07 March 2019

Makeup Inspired by: "Renegades" by Marissa Meyer

While the makeup didn't turn out so well, the book is wonderful! Products used: Primers: ELF Mineral Primer and Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Finish Primer ...


he wants to be guys the curious owl here and first things first before I talk about the look I'm doing more this week I want to introduce you guys to the new filming space that I have in my new apartment I have everything pretty much set up for my new space it's very similar to how it was my bedroom but obviously in a brand new area I'm so excited to get started with doing more filming and stuff you know in this new place because this is a really big step for Robert and I to be starting to live together and I'm just so excited to see what kind of comes for me in the future in terms of my channel and what I plan to do I have a lot of new videos coming out in March that I'm very excited to do and I'm just really happy to now have a space that's my ode have an office that I can film in and be by myself and have a great time and not feel like I have to worry about the rest of my family and stuff like that because while I loved filming in my bed you're back home my bedroom was right in next to the living room where my parents are like my sister and my mom would sit and watch movies and stuff and so the walls I felt were so

thin I could just hear everything as I'm recording but now I can film Sunday nights and not have to worry about anything because this room is a little bit far from the living room and I can close the door and I'm not gonna hear anything so I'm really excited for that but anyway for this week I am doing makeup inspired by the book renegades by Marissa Meyer now this look did not turn out all like I had originally thought I wanted it to be to be completely honest I had come up with this idea like five minutes before sitting down to do this video so I didn't really have a good idea of what I wanted to do and I think that for the most part the idea was cool but I think the execution needs some work because obviously did not have exactly the kind of tool I wanted for this kind of a look but I'm still proud of myself for the experimentation aspect and really kind of going out there and doing something a little different so anyway if you guys would like to see how I created this wackadoodle look and inspired by this book please feel free to keep watching and I will see you at the end of the video okay so I have just done all of the make

that I need to for my face in the beginning of my eyes so like I said we are doing renegades today so I think I'm gonna play a lot with more so of deep blues and the Reds and maybe even a signature white in the inner corner I don't quite have a clues to what I want to do I almost feel like I want to do the red in the crease and a blue on the lid and having the white kind of pop in here and then doing red on the bottom because I've been really liking how that looks recently but the bottom part never who doesn't really ever like show up on camera but it does for me so I decided I think I'm gonna go with it this really pretty blue purple kind of glitter from the NYX Sparkle town a little palette I think I got this for Christmas and I'm gonna go in with this one it's kind of like a blue sparkly I almost want to say it's like not quite a gel but like a cream-based I shadow so I don't know how it's going to work I'm gonna use my fingers but I don't want to ruin any of my brushes so that's how it's coming off after just a few swipes of my finger so it's like not super like pigmented it's more like a glitter top I think if you want to think of it but

we'll see how it goes [Music] so it's going on pretty well but there's some pretty bad fallout right around here so I would not recommend this if you do not like fallout because it definitely is not gonna work best for you but I will say that it's kind of one of those things where like the more you use the better it looks because it's so it's like a kind of like a glitter top so it's going to look better the more that you add on to it but it does have some fallout because especially if you're doing it like me where you're using your finger you can't quite get it on the way that you want and I think even with a brush it would have really really awful fallout see it doesn't look the best and honestly it's kind of definitely like a glitter top because it doesn't quite cover everything this sides a little bit better than this side but it's one of those things where like I think you definitely would have to use this as a topper as opposed to like a base eyeshadow because it's not gonna cover every part of your eyelid like a normal eye shadow would but I didn't have

really like any blues that were different than what I'd used before so because I was trying to like do something different with this where I didn't use like the same products every time that I've been using but definitely probably won't be using this palette again cuz I don't really care for how it looks and the fallout is absolutely horrendous but I'm gonna try to fix that with a little bit of concealer and stuff and see if that's gonna do it me any favors which probably it will not ten bucks says that this is gonna take me for freaking ever to get this glitter off because it's glitter well I just try to wipe my finger off with a makeup wipe and after two swipes it's pretty much gone so it might be a little bit easier to get this off then I thought which is good but still it's glitter okay so then I think I'm gonna go in with my sans palette and go into the shade serial-killer that is that really pretty like bright red-orange color I like how this looks and I'm gonna go into the crease with them and then I'll go a little bit under the bottom part of my eyes [Music]

