04 June 2019


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hey guys I gotta tell you I have not

been as excited about makeup and the things that are coming out as I have been recently in a long long time so many interesting things are out there now either either they would just released they're just about to be released or they were released when I was on my hiatus and I didn't I wasn't buying any makeup when I wasn't making videos when I'm not making videos that I'm not really I'm just not into it you know I'm not following what's going on but eyeshadow is like my my thing I it's like catnip to a cat I love eyes shadows so everything I'm gonna show you in today's haul is an eyeshadow speaking of eyeshadows I wanted to point out that I used the flower pop fanatic eye pigment that I showed you in my last haul video and I used this in conjunction with one of the eyeshadow palettes that I'm gonna show you and that's the way I would use these pigments I don't think I would use them just on their own because they are a cream so I just don't think that it would look good to just use these they need like a little something to go with them but to use in conjunction with powder eyeshadows absolutely it's gonna

give your eyeshadows more depth more Wham which is what the shade is called Wham and more dimension it's they're definitely worth getting to enhance any look one of the things one of the other things that I like about this is it's like a watermelon pink it's not the your typical shade of pink and I don't know that I've ever seen a cream eyeshadow this color before but I do have that on like as a base for the entire eye area and then I built around it with something else which I will show you in a minute okay let's start with this because I think most of you guys either are familiar with this or may have bought it when it first came out a few months ago this is the NYX ultimate edit petit pro palette in brights I've had my eye on this for a long long time and I read some of the reviews that I read weren't that great but I decided to just see for myself and so that's what that looks like I'm not gonna do swatches today because it would take forever if I did I got a lot of eye shadows on the table in front of me but um I don't have the NYX brights palette the larger one so I thought this would be like a best-of Greatest Hits version

of that palette and everything now is like bright colors because of Pride Month and I'm I'm all for it I think you know makeup is fun and you know I wouldn't necessarily want to wear bright colors every single day but I do like these more powerful looks that people are wearing now because I feel like everybody was playing it too safe before and always wearing these boring neutral looks that are really soft and not really that noticeable I mean what's the point of where I makeup if nobody's gonna notice it yes it's to enhance your natural beauty and all that but it's so good to be creative and artistic with it too and I I know I'm always hammering on you guys about that but it's true you know you go out go out and do something different don't do your makeup the same way every day because it's not as much fun it's fun to get creative and do different things okay let's do this next profusion is sold at select Walmart's and targets and they don't always carry the same products and my local Walmart does not carry profusion at that particular location so I went to the next closest Walmart that did have it because I wanted to get

the new speaking of colorful makeup I wanted to get the new festival palette so this is a Walmart exclusive and if you have a Walmart near you that carries profusion I'm peeling off there's a plastic overlay that has the names of the shadows on it and I understand the reason why they do this overlay thing is to make it cheaper for them to make the pallet so they can keep the cost down but here it is is that beautiful or what I really like the aquas and blues and pinks and purples and I like that there's a few neutrals in there if you wanted to do a pop of color with some neutrals but I'm not afraid of color I will quite often just do a look that's all powerful colors with no neutrals but there it is and I just think that's really beautiful so this is exclusive to Walmart and then there's another product that they came out with recently that's exclusive to target so that each store gets like a special item okay the next brand we're going to talk about is actually multiple brands as you may know if you watched my last haul video I bought some makeup revolution actually they don't call themselves that anymore they called themselves revolution Beauty

I think is now what they call themselves but I bought some products by that brand recently and they've really stepped up their game I can remember when they first came to the United States not really being that impressed with them and all the products that I bought recently that are newer I really like as a matter of fact some of the things that I showed you in my last haul video that I've been doing videos about I find myself wanting to reach for over and over again really impressed with the you know how much they've improved as a brand so you may not realize this but they have multiple brands and because most of you that are watching this video don't live in the UK I know some of you do hello but the people that are watching that are in the United States may not realize that they have multiple brands they have a skincare line that is online only on altas website then they have their main staple brand then they have a brand called I heart revolution which is sold at select Ulta stores and now they have a new brand at Target called makeup obsession so I have a bunch of products from the various brands of revolution Beauty in front of

me I'm just I'm going all-in so if you follow me on social media you may have seen me show a lot of these products that I'm showing you today I'm trying to get better at taking photographs of things and posting it on my social media because sometimes it's just fun to look at pictures of makeup like when I look at the accounts that I follow on social media a lot of times people are just showing their makeup look but I like to just look at pictures of the products sometimes so that's what I've been posting okay so I got another one of the reloaded pallets by revolution this one is called basic mattes I thought this would be a good one to have because then I can use this either by itself or in conjunction with a lot of these bright pallets that I've been buying because sometimes I like to do a combination of a bright color and then maybe put a neutral in the crease and a lot of these pallets don't have neutrals in them but I mainly bought this because I was so impressed with that that other matte palette that I bought buy them the marvelous mattes this one I love this so much then I said okay let's just get one

