21 December 2018

Makeup Lookbook: Look 4| Cobalt Eyes+Black Lips Glam

YEABOIIIII we've got a party ready look going on today! This is such a bold and glamorous glittery blue eye with a black sparkly lip; a twist on the classic sparkly ...

that's good it's your girl that gonna be

gathered for lick number five today is such a great day and coincidentally I'm wearing all grey as well so I figured it would be really cool to do a super bright blue colorful sparkly shimmery glittery look and so that's all I gonna do I already primed my eyes as per usual you know and I'm going to start off by taking a fluffy crease brush that is dirty so I'm just going to use my damp hand to take off some of the eye shadow that's on here and I'm going to go in with a excuse me transition color this is from colour-pop called Cornelius Museum and all the and I'm gonna run that through the crease I've already primed my face and as you can see I've already got my makeup on well face makeup and all of that done who do have mascara on so as per my first couple of videos in my makeup look book series we're just going to work around the mascara and the makeup so once I've run that kind of lazily through the crease I'm going to go in with this beautiful blue color from colour-pop I swear this wasn't meant to be every day consistently color pop but hey you know what color pop is

reasonably priced and so I don't think it's a bad thing that every single tutorial I've used together Bob anyway this is a blue color called coconut the only thing I don't understand them about them is their names because it'll be like a blue eyeshadow named coconut or like a pink eyeshadow named like a dirtbag or something like that it just doesn't make sense to me but anyway I'm taking up the color and setting that down on my pinky and going over my eyelid I'm going to avoid the inner third of my eye and primarily focus this on the outer and middle portions of the lid oh my god that is so beautiful so I got that eyeshadow all over my hands already we're off to a great start I'm just gonna have a little cookie intermission and after the crease I'm going to take a very small fluffy brush very tapered petites crappie brush once fluffy brush kind of losing it I'm really tired but I'm gonna use this fluffy brush and I'm gonna go into this satiny dark blue almost like a navy blue we're gonna take that and generously generously tap that off and I'm going to run this through the crease kind of like

a 60s style cut crease I feel like this is going to be the look that's like one of the more New Year's Eve New Year's appropriate looks like a party look there's gonna be drama there's gonna be glitter there's gonna be sparkle there's going to be you know it's gonna be a look but I really like pairing super colorful bold intense eyes with a very fresh looking natural face makeup because sometimes sometimes it's really nice to have like the whole shebang with a fuller coverage foundation and then you know like all the contour looking snatched and whatever like that's cute but I feel like it could look really pretty when you've got such party-ready eyes and then a fresh face there's something very chic about that so for this crease cut crease I'm just kind of twisting the brush in my hand nestling that into the crease and then twisting gently and that's going to place the color in a more precise way I'm also flicking this outwards and almost creating like a SC shape so it looks a little crazy right now but we're gonna fix it it always looks so bizarre before you do like all the rest of this stuff mmm anyway going back into

my fluffy crease brush and just blending over that edge just making sure it's a little bit softer once again I'm kind of avoiding the inner third of my eye especially with that darker color because I really want a lot of glitter and sparkle to come through on the inner portion so we're just gonna leave that alone for now so for the outer portion of the eye to kind of smoke things out just a teensy-weensy bit I'm taking this matte midnight blue color and but same very small fluffy crease brush packing that onto the tip and pressing that at the outer corner once again kind of licking it into that C shape now with that same color same brush keeping this real simple with the brushes we're not going to use too many it's just the fingers and then the two fluffy brushes anyways taking that same midnight blue and I'm putting this focusing this color on the outermost portion of the lower lash line because I'm going to run a different color on the inner third so the outer third Ford the outer third we're keeping pretty dark so for those inner thirds I'm taking a

blue glitter eyeliner you can use whichever one you'd like you can use a different color I'm going to make this pretty blue it's gonna be a bright blue look and I'm just going to stack that glitter on the inner third and have it meet up with the darker color on the outer third so for the upper lashline I will be doing a liquid liner shocking because for my first four looks now that I've done I haven't done liquid liner but this one is going to be extra dramatic so I'm going to zoom in and do a quick little flick and not for those inner thirds I'm going in with a pressed shimmer at glare palette this is the funky galaxy palette that they released over the holidays I think maybe last year yeah last year and I'm going to go into this cobalt blue put that over top of that color pop eyeshadow that I've got on the center just to amplify that brightness so we really want that electric color to pop color pop Oh enough for the star of the show mmm I'm taking this very light sky-blue glitter it's so beautiful and we're going to put this over top of

