10 March 2016

Makeup Haul | Morphe Single Shadows | Drug Store Makeup ♡

Hey my loves! This little makeup haul is focused on Morphe brushes single shadows and a few drug store products! I hope you enjoy loves♡♡♡♡♡♡ ♡LETS ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel so

today's video is going to be a super random haul I went to Alta and I got a couple of things which are all mainly drugstore and i also received my order for more feet which i bought a whole bunch of their single shadows and I just thought I kissed it down and show you guys a couple things that I got I have gotten a chance to I have gotten a chance to play with the morphe brushes I shadows so I will kind of give you guys a small little review and some swatches if you're interested in what I got just keep watching I'm going to go ahead and start by showing you guys the palette that i got from morphe i bought the sea palette separate on their website it was about 20 bucks and it says that it could fit 20 and shuttles but I honestly was only able to fit 27 I shadows and these are all eyeshadows that I bought um from Morpheus all these are all morphy single shadows and I'm going to assume into it ice to see the colors i will have all the colors that i bought in the description bar and ordered from this row up going this way so if you guys are interested in the specific color i will post them and down in my description bar so make sure you check that out if

you're interested I just want to start by saying that I was little disappointed in these shuttles not hundred percent is appointed just a little bit I just expected them to have the same exact formula as we're more fee 35o palette but some of these are kind of powdery and they're not as pigmented as I would hope overall they're really great shadows but they're just I don't know they're missing something and I'm just gonna really quick to show you guys my favorite like for shadows from them that I just can't put down granite sassy undress me um aloha and dessaline these are a few of my favorite shadows from them right now and there's some of the most pigmented ones from the palette so I really have been enjoying these shadows like I said overall they're pretty great shadows in my opinion you kind of get what you pay for you can't expect them to be like makeup geek shadows or like um matte shadows because you are only paying about 23 bucks tops for each single shadows so in my opinion for their prize they're great they're not the best shadows that I've tried but they're really really great for their price the next product I want

to talk about is this wet and wild eyeshadow palette and this was about five dollars and this eyeshadow palette is freakin bomb com I really really really like this palette the colors are very pigmented and they're pretty easy to blend and for five bucks you just can't beat that I'm going to swatch on see you guys could see a couple of the shape i ended up watching most of them so as you can tell there are really pretty and pigmented i swatched this one twice I guess so yeah like I said this palette is from when a wild and i believe it's exclusively with walmart so yeah i really like it it's such a fun palette because it has a lot of pinks and a few neutrals I just really enjoy it and the one that this one is is mute awakening so yeah I love it the next themes are all from Ulta so yeah I went to also it's not that many things I don't know why they gave me such a big bag but let me see what do I start with all right I'm going to go ahead and start by talking about this Mario Badescu um miss this is a facial spray with herbs and rosewater and Olay I believe that's how you say it this is supposed to be pretty much kind of like

fix+ um and like a setting spray so this is supposed to really like um give your face hydration if you're feeling a little dry or it's good to apply it before you apply your foundation just to give your skin a little extra moisture I'm so excited to try this I got this ulta like I said and it's only seven dollars I think it's a pretty good bottle and when it comes to setting sprays I think it's really cheap because everything else is like fifteen dollars or more so I'm really really excited to try this and all that you guys know how I like it so yeah this is a marvel because goes skincare on facial spray the next part I got are these at Vegas nay eyelashes these are the ones in shining star I have used these before and they're great lashes once you wore them once they're so much easier to put on because they're kind of shaped to your eye I can never find the brand glamour every time I go to alter their sold out but they're usually sold out of this one too so I got lucky and I was able to snatch myself after I lower lashes before but I think that their best ones are definitely the ones that are in collab with Vegas me next lashes

I got are these are deaf individuals um lately sometimes I feel like I want to go for more natural looks and I don't want to have a full-on strip lash so I decided to buy some just so i could see if i could do natural looks which is a couple lashes like at the end to give me a little bit of volume so i bought these r del individuals so I'm really excited to try this I feel like I've been having really quite odd since I was talking about lashes I did get these flashes from forever 21 I I was down there so I decided to get a few of our the two styles that I got they actually don't have numbers on them but I'm wearing these right here I'm wearing these right now and just look at how beautiful these are like there's such gorgeous lashes and they were 190 so I think they're great and I definitely reduces this is my second time wearing this pair already so yeah these are from for our next up I got this macadamia natural oil this was thirty dollars and for me to drop thirty dollars on a hair conditioner means a lot the reason that i bought this is because of you guys know i just went purple and my hair is feeling a little dry so I i decided to try to bring my

hair back to life and this is called macadamia natural oil deep repair masque and let me see what it smells like it smells amazing it and as you can tell it's filled all the way to the top so I have heard a lot of people talk about this product and I'm just um hoping that it's whatever exotic settings lippies and i went with Nick's because mix is my my pour the matte lips and I got three of their different lines right here I have the next lingerie the liquid suede and the soft matte lip cream the first color I'm going to talk about is called life's a beach and I'm actually wearing it right now I think it's such a beautiful coral pink color and since we're just entering spring and summer this is like perfect and I just really like it the next color i got is number 18 and it looks like a very very pink shade it's a really pretty shade and i love their soft matte lip creams sometimes there are a little hard to apply when you start applying it but once you kind of have it on it's just a great formula you can beat it from the lingerie line i got the color honeymoon which is a very cool tone brown and I was just excited to get

this because I do wear brown lipstick but not as often as I would like to I think they look so flattering and pretty so this is like the beach the 18 and honeymoon so I just I already know that all these lines work really good so I'm just adding to my collection pretty much so these are what i got from nick i don't even want to mention this cuz i got it in my last haul and i'm not even done with it i just decided to pick up another one so i can have it before i run out and that's the eighth rewind concealer and newtralizer you guys already know it's my favorite don't really have much to say but it's the bomb also this next product i'm going to talk about i always talk about it it's my go-to drugstore foundation and that is the fit me foundation the UM juhi and smooth i got the color 115 and 120-b cuz sometimes 120 looks a bit dark but I feel like 115 is a little too pink so maybe combining them don't make a good color so yeah these are the fit me foundation the smooth and Joey from Maybelline the need of a new mascara and I just threw a bet this is my mascara that I used to wear like in high school and for the longest even I I even in the

last year I've purchases so instead of going and trying to free a new mascara I just went with this one it's a bit it's a great big mascara great lash and this is the one with the bigger brush I like the bigger brush it's easier to get my lower lashes and yeah like I said this is I tried this before so I love it and the last thing that I got that I'm praying it works good is this to face glitter glue the reason I got this is because we're coming up on prom season and for me prom is all about the glam and for me glam equals glitter Ellie's for me for the most part maybe it's because my senior prom was our theme was glitz and glam so it's just like it's kind of stuck in my head that prom equals glitter I don't know but this is what the little bottle looks like is really cute and black of course to face comes through with a cute ass freaking packaging it seems like it's a tan color and then some blending it in it's getting nice and tacky so I really hope that this works because I just been using random stuff to apply glitter and I just want to have like a really good glitter primer for my upcoming videos I wanted to get the

knicks glitter glue but of course it filled out I've heard great things about it and I might still pick it up just so I could compare the two all right love so that's gonna sum up this little makeup ha it wasn't that big of a mica paw I just wanted to show you guys a couple um restocks pretty much and a couple of new products that i got and it mainly to talk about the morphe brushes I Shiloh's ooh that's a mouthful but anyways loves I hope you guys enjoyed this video don't forget to subscribe like this video if you liked it and i'll see you guys in my next one bye you