that's all basic neutrals so I got that and these are only $7 for all those colors well the other comment is - I just can't get over that and then I went to an Ulta that carries the I Heart Revolution brand because my Ulta does not and I got the rose gold chocolate palette isn't that beautiful kind of reminds me of like almost like a two-faced design they have a whole bunch of these palettes with different themes and colors to them this just happened to be the one that I wanted so that's what it looks like isn't that pretty so I used that today with the flower beauty I shadow that I just showed you a little while ago I used so I used the flower Beauty Wham as a base then I went in with this color which they don't have color names they just they don't give their shadows names but I went in with this and I put that all over the lid and into the crease somewhat that I went in with this shade and darkened up the edges or the outside corner so this also is $7.00 even though it's very small but the quality of the shadows is very good and I love the package design and a lot of these palettes you could easily you know just

bring this if you were like going away for the weekend or something this would be a good sized thing you could just throw this in your makeup bag and take it with you and then a couple other eyeshadow palettes that I got from I Heart Revolution and by the way this is just this is an Ulta exclusive so you can't find this brand anywhere else other than the Ulta these are the doughnut palettes there are five or six in the line I got two of them because I just couldn't decide between there were two colors that I wanted and I couldn't decide between the two but how adorable is that so this one is called raspberry icing and it's got like a squishy top on it and it has a scent to it but it's it's not a very pronounced scent and it doesn't necessarily smell like the thing that the palette is named after it should but it doesn't to me but this one this one is raspberry icing and that's what it looks like isn't that beautiful yeah I couldn't decide between this one and the next one that I'm going to show you so I had to get both so this one is like our raspberry theme obviously and then the other one I got was blueberry

crushed and these just got released in altas stores on Sunday and I got the last one of these yesterday so they sold all these except for one at the location that I went to which is I think a lot of people are really jumping on the blue eyeshadow trend now because um that's just what's popular so this is $7.00 so it's an inexpensive way to get a lot of pretty colors and I love this like denim blue shade I used to have an eyeshadow like that by Mac in my collection but it got purged because of its age and I don't have any other palettes or singles that look like that so this is blueberry crush and a lot of these things that I'm showing you I haven't used him yet because I bought them bought most of these things yesterday and then the next thing I'm going to show you I just got a few minutes ago so I found out that target is has released a brand called makeup makeup obsession which is also part of revolution Beauty and they eye the first target that I went to they hadn't done the setup yet so it just wasn't there so I went to another target and it looked like they were just starting to set it up except there were no like people

around at the time that I was there I don't know if they were on a break or they got busy doing something else so they had just put a few things out on the shelf very few because there were a lot of things I wanted to try but they weren't out yet but this was probably the thing that I wanted most of all so I was so excited when I saw it because at least I got this i can go back another day when they finish with the set up and pick up the other things that I'm interested in but this is an eyeshadow palette by Belle Jordan she's a youtuber I had never heard of her but when I was reading on the revolution website about all the products it said makeup obsession and Belle Jordan eyeshadow palette and I was like Belle Jordan I've never heard of her so I looked her up and I watched one of her videos from like two minutes and hit the subscribe button that I went and followed or onions too Graham and I really I she just immediately sucked me in I really liked her so this is the collab palette that she did with them and there it is I love the color story hair that that mark right there this had a plastic overlay

and when I peeled it back I accidentally scraped over that eyeshadow but I didn't gadge it too much it's just a little scratch but um yeah I love this the color story here I'd love that makeup brands are not afraid anymore to do reds and Pink's and berries and plums and I love those kind of eye shadow colors and I'm so glad that everybody is releasing those now but isn't that beautiful but they had other eyeshadow palettes too and they have different sized ones this one was $14.99 and I'm not sure if it was that price because it was a collab or because that's just the price point for this size palette that they have but they had um some others out on the Shelf that I was looking at too but this was my favorite out of all the ones that I looked at but there's some other products in that line that I definitely want to check out when they finish with the setup there's a concealer I want to try there are some really beautiful lip glosses I never used to like lip gloss so it'd be interested in it but I've been wearing it a lot lately so I would like to try at least one of those and yeah so that's my haul you guys so you

will definitely be seeing me using these products in one way or another in upcoming videos and that's it thanks so much for watching bye