30 January 2019

Makeup & Mental Health chat || Rougepout Beauty/#ad/pr/affiliates

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hello my lovelies welcome back I

promised I'd show you the two-faced peach perfect comfort mat mat comfort mat foundation I think I need another coffee without putting any base on so I've just got my skincare on I promised I'd show you that so we're going to do that today um I hope you all well I just wanted to say it an absolutely huge thank you to everybody for your response to the videos have been putting up the last week be a week now week also smells so nice I'm not a peach bump but it actually smells sort of warm sweet peaches but there's a bit of that I don't say like a tang to it rather than it being just too fruiting future anyway yes I want to say a huge thank you for this has been such a great response to my videos and I think the thing that's moved me and sort of pleased me the most and has been how open a lot of you have been in your replies to the videos and talking about similar experiences that you've been through or that you're currently going through mental health being one of them and I know sometimes it's it's very very difficult a to admit to yourself that there's something wrong or to accept from somebody else that they know there's something wrong and B

sometimes just to vocalize it it's often the hardest thing is to actually say out loud I'm not well and I need help but I just wanted to say thank you because a lot of you have written very openly very honestly and thank you for that and I do feel very blessed that it is a channel where people have spoken out for many years and have felt that they've been comfortable enough to do it because everybody on the channel is so supportive and know a lot of people sometimes privately I've gotten in touch people that have gone through very similar experiences and I just think it's nice that you can share that and other people can read it and it does help it does help maybe that person who feels that they're dealing with something on their own that nobody understands to just see somebody say yeah I've been there but thank you it really has meant a lot to read your comments and anytime I'm here other people here for you I can't guarantee I can help because everybody's different when they're going through things my mental health journey is completely different to the next person just because somebody's diagnosed with

depression will never mean it's the same experience some people often don't feel the same about it so it is it's it's unique but I am always here if anybody needs just somebody to say yeah I'm here how are you today let's have a chat because it can often be a very scary lonely place and a very dark place so thank you to all of you for your comments and to those that have shared some of their experiences as well I am conscious sometimes I do worry is it too much does it sort of make people feel a little bit depressed with our lighting things but I've always been very sort of open and honest about things and if I'm feeling low if I've had a bad time yes she come here Betty she's sulking because I'm doing this and not kissing her gosh I've kind of bit mad with the concealer crazy woman um yeah I just it can be difficult and I'm not always in a happy place in a good place and most people go through it and I I want this to be well it's Who I am it's as simple as that so sometimes I don't perhaps going to detail sometimes I perhaps don't share as much of what's going on but a lot of people do get in touch those that watch me for quite some time

do get in touch and they just know they'll say to me I can tell you're not yourself and that's really sweet when people sort of see that and they sort of know you that well that they can see sometimes things aren't right but I know a lot of you really like the sort of heartfelt chitter chatter and I do find putting my makeup on very therapeutic it's just one of those processes that I find very calming and I think which is probably why I find it's so easy to just chat as I'm doing it it's therapy for me so there we go so that's the comfort mat foundation and I put over the a lot of the IT by-by under I've got a bit carried away with that I've got hair somewhere that's just tickling but it's not too matte which is why I love it so much it's just really nice and that does have an SPF no that doesn't have an SPF that's the one that doesn't got the box no infusive peach and sweet fit cream transfer resistant medium coverage oil-free 14 oil-free 14 hour wear oil controlling photo friendly shine free but no SPF because then there's some people like to know these things you can

just use a separate one but yes just nice coverage straight away one pump a lot of concealer more concealer than I intended right and I'm not really doing anything today I've got supermarket shop whoo but I have it delivered so I don't spend as much Betty for a walk and then I'm gonna clean the house and have a sort out and do all the jobs that I can't do in Craig's here does anybody else have those kind of jobs when they're at the half's not around that you do I sort of pick up rugs and I wash the rugs that are in the house and I don't know just things like that I take cushion covers off and do all those things when I've got the house to myself I don't know why some way to do that today because I've got I've got a meeting tomorrow and I really it's just who it's just how I am and I think I've always been this way maybe I just analyze it more I'm older but I really hate it when my routine is interrupted so even just having a meeting tomorrow is kind of on my mind all the time because I don't normally have a meeting on a Monday I'm using

blow and Ray which I haven't used for ages caramel candy I can't remember if this was a PR or not or whether it came in maybe a glossy box it's a cream shadow bronzy brown and I'm trying to use products up but it's such a nice shadow to apply I haven't used an eyelid primer this time because I just haven't I forgot basically it's Sunday morning I've had one coffee and I didn't have a great night's sleep and I'm not good if I haven't slept I don't function well so I feel a bit yes a bit slower this morning so I apologize if this video is a bit sporadic and I come across as a bit ditzy Betty is now making a nest on the couch making as much noise as possible so you know she's there and she's very disgruntled so yes it's just a quiet Tuesday Claire I've got a couple of books I want to read less time on social media more time reading and that syncwords working I think I'm going to use this brush it's a lap to brush and I'm going to use it in the cream shadow and I'm just going to take that under the eye such a nice color I do like so bronzer Goldie brown I went out for lunch

yesterday with my friend we always have such a chuckle we go to live a little cafe in the town which is also a flower shop and it's great because they have the cafe then they have the flower shop and they also have a record player and they play lots of vinyl it's just such a great atmosphere and the people are so nice really friendly really chatty real happy place so it had a nice a nice lunch with my Devonshire friend Emma because I have a friend Emma in Yorkshire as well my best friend Emma so we have down here Emma and up there Emma because when I say it's a Craig oh I spoke to Emma today he used to get confused about which one so now we have down here up there I forgot how much I liked Lowe and Ray they sort of disappeared they were everywhere as tends to happen and then they've gone again I don't see people featuring them you know it's sort of a fad and then we move on because there's so much more choice now why should do is get all my products out first instead of me turning round I spend a lot of my time editing my head turning around but sometimes I just don't know what I feel like doing until I'm satella with the camera wrong

