24 June 2017

Makeup Mistakes to Avoid | Ali Andreea

Hi guys, So a lot of you here looove makeup. You see makeup gurus all over the world doing their makeup and looking flawless on camera so you decide to ...

hi everybody I am Andre Ali and I want

to show you how the same products can give you totally different results it's all about a way you were applying the product so on my left side decided to do the makeup the way I see on a lot of women and everything in here is a mistake and then on my right side I decided to do everything the right way the way I would do it before I get started don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you're not subscribed already so let's get started so the first and the worst thing you could do to yourself is not to prime not to prime is a crime what I'm gonna do I'm gonna start with with my wrong size okay it's gonna be my left one and of course I'm not gonna use the primer because that's what that's what some of you do right you don't prime not good young lady I'm gonna use the same products on both sides I'm just gonna apply them differently I'm gonna use the still order Double Wear foundation one mistake that you could do is to use the Beauty Blender dry never use the Beauty Blender dry it's gonna soak all the product in you're gonna be left with nothing and the result is gonna look like you don't want that trust me okay another mistake that you

could do is you apply your foundation like this and you stop right here at your jaw line because that's it you don't go any further you're probably doing your makeup early in the morning in the bathroom with the not the best light artificial lights am i right you can tell me I'll be okay with it what I suggest you to do is to take a mirror a good sized mirror and just do your makeup somewhere close to a window on my other side on my good side I'm going to use a primer and I'm gonna use the professional from benefit and I'm just going to tap it in wherever I've got like large pores I really like this I've been priming my skin and now you know it's not that fair because on this side I've got a lot of pimples I'm going to apply the foundation with the same Beauty Blender but instead of robbing the foundation I'm going to tap it and I start with the middle and I go in a circle on the good side you go a little bit lower on your neck you want to do that because you don't want to have a line in here that shows you're wearing foundation and then you take your foundation a little little bit up your

ear so I don't know if you can see the difference I hope you can because for real there is a huge difference on this side you can still see a lot of my imperfections and the foundation is really not blend as well not to mention there is a mark in here and also it's not very well blended on my forehead next step is concealer I'm gonna use the shape tape concealer you would use your Beauty Blender and then you would rub and then you say this concealer doesn't do anything to me on the good side I'm gonna take my concealer a little bit on my nose as well and in here you want to use a little bit of this product on the center of your face oh man this is so hard and then with the Beauty Blender you tap so you see I'm not going very close to my lash line I'm still staying a little bit lower why because I don't want a lot of product in here because this is where all my wrinkles are guys I am just tapping the product into the skin I'm using Laura Mercier translucent loose setting powder and this is in a small packaging a lot of women don't use powder or if they use powder they might use the same brush for the powder for the bronzer and for the blusher that's

not correct so what would you do you take powder right and you do like this you do like this and you think you're done for the day but if you want your foundation to like really last you have to focus on some areas so my good side I'm coming with a brush and with a little bit of powder and I'm tapping the product into the skin and then tapping the powder into my skin next I'm using contour hoola bronzer you do like this right this is what it says in them in all the magazines and now my cheekbones are dropping I don't feel this is a good technique to suck on your cheeks and to apply wherever the hole is I think it's not the best technique now let me show you on the good side I'm excited about the good side as you can see you start with your hairline okay I said this before I feel like I'm a broken record wherever your cheekbone is under it there is a small hole that's where you need to use your product okay so you start right there from your line and you stop around here boom I've got a cheekbone the placement for the contour powder would be right on your hairline can you see

the difference same product different application I've seen a lot of women using the same brush for contour and powder it is better if you have different brushes so this is the one that I've used for contour and I'm using another one but it's exactly the same thing it's just a clean one for bronzing powder and I'm using this one this bronzing powder from Marc Jacobs so a lot of women do this mistake you take a lot of bronzing powder and you're using it like exactly the way you would do with the contour and also here this looks muddy and it's definitely too much product when you use bronzer on top of contour you're just warming up the skin so I'll show you I use it just a little bit higher than my contour powder and it's gonna give me that nice warm bronzed look on the line of my hair and I'll take it a little bit on my neck now blusher and I'm gonna use this is a 24's brush from makeup forever it is an old one and I'm gonna use this this blush from Kiko on the wrong side of my face I'll just take some blusher and I will apply it just like I did my contour a lot of women do that not to mention that this is this has shimmer in

