18 March 2019

Makeup Inspired by: "Stalking Jack the Ripper" by Kerri Maniscalco

A favorite book and a really cool look! Products used: Primers: ELF Mineral Primer and Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Finish Primer Water Green concealer: NYX ...


hey what's up you guys the curious al'akir and today's makeup inspired by video is makeup inspired by the novel stalking Jack the Ripper by Carrie Maniscalco this was a book I read for the first time in the summer of 2018 during the biting a bibliothon and I fell in love with this story I loved Audrey Rose the main character I loved that it was historical fiction and playing off of the idea of the Jack the Ripper cases that were going on in London at the time I just fell in love with every single aspect of the story and I am so excited to hopefully be able to read the other two books before the final book capturing the devil comes out and I think either the end of 2019 or beginning of 2020 if you guys would like to see how I created the look based off of this novel then go ahead and keep watching and I will see all of you guys at the end of the video ok so I've already done the base and stuff for my face and actually it's been a few hours since I've done it because I was going to film this video a lot earlier in the day but I had to get some stuff done after I did the face like all my face stuff in my eyeliner so thankfully the

last few hours it has not really budged I am a little shiny in places and I need to push quickly take care of the spot where my glasses set on my face but other than that it's not too bad so honestly if you can get the fit me foundation matte and poreless one I really really like this this is one of the more better drugstore foundations for me personally and it's really good coverage for the most part and I have the normal to oily foundations just in case you're wondering but yeah that's that's pretty good to use for a foundation so anyway like I said we are doing this week stalking Jack the Ripper by Carrie Maniscalco this is a lot of blacks and blues and greens basically so I think I'm gonna focus more on the blues and greens is like focus and then have any kinds of black within the crease kind of thing and that way I can focus on using the shadows as more of like an actual shadow for the crease so I'm gonna use a couple different palettes I'm gonna go with my galactic eyes palette from hard candy and my trusty dusty seance pilot from twisted I think I'm gonna do a little bit of an experiment with my

lipstick again today like I did the last one and hopefully it turns out better and then it Jason the last one but you start off I think what I'm going to do is I am going to go in with the shade and nightmare from the sans palette it's a little bit more of a darker blues and I want specifically but I think it's still gonna work for what exactly I want to do I wish I had more of a teal eyeshadow but none of the eyeshadow palettes I have are like a teal base the closest thing I have is in my galactic eyes palette I like almost like the seafoam green like glitter thing which I don't know I don't know if it's gonna work out very well but we're gonna just do the best we possibly can so I'm gonna go in with Nightmare and just apply it to the lid avoiding the inner the inner part of my eye though because I would like to bring in some color a lighter color towards the inner part of my eye so we're gonna go from like the middle of the eye towards the outer part okay so that is down now I think I'm gonna go in with that really nice seafoam green shade which is called alien from the Galactic eyes palette it's kind of more of a green if you put

it in some kind of more direct light but from a distance the kind of like a seafoam green almost like it's not quite fully green but it's not quite like blue either so I'm going to go in with that and focus in on the inner part of the eye is since I'm leaving that blank specifically to add some color actuality if I put this in the light I don't know if you guys can see but it actually blends really well it's like almost a teal color when it's on so this actually might be pretty good for what I want for this look I can't believe I just said in actuality to like that's not even a word and yet this one of those words I'd like said my whole life and I don't think anyone has ever corrected me on it so it's like one of those words were like you say it's so often that you don't think you're saying it wrong but I'm pretty sure that's not a word and I'm the one with the English major basically so something's not right with me apparently okay so like I said I don't know if you guys can really tell you can kind of see where the difference is between the Green and the blue but it actually looks more teal on which is surprising and I

really like that a lot I think it's very pretty now unlike what I've been doing in the past I am NOT gonna go down here with any specific color but I am gonna start going into the crease with a black coat I'm gonna go in with black magic from the seance palette it's that beautiful like black Sparkle and I'm going to go in it to the crease with it just enough to kind of give a little bit of shadow and try to blend it in with the blue and the like green I almost said like pink but it's not pink it's green something's wrong with me today apparently does I think what I would consider to be a little bit more of a glam look for me because I don't normally use a lot of glitter nor do I combine these colors but this is actually a really pretty look it's a very Lani look that I'm not used to but really like how it looks on me so I think I might try it out sometime if I can all right so now to go in with the eyeliner and the mascara and then I'm gonna try my hand and a little bit of a different look lip look again and we'll see how it goes I don't know if it's gonna go well at all but you

know we're gonna try it again this is all that experimentation so you I think for the most part those are even so for lips today we are going into three different colors now I don't know how this is gonna turn out I doubt it's gonna turn out at all very nicely and I may have to do what I did last time and stick with one lipstick for the rest of the videos but I'm gonna go in with three different colors to try to match the cover of just talking geoff tripperz best I can so I'm going in with serpentine which is that green lipstick I wore a few weeks ago I'm gonna go in then with also major which is that blue glossy thing that I tried last week that didn't work out too well and then I think I'm also gonna go in with with my Kat Von D everlasting liquid lip in witches which I haven't used in a while but I do really like how this looks so I have a really interesting idea that I'm gonna try out so I think I'm gonna use serpentine on the outer corners of my mouth and kind of work towards the middle and then go in with major and do the middle section of my lips more so with this and because it's so dark I

don't know if this is gonna work but I will try to use witches more so in the very middle of my lipstick I only do this ombre effect I don't know if it's gonna work because I don't know if major is gonna be just too dark for me to put which is on top of it but we're gonna see so let's start off with putting on serpentine so that's on it looks like I've got some kind of thing situation going on but now let's put on major and see how that looks I think it's going to be too dark but we're still going to try it so it looks really dark on camera because I have no light in here which I made try to fix in just a minute let me see if I can find something that will that will work okay I mean it provides more light but not really enough um you can kind of see there's the green and the blue which I think the blue is a little too dark to add witches but still works I guess for the purpose of the video so we're gonna go with this and then call it good you so they're guys go that is the look that is inspired by stocking Jack the Ripper by Carrie Maniscalco one of my most

favorite mystery historical fictions to come out in the last several years I am so excited to hopefully get through more of the series this year I think this was on my list for series I want to try to finish in 2019 but anyway thank you guys so much for joining me in this video if you guys did enjoy it please do give it a big thumbs up and if you're not already and you'd like to be hit that button down below and subscribe to become an owl at in our flock and I will see all of you guys in my next video bye guys