that electric Cobalts on little bits and I'm mixing the two colors together as well just so that there's not too harsh of a divide between the cobalt and then the sky-blue I want to make sure everything is pretty cohesive as a whole now the final color that I'm going to put on the tear ducts is also from this galaxy pallets and it's going to be this lighter color this is interesting because it's a frosty white shade but it has gold and very light blue reflex in it so it will pair perfectly with all the Blues in this look just for a bit more of a pop I'm going to take that the same color and just dab it once very lightly on the center of the lid and then use my pinky to blend that out now you could leave it there and be content with the sparkle and the shimmer however if you're anything like me and do you adore glitter you crave sparkle I have an option for you if there's any sort of the litter I can recommend to you it would be the Stila glitter and glow particularly in the shade of diamond dust this is like one of the most beautiful beautiful litters and it's so nice because these don't have Fallout they're basically like a

liquid eye shadow but in glitter for so what I'm going to do though you could just apply it straight up from the DOE foot but I'm going to put this on my pinky so just a little swipe of that and we're gonna just pop that over top of the center of the lid and really go to town with you know getting that shine through like this is this is what I'm talking about like this is this is the type of makeup that I just I just kind of not over you know it's just so beautiful and party ready you know I am focusing that glitter mostly in the center of the lid because I really want it to pop you can spread it towards the inner corners as well just the bit I wanna that's it for the eyes I am going to put a little bit more mascara on just because mmm I need more mascara so mm-hmm give me the sack oh my god that was getting so dark I had to bring in my janky artificial lighting but at least now you can see what was done a lot better and so off-camera I did make a few adjustments add-ons I just highlighted certain parts of my face with concealer cuz my foundation was looking a little bit rough so we just corrected that and

then I added some brago and highlighter I tight lined the upper lash line with black eyeliner just so that there's no weird slushy gaps and so now the only thing left to do is the lips and the highlighter I'm not putting on blush I'm not going to contour my face anymore you of course can do that you can go full out full it was that English no it was not you can go full on out and do whatever face makeup you prefer but what I'm going to do is strobe so I'm taking Anastasio dream glow kit this is a very beautiful blow kit but three of these colors are super pink so mmm it's not my favorite however the color that I am going to use well I'm gonna mix two colors I'm gonna mix a wish and magic which is this minty green color well I said green so girls hurry mama this is mint green with this beautiful peach champagne and where's my mirror they're just gonna strobe the out of the face they just put on a shite ton of highlighter now for the lips one would expect a neutral lip to pair with a blue eye one could also do a red lip brown would look excellent very elegant but you know what I want to go all out like I want to take

it there I wanna you know um channel the inner darkness of Midnight's so what I'm going to do is a sparkly black lipstick I mentioned this in my video yesterday and I'm going to use it today I'm just gonna do that if you have a navy blue lipstick like please feel free to put it on with this eye I look um slay the game if you will with all blue everything I used to have a dark blue lipstick until I realized that I look ridiculous with dark blue lipstick on so instead I choose to wear black lipstick because I'm emo and so what I'm gonna do is gonna start by lining my lips with a black lip liner it will get messy and will get sloppy if you don't put on a liner before you can even use black eyeliner but make sure you line your lips first so the only thing black lipstick is that you will most definitely get butthole lip but just line as best as you can and own the butthole lip when it shows up you know so now I'm going in with my black liquid lipstick this is from sugarpill and this is the color trick this is from the Halloween duo that they did unfortunately you cannot get this

anymore however any black liquid lipstick or a black bullet lipstick will do you can add some glitter over top that way it doesn't have to be this one but this is the one that I have so just going to go over that yes and now for the added drama I'm gonna take that same glitter and glow from Stila that's silver silver boy and in the very center I'm just going to highlight oh my god like I feel so beautiful I'm gonna damage my vocal cords doing that but this is the finished look and honestly this is what makeup is about like just putting sparkly all over your lips and your face and your eyes and just clowning around that's what it's about it's fun and you don't need to have a hundred palettes and all these different things to achieve this look these are just you know like the stealing glitter go glitter go Jesus glitter and glow is beautiful and although I would recommend it it is not the most affordable glitter out there so you can definitely you know do you substitute with whatever you've got make it work but this is this is like creativity and speak so I hope you

enjoyed this video and maybe you'll use it for a New Year's party or you will decide one day that you want to be a fan bitch and put on cobalt blue sparkly eyeshadow and black glittery lipstick and go get groceries like live your life do you and own the look so I hope you enjoyed and I will see you tomorrow for a look number Jesus what is it now six seven I don't even know or just schools releasing time and electricity and rolling with it so I will see you in my next one ciao [Music] you [Music]