it so you shouldn't be using in this area you know where you've got pores blusher you should only use it on the apples of your cheeks did you see the difference next eyebrows I'm gonna use my pro Pro palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills one of the biggest mistakes that I see on doing eyebrows is to use a really bad shade I'm going to take the product and I'm gonna use it just like I've seen a lot of women do they make a square here I hate this square right here like you cannot do this you just can't this should be against the law nobody has eyebrows like that naturally instead what you want to do is just follow your natural line I make sure that I do a contour for my eyebrows under and above and then I'm rushing them through to just spread the product at the beginning of my eyebrows I'm just gonna do light strokes as if it was here I like my eyebrows to look very natural as if I was gifted you know what I mean okay so next is eyeshadow and I'm using the modern innocence I'm gonna use Cyprus ombre good scholar in here two two one from Mac [Music]

in another mistake that most women do is taking the same brush and using a different color let's just say real dark right here and then you would probably use mascara and you use mascara like this on the tip of your of your lashes it's no wonder why the mascara doesn't do anything for you now let me show you on the good die first I'm going to use a primer soft all clear paint bought from Mac a six brush I'm gonna stuff a Beverly Hills and I'm gonna apply this all over my eyelids why do you need to use primer and I prefer primer that has color because it neutralized the color of your skin and this way the color of your eyeshadow will stay real not to mention that it's gonna last for a much longer time I'm going to use a 207 brush from Mac and I'm applying this in my crease and a little bit on the outer corner of my eye and then I will take another brush a pencil brush to use the Cypress umber and this one I'm gonna place it on the outer corner after that I'm going to take a clean to 170 brush and I'm gonna blend this I would use the realgar on my lower lashes as well [Music] then I'm just going to smoke it instead

of using that really dark color in the in the crease I'm gonna use it at the base of my lashes so I try to do this fast and I forgot about the eyeliner how can I forget about that line liner so I'm gonna use an associate Beverly Hills jet and an angled brush this is number 12 - I ever really hit was on the wrong side so this is how I see a lot of women doing their eyeliner and let me show you the good way and what is the difference explain you the difference okay so now you can see the difference I made the line a little bit thicker and then I went thinner at the outer corner of my eye and the the eyes look definitely like droppy and this shape does not flatter me at all and then in this on this side I try to make my round eyes look a little bit more almond E shape I'm going to now I'm gonna apply mascara and I'm using better than sex from Too Faced I go straight at the base of my lashes and I lift them and I like to give it a little zigzaggy can you see the difference I like to use the mascara on my lower lashes as well highlighter I'm gonna use this Bobbi Brown one shimmer break in the color

beige and I'll use a japonesque brush I've seen a lot of women doing their eye their highlighter in here ladies this is not right this is just not right at all putting your highlighter in this area is going to emphasize every single pore that you have and that you didn't even know you have so what you want to do is actually but the highlighter a little bit higher okay right on the bone where the light hits the bone that's right here and then you want to apply it a little bit when your nose and on the sides of your forehead not the middle okay never the middle and on your Cupid's bow now you look like a bronzy goddess here you look like you did wake up in the dark I'm gonna use a crazy color for the lips this is dose of color coral crush okay so let's do the wrong side first I see a lot of women having beautiful lips and they only put lipstick on like top of their lips that's my mom would always put the lipstick Lord then her actually lip line when I do her lips my way she would always say we did you overlined my lips actually follow your natural lip line so what I suggest you is to follow your

natural lip line so right now I'm slightly over lining my lips but like slightly can you see the difference this is the good side and this is the bad side okay guys so this was it okay guys so this was it are you making these mistakes I hope you're not making all of them you can comment down below and tell me which one of the mistakes I showed in here are the ones that you're doing at home give it a thumbs up to this video if you enjoyed it and don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you're not subscribed already and follow me on Instagram snapchat and Facebook thank you so much for watching and I'll see you next time bye I'm gonna be joined guitar lesson alteration what about Joey doesn't share food yeah yeah [Music] click on visca I'm gonna be the Pedrosa moinho [Music] okay we're back