07 May 2019

Makeup Mix Up Ep. 11 w/ Amanda D & Jessica Lee | Morphe Jaclyn Hill Favorites | freethetomatoes

MakeupMixUp #teamprojectpan #PANtasticLadiesCollab MAKEUP MIX UP EP. 09 with Amanda D & Jessica Lee This is a weekly project pan where we try and ...

that makes me happy

feel like an alien like I could have been in Katy Perry's like et video I don't know what I'm doing now welcome back to the makeup mix-up everybody I'm gonna eat my words and say I don't want more fun with this color than I thought I was going to last week I was like yay do whole rows of neutrals crease shades that are like one Hugh oh for something yay it's gonna be boring and then I covered myself in liquid highlighter and yeah I've got new hope for this challenge I got new hope for this next two rows yeah I'm ready for this I'm just everyday ain't gonna be covered in a different color of liquid highlighter if you're wondering it's the cover effects liquid drops I'm not gonna show you what it looks like cuz I'm pretty sure it's on the floor down with a lot of every other oh it's right here funny enough it's right here this is the cover FX glitter drops in the shade Ora yeah isn't that pretty I hope nothing broke I'm actually a little too scared to look anyways moving on I have deep cocoa all over my face today I have it kind of on the perimeters of my face as a contour on my jaw line as well I have

it underneath my lip which I feel only did my lip contour a little off but you know whatever practice makes perfect we're still practicing I also have it on the contour my nose up into my eyes and I have it on 3/4 on my eyebrows so basically from here out on the inside I have a lighter shade that will be coming later on in the palette but like I said I actually had fun with this but it has mostly to do being covered in liquid highlighter so anyways that was fun I have hope for these next two rows of neutral and that next one being shade es 61 so I'm gonna play a game with you guys really quickly not guess what broke on the floor rather which one of these shades on my hands is shade es 61 and I'll give you a hint it's in two spots so I'll go a little bit closer for you we have these five shades right here but it's not these two this is a shade from the very beginning of the palette it was actually the second shade that we worked with this is deep cocoa right here the one I have all over so it's possibly one of these three shades right here one of these three shades here or one of these two shades so saying that can you pick

out the shade that is a light golden brown so is it these three or is it one of these three so one of these three or is it one of these two which one is light golden brown now if you're me I picked this one right here the very bottom one that is actually described as a light taupe or a muted taupe Brown which I kind of thought that was more a light muted taupe brown and if you're wondering did you get them mixed up no that's why these two re swatched so i swatched everything here and went no no I got this backwards no didn't get it backwards this is shade es 61 and this is some other shade later on in the palette known as a muted taupe Brown interesting this is another case of really morphe really you are on such a good roll I stopped calling this the really morphe challenge and actually stuck with makeup mix up and then you went back to your old ways but yeah next week sheet is es 61 it's a matte it's called nuts for you and it is this so called light golden brown shade here not this shade not the shade this shade not the shade you know the ones with a little bit more of a warmer hue to it it's this cool toned one right here yeah

so that's that that just makes me kind of lost for words anyways that was my update this week give me a thumbs up if you like glitter and liquid highlighter too and if you don't give me a thumbs up anyways cuz I'm gonna need some encouragement as I wash that off in the shower uh-huh thank you for checking and I'll see you in the next video which I'm not sure what that is should really make a schedule it probably make things a little bit easier and a little bit easier to stay consistent but that's a future me problem and yeah I'll see you guys then thanks for checking this out go check out Amanda and Jessica who will be linked below as well as at the end of this video to make it easier for you to check out their channels like here and here and I will see you next time thanks for watching guys bye