[Music] as I'm applying this eyeshadow it almost feels like some of the glitter is coming off so this is gonna be a pretty semi failed look I'm just gonna say at this point it's not gonna be the best one and I kind of wish I would have just gone in with nightmare on this palette at least cuz at least that's a bit of a dark blue but oh well makeup is learning and living as you're going and you know if people don't like it that's their problem not yours cuz I think that's the day it washes off I think I've said this before on my channel so now I'm gonna go in with that angled brush and do serial-killer on the bottom parts of my eye underneath the lash line all right so you can actually see it a lot more this time I think it's because I might have used a little bit more than before but you can only see the red down here now like I but at a distance again it doesn't it's not that noticeable you have to be like right up in my face to see okay so now with that done I'm gonna go in with my liquid eyeliner and mascara and then quickly move on to the lipstick which is gonna be an interesting one I will say it's gonna be

what I never done before but we all see how it turns out it this might be a semi failed look today but it's all about instrumentation and having fun with it so that's the most important part okay so for lips this is gonna be an interesting one because I'm gonna go with two completely different colors to fit with this palette so I was gonna do a white but I felt like that the white isn't as prominent on the cover and I felt like on white would kind of just not look great with the rest of this and I felt like just trying to do something a little different and not at an unnecessary color plus you can kind of think of like the white as like the bare parts of my eyelids but for the lipstick I'm gonna go in with this really dark blue lipstick and then a red one so the dark blue one I'm going to apply to the top part of my lip and this is the Maybelline New York vivid hot lacquer lipstick in the shade this is shade 80 this is a really thick lipstick this is like a lot this is basically a lacquer so it's super sticky I don't care for it because the stickiness it feels more like a lip

gloss like a really heavy lip gloss but I like the color and then the red lipstick is going to be this NYX soft matte lip cream in the shade Amsterdam which it's like a really pretty like pink red almost so it's not going to probably look more pink on me but the container kind of almost makes it look like a pinky red so we're gonna do that on the bottom lip so we're gonna see how this whole thing goes cuz I have no idea if it's going to work or not but we're gonna try so let's see and now I got high off like this sell that my chocolate doesn't hit my hot on and this is really weird to do Wow here we go so this is interesting I don't know how much I care for this but at least I used to tried to experiment and don't worry for the other videos I'm doing I'm taking this off I'm not doing this for all my other videos because don't quite like it but I figured I would try it at least for this video so we'll see how everyone else thinks of it and I hate that it's searing right here [Music] so there you guys go that is my really bad attempt and a makeup inspired by

video for renegades by Marissa Meyer I honestly was going this doing this like off the top of my head so I was really just doing anything that came to mind and I think it for the most part it looks okay I think that if I had just used a different eye shadow base for my blue and maybe went was something on the top lip that wasn't gonna like smear really badly it would have worked out and like if I had more of like a matte color on top my top lip and the bottom like it would have just probably worked out a little bit better but you know what I am all about experimentation and different makeup looks and stuff like that so I really do like the fact that I kind of went outside of my comfort zone with this one and try something different and I'm really glad that I can now do this in the new space that I'm in at my apartment so I hope you guys enjoyed this look regardless so if you guys did and you would like for me to do more looks similar to this or inspired by other books please let me know what the ones you would like for me to do in the comments below and as always if you guys did enjoy this video please do give it a big thumbs up and if you're not

already and you'd like to be hit the button down below to subscribe to come with a let in our flock and I will see all of you guys in my next video bye guys