09 April 2019

Makeup Mix Up Update 10 w/ Amanda & Jeneanne | Jessica Lee

I am so excited to be doing this Makeup Mix Up with 2 wonderfully wacky friends. Each week we will be shopping our stash and randomly drawing 1-5 products ...


hey everyone welcome back to my channel I'm Jessica and today I am a goofball today I have my weekly makeup mix up with Amanda and Janine and I was mixing it up a lot I am all caught up mmm wish my voice would kind of catch up I had some products that I hadn't gotten to with being sick and everything and they're all my face right now all of them I have eight eleven products on my face that I needed to get done to catch up with the makeup mix up since I'm doing five a week yeah I've been behind and I'm going to show you where all 11 of those products are and you guys I wanted to know where I was gonna use certain crazy crazy products got it everywhere I got it everywhere the ones that I have I'm kind of do laughing about the first one is tangelo tint the Coastal Scents hot pot and this one is - gold yeah that's my eyebrows I have the darker one tangelo tint on like the 2/3 the outer 2/3 and then the midas gold i have on the interior you know cuz it should get lighter as you go to the center right crazy but I did it I mixed it up I went crazy and I think someone challenged me if I

remember correctly off to go back through the comments challenge maybe huse it all on my face huh and since out you know I'm crazy I did it alright next thing we have the most normal thing on my face is the elf shimmer palette but I actually have that as my inner corners I've never used this on my eyes before it's just too soft and I normally wouldn't but that's what I have on my inner corners alright oh my lips this is the back-to-basics smudge pot from elf it's not too weird it's kind of like a metallic lip not so bad trying to remember where I put everything mm-hmm let's see um it's not showing up well but all my eyelashes I actually have bare minerals Jade just on the top lashes but I think it's too dark to show up but it is there mm my um let's see oh I used this metallic bronze pearl mica it looks super metallic in here I actually wants the color just I actually used that as my contour and I did kind of like buff it out a little bit to kind of sort of bronze with and I used this the cantaloupe slice on top of that I just please um to kind of bronze with

overtop of the metallic one I know it's crazy I look orange and let's see as my blush oh I kind of used that cantaloupe slices a little bit as like a bronzer blush duo and then I through pardon me my tie over top of it that's my highlighter tell me that's not a little crazy yeah and then Zippy's daughters these fonts I figured since I looked like an evil Oompa Loompa anyway with these crazy of my brows I'm gonna go with the whole that candy thing from Willy Wonka and painted a lollipop for me not the Lollipop Guild Oompa Loompa and for the main part of it it's present from bareMinerals that is like that peachy pink and then I did the purple swirl which is surprise from bareMinerals that is the outline and then the swirl and the pearlescent sparkling pure gold mica pigment from Coastal Scents is the stick right here a little bit of the purple is still in the brush but I think you guys get the idea oh you can see the teal the Jade kind of like flicking down here it's a crazy look I had fun with it I have a lot of fun with it so that was this past week plus a week before and

some other ones that I just hadn't had a chance to get crazy on I just didn't feel up to feeling like acting crazy and now starting to feel a little bit better my voice doesn't sound great I'm starting to feel better I don't want it to get crazy so this is what y'all get alright I got to pick five more things to play with yeah I just I had to go crazy because these were some wacky colors and there was just no way I could make it cohesive and look even remotely normal so that's why you got like space alien voluma here I just need the green air alright let's pick some products here I can't wait to see what Amanda and Janine came up with I need to pick five products though doesn't get into these products here scrolling scrolling Bueller 132 132 I'm so shocked are you shocked that's a Coastal Scents hot pot so my redstone it's actually very pretty let me mark that one let's get number two 282 scrolling down to the bottom hmm 282 it's Coastal Scents it's eye shadow but not a hot pot it is a Coastal Scents mica pigment in 24 karat gold and be shiny all right number

three is eighty scrolling up ah Coastal Scents hot pot in foxy pink I can do foxy pink stuff it's like feeling chunky on my lips all right next one is 60 can you all see that scrolling up to 60 you know what it is say with me folks Coastal Scents hot pot this is in chocolatier that's gonna go right in my eyebrows and the very last one 143 so we already know what this is gonna be we just need to know what color 143 Coastal Scents hot pot in siesta Sam's that is probably gonna make a very good highlighter so let me go pull all of these out and we'll be right back with my crazy self okay I am back and this is almost too easy it I got it really easy I think probably because I went all crazy I got really really easy to use products in ways that I could you know use them on a day-to-day basis and you probably wouldn't even know I was using eyeshadow all right I'm just gonna grab them first one is siesta sands I've got four Coastal Scents hot pots in a in a pigment so this one is siesta sands of course that could be a highlighter that's gonna make a really nice highlighter I have chocolatier you know that's gonna be a brow of course it is

it's just too easy not so give you that swatch right there we have a Foxit pink this could go on lips or be like a nice shimmery blush redstone definitely a lip color and it probably could even make it work as a blush if I used a very light hand and really blended it out but it's gonna make an awesome lip color and the very last one in 24 karat gold mica it is very similar to this little lollipop stick I don't know if this is gonna stick since it is a pure mica without um some kind of glue but there it is so pretty easy let me know what you guys think if you want to see any of these in a crazy way or if you just want me to be normal for a week get back to normal and um yeah I'm gonna have fun with these I will I've not been good about posting on Instagram like I said it would but you know sick so but I have been using the products clearly they're all over my face and I will use these next five and I'm kind of excited to do it definitely go check out Jeannine and Amanda as always they're gonna be listed down below and their gorgeous faces are gonna be at the end just go click right in the middle over the noses and it will take

you right to their channels please don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and until I see you in my next video have a beautiful day [Music]