very soft consistency like I said since it is well with it does leave that wet look onto your lips but it is completely different from a glossy lipstick just keep that in mind now this sort of dries down but it doesn't dry down Matt and I think that's just the beauty of it now one thing I really like about this lipstick is that since this gives you that you know that wet oh well with finished look you can dab it down with powder now when you do that the lipstick just transforms into something else and I love the way that it looks now the next lipstick that I absolutely love is the Nike matte lips and this is in the shape Maharani I have done a entire swatch about these types of lipsticks I will leave the link up here and it will be down below I love this lipstick mainly because it is lightweight just like this one I have on now you can tell the difference between this one and this one this one is a little bit darker but just like I said the name just says it all Maharani and for those of you who are probably watching from different

countries in don't know Maharani means it means queen so I don't know about you guys but I wear this lipstick when I want to slay when I wanted you know walk into the room and I wanted everyone staring at me this is the lipstick I'm gonna go for now this retails for 550 rupees but right now my god is currently having a sale so you would get this for 500 rupees so if you're getting this make sure you get this one in my too just looking now the next book stick that I have is this a Mac me lipstick right here in the shade 404 now this is more of a true red I would say it now this is what it looks like swatched as you can tell it is definitely much much much lighter than the first two I don't know why I'm going backwards and all these poses off with the lighters and dock and then dock dock dock dock dock but I'm just doing the opposite anyways I hope that you guys get what I'm trying to say on a layer of Vaseline or you know lip balm onto your lips for this lipstick to go on smoother and stay on smoother otherwise it gets a little bit um I would say a little bit tacky it doesn't make your lips stick together or

anything but I just feel like it leaves a lot of patches on your lips but however I do love the consistency of this lipstick and how it just makes lips look but I wouldn't recommend wearing this lipstick without some sort of layer off the lip balm before now my last and final lipstick under the drugstore makeup is this lack main lip crayon right here now I love this color especially the fact that it doesn't look creepy on I feel like I'm a kid whenever I use it I just like draw on my lips however this is what it looks like swatched on my arm now you can definitely see they're different shades right here now this is a lip crayon as you can tell when lipstick does have different shade ranges right here and I love wearing this lipstick now this lipstick is super affordable this lipstick is only for two hundred rupees and I feel like it does give you that effect now this obviously is a matte lipstick now it doesn't really give you that blow off like you know red like that boldness that you would need but this is a perfect lipstick if you just if you just want to you know look sexy but then you don't

want to put it in someone's face then you know you're wearing red then this is a lipstick to go for and this is in the shade berry just in case I did not mention that when I started so this video helps you make sure give me a use thumb up and share it with your friends also comment down below what is your favorite red lipstick I would love to know and if you had to pick one lipstick from all the five I've shown you pink [Music]