so right I have the English mineral makeup there's moonlight highlighter it is the 13th today an English mineral are going to be on holiday I think for two weeks so if you are thinking of ordering you can still order but you'll just have to wait for your order to be put together and dispatched I just thought I'd mention that I just remember the scene they've put things on Twitter and Instagram I love this because it's got that sort of pinky shimmer which I think just lifts when you feel a bit grain tired I corner there and then my worn this for ages hourglass it incandescent electorates their lighting blush ambient lighting blush is that one and the brush as we were heading for lunch and I saw another Bulldog in the town does anybody else do that if you see you know you have a certain breed of dog I can't remember doing it with my last stop which was a Jack Russell weather because you'd see a lot of General Tso's you don't see lot of Bulldogs but whether you stop for your specific breed and have a chat but anyway I ran across the road and this chap he was persuading he's Bulldog to

go for a walk didn't really want to go for a walk but he was gorgeous it was a boy five years old oh and he was magnificent he was proper solid and he had massive paws and he was just really not convinced that he was going for a walk was a great idea but he was gorgeous and we just having a little chat about Bulldogs and the little quirks and everything but yeah I am guilty of being that person that will cross a road for a dog just have a chat and there's of a little puppy is well we saw in town that was having a wonderful time meeting lots of dogs every time we saw it it was jumping around with other dogs it was so sweet I don't know what I don't know what make it was but oh it was just so I just love poop well I love all animals but it was just so excited and then when we were having lunch there was a golden retriever because the cafe we go in they allow dogs which for me is a big yes I just anything like that you know I'd rather see dogs in a cafe then I want people to be honest but there was this golden retriever that was looking for us to say hello sir both Emma and I went over to say hello and the owners were saying that he was so friendly and

he loved people so we had a little chat and a cuddle and then when it was leaving it stopped by our table and he wouldn't go and he was just stood next to me and I sort of stroking him then I thought I need to stop stroking him because the owner was struggling to get him out the door and he would leave he just went to stay with me which I was really sweet anyway they got him out eventually but sir it was such a placid gorgeous dog really lovely but I live in a really dog friendly place and I know not everybody likes dogs in cafes and things and that's fine we're all different there are things I don't like but I personally even when we didn't have a dog I liked it it wouldn't stop me going in somewhere and of course generally I don't think I've ever been anywhere where there's somebody and I thought gosh you will need to control your dog I've thought about children and but never a dog and generally people who go into places like Craig and I we're very conscious that there are people there who haven't gone you know Betty doesn't really bark and we keep her under the table and we take water we take blanket

we try and make it you know make her presence just for us because that's the idea but we live in such a wonderfully dog loving accepting place there's so many allow dogs in and they've really welcomed them it's really nice and it's quite a shock for us if we go anywhere else because we really struggle to find places that take dogs especially sort of hotels and things accommodation wise we really struggle and the higher up you get as I get nearer to Yorkshire where I'm from it's almost impossible to find anywhere and the place we used to stay at before we had Betty is a perfect location they have cottages and things in the grounds and yet they don't accept dogs it's really upsetting but for me that's a big yes if somebody says oh yes we welcome dogs then that's my kind of place but I do understand when it isn't but just don't tell me about it because I'm not interests it that's it that's you know how nice am I you know I respect that you probably don't like dogs and you don't want the way we thing but I'm not interested if you don't this is Makeup Forever aqua lip waterproof lip liner I think they've stopped doing

it now dooms quite a thick line on the end I haven't filled all my Lipson then I'm gonna use art-deco this was the know-how what do they say what do they call it can I see Art Deco I'm gonna tell you it's the lip balm which is this sort of pinky tone but it transfers to sort of a color that suits your lips and I'm going to put that sort of in the middle and just touching on the lip liner edges and then I'm sorry I keep turning around I'm going to use some of the fairy godmother gosh I've really used that but I do pretty much use it every day now it's my kind of go to I still have the Charlotte Tilbury don't panic I have hit pan on that and because I'm doing my no spend oh well yes I could replace it I do keep thinking maybe I should look just for a drugstore version because that would be great so I don't want it to use up I'm panicking now that my English mineral is disappearing quite quickly as well that win right that's my makeup for today excuse me and really is this really a good video I don't know sometimes they edit them I think what are you talking

about Rebecca but the response I get from the chatty ones is always so positive and I know a lot of you love them so there you go Sunday morning obviously don't know what the hell I'm doing but just to reiterate thank you basically everybody for the replies to the videos that I've put up and it's such a nice response and it makes me sad that I know a lot of you've gone through what I've gone through and when you've been through stuff you really don't want other people to go through it because you know it's awful for one of a better word so it makes me sad in one way when I know somebody's gone through it because I know how hard it's been for me but then it makes me feel quite touched and happy that you feel you can share your experience as well and that means an awful lot to me that's what it's about reaching out and you know it's not always about lipstick it's about life but there's no harm in finding little pleasures and things and makeup brings me a lot of pleasure so a huge thank you to all of you there will be topic Tuesday coming up if you have any suggestions anything you'd like me to discuss do let me know it can

be as bonkers as you like doesn't have to be serious doesn't have to be makeup related it can be anything but I would like your suggestions rather than me taking it forward because I feel I have enough control over this channel as it is and I'd like to pass the book to somebody else so there we go but thank you so much and I'll see you in another video bye for now