23 January 2019

Makeup Inspired by "Thirst" by Christopher Pike

A little more of a simple look for a book that helped shape my love for reading all things paranormal. Products used: Primers: ELF Mineral Primer and Smashbox ...


okay so I have done all of my base stuff I've done my concealers my foundation my priming my I liner I'm done pretty much all that my blush a little bit of contour and I'm sorry if my skin does not look the best right now honestly with the winter that we've been having so far in Michigan my skin has been drying out so badly and that's partially because I also haven't been taking care of it which is bad of me I need to be better about that please excuse my wet hair I'm just taking a shower because as I'm building this I got back from the gym and then ate and then took a shower so now I'm doing my filming and it's very late at night so I wanted to try to do this quickly so yeah as you guys saw the book that we are doing this makeup on is for the first volume of the first series that Christopher Pike no I don't think I am gonna necessarily do this bright yellow that's here because I don't like bright yellow eyeshadow it just does not work for me specifically because I'm already so very pale and I don't feel like it looks good on my skin so what I'm deciding to do instead is I'm actually gonna try something a little

different that I've never done before and that is doing a cut crease now I know how did you cut creases kind of but I never done it I'm by myself but I'm kind of gonna also use a white eyeshadow on my lids anyway so it's not gonna be a true cut crease but I'm gonna at least do the black and in the crease and then do like a white bottom to kind of match the white that is in the book because there's a lot of black and white within the picture itself so to start off with I am gonna actually do the crease part first so that that's done and then I can just put concealer on the lid that you know might have some black on it so what I'm going to do is go into my inner stellar palette by Kat Von D and go into this black shade the darkest shade that's on here which is called Nightcrawler and I'm gonna use this tapered brush I have here from ELF just so that I can make sure I get right in the core there and it's very pigmented so if you ever get these kind of piles from Kat Von D as much as I don't agree with her ethics I think that her palettes are wonderful and I think that they honestly

are such good quality I've had this palette for like over two years and it has not as of yet cause me any problems and it's actually really great it takes me a long time to go through some of these palettes but anyway I'm gonna go into the crease I'm gonna start in the outer corner and kind of work my way in so that's a little more heavy on the outside because I do like how on the outside the collar is a lot more pigmented [Music] so basically that has created like all this shadow right here in my eye and thankfully none of it really got on my lids so I think I don't have to use concealer on that side which is nice but now I'm gonna do the same on the other side and when I try to do also was kind of try to blend it so it's not so super harsh on this side but I don't know if you guys can really tell with this camera [Music] so about the same on that side it's not super well I mean it looks a little bit worse I think to me then in night to you but I did it okay so I don't feel like I need to do a whole lot of concealing on

my lids which is surprising but yeah so now what I'm gonna go into is this small little thing of eyeshadow I have it's another cap on d1 and it is the shade thunderstruck it's like this really kind of creamy white color and it's got a little bit of shimmer to it I honestly found this is like TJ Maxx a while ago for like six bucks I think so I was like score and this was honestly before like I even knew about Kat Von D's ethics otherwise I probably wouldn't have bought it pretty much all the products that have a cap on these as of right now our products that I got way before I found out about her ethics and stuff so if you are aware of her ethics and our concern I have her products don't worry it's I've had them for a long time and just because you know I have them and they were quite expensive usually I don't want to get rid of them at the moment because I spent quite a either got them as gifts and they were a lot of money to throw away or I did spend my own money on them and they were quite expensive so I want to get my use out of them so with this shade thunderstruck which again is a super super super pigmented

color I'm just gonna apply it to the lids it might not show up super well but that's okay I kind of just want it to be a nice base to kind of maybe blend in some of the black and kind of just have it as a neutral kind of setting for the black in the crease so I'm just gonna go in very easily it is showing up is white on my lid but I don't know if that's gonna show up super well on camera so I guess we will see it's very shimmery so you can kind of see I mean it looks different than my other lid but it's definitely more shimmery but I think this will work just fine I was gonna go in with my sans palette from twisted and use Nosferatu which is like the the white shade that is in there it's like a pure China white colour but I figured this would be a little bit different considering it's a little bit more shimmery and you know I was already using a kat von d palette why not just use a color that I've been meaning to use for a while and have it use for so I think that is all on there so now that that's done that's pretty much all the coloring I want to do but now I'm gonna go in with my trusty dusty liquid eyeliner I'm actually running out of

this and I just got a new one from Hot Topic the other day that I was super jazzed about so I'm gonna use this and probably toss it out afterward because it is kind of running low let's pray to have these wings come out even [Music] that is unfortunately the end of this one cuz I probably I found it for a while it probably needs to go so bye II I'm gonna go with my mascara which again is my trusty dusty stuff my NYX ulema blue mascara in black just gonna quickly put that on [Music] okay so that's on so now before I put on my lipstick I'm gonna prep my lips with a lip scrub and some chapstick cuz my lips are solid I like my skin so to complete this look which honestly is gonna be another Kat Von D product I know but um this cap on these stuff like I said despite or the ethics I don't agree with her her products are really great they are long lasting all that stuff and one of the things I think is my favorite of hers is her everlasting liquid lipstick in the shade of witches and this is the solid black color by far one of my most

favorite black lipsticks I've ever had in my life and I can say that having tried many a black lipstick in my life and many of them are they're smearing so badly that I had to reapply a lot or it's smeared down to my chin during the day and having somewhere they have pretty much no pigment in our super super sheer so I'm just gonna apply this to my lips and then that will be the completed look [Music] [Music] and then last but not least adding on my setting spray almost always forget to do this in my videos [Music] today you guys go goes my completed look inspired by the book thirst by Christopher Pike this is the first volume I have my hand right here there are five different bind ups of this entire series that involve three stories within the story and if you guys are interested in like really cool backstories and vampires and great plot and stuff like that I remember this being one of my most favorite vampire stories as I was growing up but it's possible that my ideas on it have

changed I do plan on doing a reread of this in the future I don't know how soon because I have looked a few different rereads I'm going to be doing here within this next year so hopefully I'll get to this but I don't know anyways if you guys did enjoy this video please do give it a big thumbs up make sure to let me know down in the comments below what other books you think I should make makeup looks from and as always if you guys haven't already and you'd like to be hit that button down below and subscribe to become an owl let in our flock and I will see all the guys in my next video bye guys