07 May 2019

Makeup Mix Up: Update 14 w/ Amanda & Jeneanne | Jessica Lee

I am so excited to be doing this Makeup Mix Up with 2 wonderfully wacky friends. Each week we will be shopping our stash and randomly drawing 1-5 products ...


everyone welcome back to my channel I'm Jessica and today I look a little crazy again this is the makeup mix-up that I do with Amanda and Janine and I did some things because several people asked especially Janine so this is for you guys I went a little crazy but doesn't look as bad as some of the tastes that I've done but let's get in to Buddha's on my face I have five extra eyeshadows on my face that are not on my eyelids or anything like that so let's get in with the easy one this is a rootbeer from Coastal Scents and I have that in my eyebrows I kind of knew when I saw all the other Browns that that was gonna have to go on my eyebrows I originally wanted to use it as a bronzer but nope I had too much other stuff um what I have is my bronzer is gilded taupe by bare minerals me try to show you this without dumping it everywhere it is a little shimmery but I do have that on my face as my bronzer uh this this one was a little crazy this is the Coastal Scents chroma light bronze it is an eyeshadow like a pigment that is what my blush is which you can't really see too much anymore because I have this crazy Coastal Scents hotpot and blue Hawaiian

as my highlights that is some crazy stuff right there I tried to blend it as much as I could but it was not blending on my face and it does have kind of a little duochrome to it which you probably can't even see but yeah not something I would normally want to put on my cheeks but you know this makeup mix up girl's gotta do what a girl's got to do alright on my lips I thought it was gonna be a little bit more but I have a matte liquid lipstick underneath of it so it didn't it didn't pop as much as I thought it was going to this is bareMinerals passion and it does actually have some like shimmer to it but it just didn't translate on top of the matte lipstick so and I needed to put something on to make it stick so that's that's what I chose alright so now that I look completely crazy well not completely I have definitely looked crazier but it's all in good fun I need to pick five more products I have 252 that I still need to work through so let me put that in my little app which is pretty random and let's pick some products it helps if I tap in the right place 65 and scroll all the way up 65 is

say it with me it Coastal Scents hotpots yes it is this is in light apricot apricot however you want to pronounce it I'm an apricot girl myself but tomato tomahto 106 scroll down a little bit and we have a Coastal Scents hot pot in Victorian pear that one's pretty neutral that's gonna be really easy to just put wherever um let's go for number three BAM it is number 33 let's see what do we have on 33 say it with me folks a Coastal Scents hot pot in chocolate berry that's gonna be on the Browse I can tell you that right now it is a slightly buried chocolate it's definitely very dark alright number four let's see 189 189 guess what it's not it is not a Coastal Scents hot pot it is an eye shadow it is a mineral shadow from bareMinerals in the color embrace and this is one of those rare i shadow x' i don't remember what it looks like that's how often I use it alright moving one 248 and it is a Coastal Scents mica pigment in summit turquoise and if I remember correctly this might be a white base it might be a white base with a turquoise duochrome

I can't remember exactly um I remember a lot of my makeup but I don't remember all of it and I want to get to that point with my collection where if I randomly draw something in a roulette like this I want to remember every single piece that I have and I do pretty good even with the size of my collection but I want to be able to remember every single one so I need to work here and I also need to work here because it's it's everywhere it is everywhere it's like visa all right I'm gonna go find these five products five I shadows and I will be right back okay I am back and I have found them all light apricot was trying to hide from me but I found it I am going to start with the one non Coastal Scents thing and that is the bare minerals and embrace I kind of thought it was on the lighter side but I wasn't really certain and it definitely is there's a very light kind of shimmery taupe and let me get this swatched for you it's really very pretty I'm sure I can use that as a highlight it does have just a hint of glitter like hint of micro glitters in it but the the glitters don't really stand out that

much so I'm not too worried about those summit turquoise would also make a beautiful highlight just as I suspected it was a white base with the turquoise duochrome to it and yeah this one would also make a bold highlight but a highlight nonetheless that is it right there I don't know if the duochrome is going to show up in the camera it's hard to tell in the small viewfinder if it does but it definitely has a turquoise e green duochrome shift to it so hopefully you guys can see it there you can kind of see it in the lid how it shifts it's really very pretty I'm really sad that Coastal Scents doesn't do these mica pigments anymore because they had some really gorgeous ones and yeah I'm gonna miss them when they're gone all right the next one is the next three are all Coastal Scents hot pots obviously because I kept getting them this is chocolate berry that is definitely going to end up in my eyebrows it does have like a satiny finish to it it is crazy dark there it is right there yeah that's definitely got to go in the eyebrows because that is not gonna be

like on the rest of my face I can't do it alright the one that I couldn't find was a light apricot it's super neutral super super neutral make it you swatch it that one it's very nude looking with like a a slight apricot warm hue to it there is right there and the very last one Victorian pear it is also very neutral and it's probably not going to show up in the camera but it has a tiny green micro glitters in it and yeah that's gonna be interesting on the face let me move my watch out of the way or actually you know what I'll put it on my knuckles no that'll work I'll put it on the knuckles so make sure you have a good swash there that is that one so one two three four five I can do this if I'm gonna do it all at once I can't use both of those as a highlight so I'm gonna have to figure out I probably will end up using one as a lip topper of some sort maybe the turquoise as a lip topper this as a highlight I could probably get away with that as a very nude blush or bronzer I don't know I'm thinking one of these a blush and wanted a bronzer I'm thinking bronze with this one blush with

this one highlight lip topper and eyebrows that's what I'm thinking but let me know what you guys think and yeah we'll see what craziness I look like next week alright I am going to go wash this nonsense off of my face it is almost 11:30 at night this girl wants to go to bed because she is tired from chasing little kids all day long alright wrapping this up definitely go check out Amanda and Jeannine they are going to be listed down below and of course they're gorgeous and crazy faces are going to be at the end of my video so just click right in the middle and it'll take you right to their channels see what craziness they did to their faces this week because I can't be the only crazy person in the world alright check them out show them some love please don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and until I see you in my next video have a beautiful day [Music]